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What Are Caylee's Grandparents Hiding?

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Cindy and George Anthony's credibility could be called into question.


If you knew your child was a murderer, wouldn't you do anything in your power to save them from life in prison or possibly the death penalty? OK -- what if it meant misleading the media or tampering with evidence? What to most people is just a hypothetical question of morals is very real for Cindy and George Anthony, parents of Casey Anthony, the mom from Central Florida accused of killing her daughter Caylee.

Should they be charged with obstruction of justice?

From the onset of the investigation into the disappearance of their granddaughter, the Anthonys have changed their story, morphing them from angry parents who hinted at their daughter's guilt into a loving mother and father who desperately defended her. Questions of their involvement in the disappearance became more numerous when their house was searched -- and investigators hauled off massive amounts of evidence -- after the remains of what's thought to be Caylee were found less than a quarter mile from their home.

To date, the Anthonys are not suspects in the case. Cindy, George and Casey's brother Lee have all been fingerprinted to rule out their involvement. The Anthonys' attorney Brad Conway stressed his clients are not being investigated but added, "If they do get charged, we will be prepared to aggressively defend them."

Although Judge Jeanine Pirro doesn't believe that at this time there is enough evidence to indict the couple on obstruction of justice charges, she does believe the Anthonys have known that Caylee has been dead for some time and are now attempting to protect Casey. "I don't think that there is any question that George and Cindy Anthony are circling the wagons around their daughter Casey," she says.

Charging someone with obstruction of justice rather than an attempt to mislead can be extremely difficult, explains Pirro,. "You must prove they [George and Cindy] knew something beforehand," she says. "For now, no one can be sure how much of the truth they know because the entire Anthony family has -- up to this point -- declined to take lie detector tests."

Below is a sample of inconsistencies in the Anthonys' comments and behavior:

The Hairbrush
In July, emails obtained by WFTV-Channel 9 suggest Cindy Anthony could have knowingly given the incorrect hairbrush to investigators who wanted a strand of Caylee's hair for DNA testing. In the email written to Larry Garrison, her spokesman at the time, Cindy says, "I never lied, I just never went to the bathroom to get the hairbrush I used for Caylee."

The Pants
Allegedly, Cindy Anthony washed a pair of Casey's pants that were left in the car after the Anthonys picked up the car from the tow yard.

On the topic of the pants, Cindy's brother Rick Plesea berates his sister in an email written in late August: "You have to be a moron to destroy evidence with washing pants that smell like a dead body."

The Smell in Casey's Car
From the moment Casey's car was picked up from the tow yard, it apparently emitted a very strong smell. Investigators concluded that it was consistent with the smell of a decomposing body. 

Cindy alluded to it in her second 911 call July 15:

There's something wrong. I found my daughter's car today, and it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car.

Then while speaking to Eyewitness News in August, she changed her story:

There was a bag of pizza for like 12 days in the trunk of the car full of maggots. It stunk so bad ... you know how hot it's been.

George Anthony seemed convinced the smell in the car was a decomposing body when he spoke with investigators in July:

I've been around that stuff, I mean the law enforcement stuff. We caught people out in the woods, out in a house in a car. So I know what it smells like. It's a smell that you never ... get rid of.

Then on "Larry King Live" on December 10, he had a different explanation for the smell:

My professional opinion is I never really realized how long it would take garbage to smell for 19 days or 18 days inside of a car in Florida.

The Pictures of Casey Partying
The images of Casey partying at Club Fusion showed the young mother drinking and dancing allegedly during the same time frame that Casey told investigators she was searching for her daughter.

During Cindy's appearance on the "Today" show in October, she said the pictures were not relevant to the case:

Most of the pictures happened before June 16th.

On "Larry King Live" in December, Cindy told Larry King the pictures we used for promotion for Club Fusion:

Those are photos that they used to entice other people to come into that club. She would have gotten paid for that photo. So, in fact, she was working.

What do you think? Do you believe George and Cindy could be indicted for obstruction of justice or are they just spinning the media? 
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Caylee Sighting?

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Just Me December 19, 2008, 8:22 AM

Let me first say, to little Caylee, I am so sorry that this world was unable to protect you from the one person who should have been the one to love more than anyone else. The same person who should have never been capable of harming you at all. I am glad now that you are in the loving arms of angels that will NEVER let you be hurt again.

As for the rest of it, yes, if Cindy and George Anthony have been hiding evidence or destroying it, then they too should be charged at least with obstruction, if not accessories after the fact.

I am the mother of 3 children myself. As much as I love them and they are my entire world, I know I could never assist any of them this way. With it being my own grandchild, I would owe it to her to do everything humanly possible to help in the prosecution of the killer, even my own child. I keep thinking about the pants Cindy washed. Why did she wash them if they were that nasty if not to wash away evidence? I mean come on, something that horribly smelling I might throw away IF I believed there was no connection, but to wash them? If she had tossed them in a garbage bag at least I might be able to believe it was done innocently. We have heard many times about major landfill digs which have turned up old evidence that was thrown away. Asking for immunity is what people who are hiding something do. I truly hope the masking tape and book found at the scene are enough link that the prosecutors aren’t forced to grant immunity to get to the truth. Caylee deserves better. As for the woman who gave birth to her ( I refuse to call her a mother), she deserves the death penalty and preferably not by legal injection. She deserves something more painful, a taste of the pain and fear little Caylee most certainly experienced in her last moments of life.

Coastal Lady December 19, 2008, 8:56 AM

I can’t imagine why they would want to go after them. I can only begin to imagine what they are going through. If one of my grandchildren were missing, and my child accused, I would hang on to hope for dear life. How can they possibly face the idea that their child may have killed the child, when they can’t face the idea that their grandchild is dead? What a terrible position in which to find ones self. My prayers are with them.

don December 19, 2008, 9:09 AM

the Anthony’s are bigger liars than their daughter Casey. the whole family should be in jail. they’re making a mockery of the criminal justice system.

Anonymous December 19, 2008, 9:14 AM

I would turn in ANYBODY who murdered a baby. Daughter or not, she has to pay.

Marcella December 19, 2008, 9:14 AM

See what happens when you over indulge your children and they grow up to be murderers because they are only capable of thinking about theirselves.Casey wanted to party and little Caylee got in the way of that.As a mom of three,I would never cover up for a child who murdered someone.It is just wrong.

Anonymous December 19, 2008, 9:15 AM

i believe that they better make darn sure it was the mother and not the nanny. i still have thoughts that the nanny was involved. i dont believe the grandparents should be charged with obstruction

Sandy December 19, 2008, 9:19 AM

Casey’s friend said that Casey buried her dead animals there. How did the dead animals die? did she kill them as a child and Cindy and George just let it go and didn’t get her help if this is so Cindy and George are responsible for alot of her actions. They have let her lie all these years, but we know where she got that from because George and Cindy do a lot of lying them selfs. I believe George, Cindy and Lee knew right after it happened, and help to cover Caylee’s death up. I said that they should have locked up Cindy back in August I knew she was lying and if these investigators couldn’t tell that they were lying shame on them.

Gigi December 19, 2008, 9:20 AM

I have a comment. Is everyone aware of the fact that to get Lee’s DNA and his FINGERPRINTS of which he refused to give, they had to get a WARRANT to get both from him? He has often said he would do anything for CASEY,does that mean hekping her ,lying for her.I don’t know. I don’t believe a word Casey,Cindy,George or Lee have to say.
She was not born a liar, I think there was an awful lot of that in her home and she was raised with liars,so it’s natural to her and her parents and brother all know it.As to what more they know,only they know. Personally I think they all have Mental Problems,just as Cindy’s own brother said.
Do I think she is GUILTY? No doubt in my mind she killed that little girl to have her freedom and odd she now can never have her FREEDOM. So her Tatoo
I was a single mom and divorced at 22 yrs. old. Sure I wanted to go out and still enjoy myself, but if i did it was seldom,but you see the differance is
I don’t believe for a minute that the guy that tried to call 3 times in August,had ever looked in the bag, I believe it was said on our local stations here in Orlando, that he called 3 different depts.,so the ball was dropped, but all the evidence still points to CASEY ANTHONY,THE EVIDENCE WON’T LIE IN COURT,HOPE JOSE KNOWS THAT..She cried on the t.v. how she wanted to get out of jail and help find Kaylee, but when she got out she spent 5 days a week at JOSE’s OFFICE 6 hours a day..Personally I think he fell in love with her. Twice he was told in Jail to not touch her and twice he did so, if it was just a quick hug,like a pat on the back I don’t think anything would have been said.
I’m a grandmother that lost my own grandson, my first born one,so I know the heartbreak of the loss. There is never closure,only exceptance.
Like Casey I think they all live in LALA LAND,A world filled with lies and decient,dysfucional in everyway.

Joy December 19, 2008, 9:28 AM

There is definately more going on here than anyone knows about.
First, the cadavar dogs hit on a place in the backyard, then her car.
Then Cindy washes ‘soiled’ pants? And they said that the body was found with a little swimsuit on.

What happened in the back yard? Is that were poor little Caylee lost her life?
Is it possible that she was cloraformed and then put into the pool to make it seem like she drowned?

There are so many questions and neither George nor Cindy have been helpful or cooperative.
I don’t think they should get immunity, why would you need immunity if you didn’t have something to hide?

Anonymous December 19, 2008, 9:39 AM

coincidence Gonzalez “found” the remains of a child supposedly kidnapped by a Zenieda Gonzalez?

sweets3940 December 19, 2008, 9:39 AM

I am sorry but if my son killed my grandchild I would hang him. Protect someone that killed my grandchild? A baby that did not deserve to die? A baby that could not even try to defend themselves against a monster? SUre we are suppose to protect our children but there are limits. Stand by her…yes. Try to cover up the murder of my grandchild…hell no.She deserves to die just as that baby did

George December 19, 2008, 9:54 AM

This case develops something new each day. Unfortunately, I have to say Casey’s parents have been hiding informaton. They know more than they sometimes say. However, when they change the story, they are telling lies.If they told the truth, they would not change the story. The truth never changes because it is the truth. Although they probably had nothing to do with Caylee’s murder, they are covering up for Casey. They need to be brought to court for the obstruction of justice and prejury.

Lucille December 19, 2008, 10:07 AM

I am a grandmother of 6 grandchildren.If I saw one of them missing for a day I would think something is wrong I would be asking question’s. I wouldn’t care how mad theymy kid’s would get.A grandmother is to protect your family.If they would of been any kind if grandparents they would know somthing was wrong. That sweet little child would be still alive today.She didn’t have grandparents.

Cheryl December 19, 2008, 10:18 AM

From the onset it was as transparant as
possibly could be, that the grandparents
knew absolutely what had happened to their granddaughter and who was responsible in part and in whole- Casey’s history is her glaring demise-NO
immunity should be offered the grandparents- terrible situation.

Gigi December 19, 2008, 10:33 AM

Cindy made a statement at the very beginning when she fially caught up with her trashy daughter and found out Kaylee had bee missing for a month
her words may they haunt her forever”I LOST ONE I’M NOT GOING TO LOSS ANOTHER ONE”! Having lost my grandson whom I adored, I know the feeling of lossing a grandhcild. How do I know how it feels to know your own kid did it and stick by her,well that I don’t know,but cindy has decieved everyone,as has George and casey,Lee disappeared for a couple of months. I have a Bi-Polar daughter that thankfully was married and gave her 2 children to each of there father’s,had she not this could have well been me. Most of her hatred is taken out on me and no one not even the doctors understand why! CASEY HATES HER MOTHER
PERIOD! I believe she wanted to be FREE
from her child and her MOTHER. She has made statements that George abused her and that Lee tried to touch her in bad ways. I live here, I see it all day everyday.
I believe they should not get off the hook,so they can hand out more BS.

Cindy December 19, 2008, 10:33 AM

I believe Casey killed that baby. I also believe that Cindy & George and Lee all knew it within a short time after. I also believe they are covering up for her and trying to place doubt in jurors minds. I also believe Lee had something to do with hiding the body. I know this may sound sick but the whole case makes me sick, has anyone ever thought about little Caylees name Cay as in for Casey Lee as in for Lee, we all know they are a sick family, I sometimes wonder if Lee is the father of the baby? It happens you know. I believe the grandparents should be charged with obstruction. I also believe with forcing Lee to fingerprints and dna he will be charged in some connection. As a mother and grandparent there is no way in hell I would not have a number or been in contact with this so called nanny. Its all bs there never was a nanny its all just a story Casey thought her parents would believe. She deserves to be punished for what she did. Death penalty? Ithink thats too good for her turn her loose with all those women in prison for life who may have done violent crimes but never against a child. She could spend the rest of her days in fear and agony.

charlotte December 19, 2008, 10:36 AM

I can not for the life of me understand why the grandparents would not want to help. I know that is there daughter. But by helping the FBI and PD they could have cleared her. So even if there is a slim chance And I do not think there is that another person or persons did this to a small child. They have put there child in jail for the rest of her life. I know the mother did kill her child but I don’t understand why her parents will not face that fact. They are just as guilty as she is and I hope that there is a way for the courts to see that they too be charged in this case. And now is the time for the mother to come clean which she should have done long ago. She was woman enough to kill the child why wasn’t she woman enough to tell them where she put the body. People like her should get the electric chair or the same as what there victim got.

alice December 19, 2008, 10:41 AM

I have always felt that casey killed her baby but what got me to thinking was if this metor reader had suspisions at the location in august why did he not go and find her hiself .If I thought that a child or any one was in a bag any where some one would go check it out one way or another .Now after all this time he suddenly finds her .That is some what odd to me and I am begginning to wonder did some one really steal that child and the mother doesn’t know who.I think the metor man should be thourly investigated.

Castle December 19, 2008, 10:50 AM

Well I for one, who is a grandmother raising a grand daughter, would probably be more insane than Cindy and George are. I would never want to believe my child would KILL her, now leave her and party, yup that i can see, but I have custody of this child, they do not with Caylee so they had no rights to get her back when she was gone, all they could do is sit and wait. I been there, that in its self would make you completely nuts. I have real issues with all the people on these sites saying kill her, she did it then claim to be a Christian. I can tell you this. If they are so sure of what happen, then why are they looking at 4 of their own cops, 2 done let go, why wont they watch the gathering of evidence and all the other things, we know who they think it is. we arent stupid, why keep playing this bs game, and now want to wait till christmas eve to anounce if it is or isnt. What a bunch of sick people you all are. And for her so called friends, every one of them are lieing, myspace, facebook, all them people are nothing but liers. WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON IN ORLANDO, THE POLICE, THE FRIENDS, EVERYTHING IS OUT OF WACK.

Paulette December 19, 2008, 10:53 AM

Please pray for this family! They are going through the worst of times, at the worst time of the year to being going throught it. I do believe in my heart that Casey is quilty, but as a mother you are always going to try to protect your children no matter if they are guilty or not. It’s a natural instink for parents to be protective of their children. No one once to believe they raised a child that could do something horrid. God does forgive and he will, if they ask. So keep little Caylee in your heart and pray for her grandparents. They are going through hell! God Bless you all, Paulette

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