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The Anthonys: A Family of Feuds and Rivalry

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The Anthony family  had troubles long before Casey was charged with murder.


Family dynamics can be difficult, even in the best of circumstances. The family of Casey Anthony, the mom accused of murdering her three-year-old daughter Caylee, is literally being torn apart by the tragedy. Casey's uncle Rick Plesea, in a scathing email exchange with his estranged sister, blasted Cindy for not admitting Casey killed Caylee. Sent on August 21, 2008, Plesea makes reference to Cindy tampering with evidence and tells his sister there is no "nanny" as Casey claims.

Rick: Your granddaughter is dead. There I said it. Wake the hell up sister!! You are not only in denial you're missing your brain. The only thing that God knows is Casey is a liar and you are stupid. Casey knows where Caylee is and when all the evidence is in she will get the death penalty for murder. You have to be a moron for destroying evidence with washing pants that smell like a dead body.

Cindy, ever protective of Casey, responds to her brother the next day:

Cindy: You are the f/n stupid one, there is a sitter. We have people tracking her, the OCSD is not doing their job. There is no case against Casey. The next time you say Caylee is dead I will personally come there and kick your sorry ass all the way to hell. Stay out of my life.

The ugly Anthony family history reveals itself in the rest of the emails. Cindy denies Casey ever stole money from her family -- an allegation that has been proved accurate. In addition to Casey's drama, George Anthony once threw his own father through a glass window. Recent reports also say George has a gambling problem and possibly cheated on Cindy. Add to that the testimony of Casey's ex-fiancee that hints at incest and abuse and Casey's lifelong habit of lying, thievery and possibly murder, and the Anthonys might be the world's most dysfunctional family.

Every family has secrets, but do the Anthonys have more than their share?

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Caylee Sighting?

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Nicole December 2, 2008, 5:20 PM

I feel as though Cindy’s brother is trying to be somewhat realistic in his words to his sister although its nothing you should email. That is something he should have said to her either face to face or over the phone in a sympathetic tone. Yes sympathetic..I know no one feels bad for the women but she is in my opinion did nothing wrong. She is in a very tough situation and painful might I add. No one can say what they would do until they are faced with it first hand. What I do question is, where is Lee in all of this..he was by her side while she was out and now he is MIA. He’s not even by his parents side at any point in time. I find that very strange.

kris December 2, 2008, 5:56 PM

someone needs to tell her to wake up- if family cant tell her - no one can- she is lieing to try to protect Casye and its not happnin-
this family has no values- morals- and it is a shame they still havent learned any- lot of evil going on there.

Marie December 2, 2008, 8:13 PM

I was asking the same question…where is brother Lee. I have a hunch that the family sent him somewhere out of state to dispose of the body. I find it extremely odd that the cadaver dogs hit on the trunk of the car and a spot in the Anthony’s backyard. More than likely, back in the beginning when Cindy and brother Lee confronted Casey, she probably fessed up, they dug up the body and sent it off with Lee. Because if you read all of the story, Lee was another mooch like Casey. He too was unemployed and lived with his parents and NOW…all of a sudden, he’s out of state working???????

Deb December 2, 2008, 8:24 PM

Casey, as dysfunctional as she is, does show all the signs of an abused and molested child. I believe this family has so many secrets they have to keep between each other that they really have to back each other up in order for all of them not to end up in jail. I bet George will be the only one that ends up finally cooperating with the investigation team, that way when the family points the finger at him (I believe he molested Casey)he can say, “they are making things up because I am telling the truth”. He knows all too well how to play the (I’m innocent game) He was a dirty cop, someone is going to come forward, you just watch.

just another me December 2, 2008, 8:43 PM

Look at that child. IT IS NOT CAYLEE! The Anthony’s are EXPOLITING CHILDREN and they need to knock it off.

Marie December 2, 2008, 9:23 PM

Oh I agree with both of you above. This is one dirty family….pure white trash. Lets look at oh-so-concerned grandma - Cindy Anthony who is already scouting for a book deal. She’s the one making more of a spectacle of this than her lying daughter. And we can all see where Casey gets the lying from. Cindy’s story has been constantly changing since day one. Her newest claim now is that someone “hacked” her e-mail. Oh please!

Sally December 2, 2008, 9:27 PM

Rick sounds like he has had it with his sister believing Casey’s lies and covering up for all her messes. It sounds like Cindy was onto Casey’s games and called her a liar, sociopath and thief to her face, but if anyone else calls Casey that, she immediately denies it and defends her. I noticed when Cindy was talking to the detectives she kept saying, “Caylee is alive because Casey is not a murderer.” She seems more concerned that the public is going to think badly of her daughter, than she does losing her granddaughter. George said July 15 when they found the car stinking of a dead body, Cindy was pacing in front of the house, saying, “George, we’ve lost her and when he asked who, she said, “Caylee.” Cindy knew she smelled her granddaughter’s dead body in the car and yet she wants the public to believe she still believes Caylee is alive. Yet, when Cindy goes in front of the TV cameras frequently, she never makes a plea to the kidnappers to treat her granddaughter well or bring her back, all she does is criticize the cops for not investigating bogus sightings and charging her daughter with murder. Cindy knows Caylee is dead and no one kidnapped her. She is simply working for the defense of her daughter, trying to raise reasonable doubt to potential jury members.

stacie December 3, 2008, 3:31 AM

I am up late tonight trying to finish a class project, my ass was the case of caylee i have been reading and reading every single document released and every statement released . here is a short part of what i have came up with ON june 15th cindy and caylee went and visited the great grandfather while visiting i belive cindys mother and fathermust of showed cindy some form of proof casey stole the money from them i think cindy and caylee went home .cindy was all ready upset because i am sure someone informed her casey had taken caylee to the no clothes party the one casey was in a flag will in one of caseys friends statements they state caylee was at that party , so i say this to all of caseys friends that are so concerend about caylee go to hell you all were at that party to infact amy and troy were in caseys car with casey and caylee but you told the cops you did not see caylee liars
cindy probley knowing this information because cindy was saying she was taking caylee away from casey that she was a no good mother cindy and caylee came home on the 15th of june and cindy was very made about the money casey stole from her parents and her self she went off on casey grabbing her and shaking her by the throat cindy was yelling and screaming telling casey your going to jail and we are taking caylee i am sure after she let casey go she probley scared casey and casey only had in her mind i am going to jail and she knew she envently would but i think she might of got away with most because cindy didnt want her to take caylee away but this time cindy threanted to take caylee and casey knew she would be through as soon as she got lose i belive casey waited for cindy to leave in the moerning a took caylee and left if the real truth was known casey probley left in the middle of the night i belive casey wanted to go out to fusion if you read you will find casey always drove everywhere except one night all those phonecalls to casey parents i belive if someone had ansewered the calls caylee wopuld still be alive i belive thats the guilt she is using onm her parents casey was determined to go out with tony so she waited out front of tonys apt i think casey parked in the stall at the apt i belive because she could not find a sitter she soaked the rag in colorform and casey put her in the trunk thinking she would just sleep and then casey dropped the rag in the trunk so caylee would stay asleep and then when tony pulled up in his car casey jumped in his car and they left when casey came back she was dead i belive everyone is looking in the wrong places caylee was by the train tracks but then that 10,000.00 george is claiming was arip off i belive casey made her parents think it was there fault and i belive they got a coffin dug caylee up put a cement linner in the ground put caylee in a coffin put a cement lid on top covered it up and poured the slab in the back yard i would put my life on it so there in no fear because they fooled the cops why do you think they keep saying shes alive but they never go looking for her because they know she is right there with them . just my thoughts

Razzy December 3, 2008, 12:06 PM

This whole family is F**ked up. What grandma would be looking around for a book deal and profiting off her dead grandaughter. This whole family has money on it’s mind.I will personally boycott any book any of the Anthony family write and will lead a campaign on the internet for others to do the same. This is ridiculous. I don’t know why the cops or FBI don’t arrest grandpops and grandma for obstructing justice and tampering with evidence. They know more than they are telling. The whole family are pathological liars and they all know Caylee is dead. They should also be charged with fraud for collecting funds to help “search for Caylee”, when they know she is dead and are just milking this for the money. And where is Lee? Nowhere to be found. Very strange. This family makes the Osborn Family look like a “leave it to beaver” family. They give me the creeps.

Lee December 3, 2008, 4:24 PM

Yeah, Rick! Oh, and don’t forget that Cindy gave the FBI the wrong hairbrush, and told George she should have given them the dog’s toothbrush instead of Caylee’s. I think Cindy should be locked in close quarters with that POS she calls a daughter. There might not have to be a trial then. Hey, now THERE is a reality show: Cindy and Casey in the Orange County Lockup!!!
No rehab for those two; and then George might be able to have a half normal life.

Shanna December 3, 2008, 5:21 PM

What would you do if you knew your daughter killed her daughter??? I just wish Cindy would stay inside and keep her mouth SHUT. Enough of HER!!

I feel George and Lee probably know for sure Casey killed Caylee, they are just staying out of it and letting it play out. I just wonder what Casey will do next when she finally realizes she CAN’T LIE HER WAY OUT OF THIS ONE!
She will no doubt be just like Scott Peterson and deny it forever….Sick. I just hope she gets what she deserves in jail.. SHE WILL NOT LIVE LONG THERE

goldie December 5, 2008, 9:54 AM

In one of the tapes, Cindy asks Casey about “Jeff” who supposedly had “Zanny” for a babysitter, we know Jeff had stated that he never knew her or never had her for a babysitter. It was apparent on Cindy’s face that she knew that too. Cindy also said to Casey,,I believe you,,what a joke, she know Casey is a liar.

Mary December 10, 2008, 2:05 AM

I honestly don’t know what I would do in this circumstance, but I’m pretty sure I would not hinder the investigation as Cindy Anthony has apparently done. Her brother, Rick, is just giving her a reality check, which she is in need of.

As for the photo of “Caylee,” tell me how does a child grow such a large nose in a few weeks? I’m not her grandma, but that child in the photo does not look like Caylee to me. I’m sure that the Anthony’s wish it was, but at this point, I’m sure they know the truth and the whole truth and they are just trying to keep Casey out of prison at this point.

Terrible circumstances. Glad it’s not me.

Chess613 December 12, 2008, 2:13 PM

Hey there. I haven’t written on your blog in a while because I had wanted to wait until we received more information on the case. Needless to say, yesterday’s discovery was a bombshell. I had always thought Caylee died accidentally and all that Casey had been doing since then (June 16) was simply covering up her neglect and partying in the name of denial. But when you couple the web searches in March, along with yesterday’s discovery (not just the body, but the tape and the fact that there was tape and garbage bags in Casey’s car), I think it gets easier to believe this was premeditated murder.

If anyone is wondering why they are doing a search of the Anthony’s home now instead of earlier, I think it has to do with probable cause: aside from the hair fiber in the car, they had no proof that Caylee was dead - hence, no proof that a crime was committed in the home. Now they have that proof, since they have the body. The very fact they are able to search the home (meaning they did a warrant, and got a judge to sign) means they showed probable cause that a crime was committed there. Meaning they proved to a judge that THE BODY IS CAYLEE! I can’t see a judge signing off on it unless they made that proof already. I would think a simple dental record check would do it, but I think they would need consent from the Anthony’s which I’m sure they would fight. But I think we can put away any doubt that this is young Caylee Anthony.

I still have some burning questions about the case, though with each day of new discoveries, those question are either answered or become moot:

1. What was actually said during the argument between Cindy and Casey? We know it was after the Father’s Day visit and I already know about the stolen money Casey took from the funeral home and that the Anthony’s had to come out of pocket to pay it back. But neighbors heard Casey (not Cindy) yelling, and it was Cindy who did the choking of Casey. What exactly did the neighbors hear Casey say? I think it’s a forgone conclusion that Casey was still burning up from what was said and done that Sunday.

2. Was there dismemberment done on the body? Cindy took a knife out of Casey’s car, and Casey borrowed a shovel from Burner either the next day or the day after. So was Casey’s plan to dismember Caylee and distribute the body?

3. Regarding the tape, can we conclude that Casey tried to fake like it was a kidnapping, as if intruders snatched her, tied her up and took her to the woods to die? Was she duct taped before or after she died? To me, it doesn’t make sense to duct tape a dead body (unless you are staging a crime) - but do we throw away the dismemberment idea if she duct taped a live Caylee?

4. When did she drop the body off? According to GPS traces from her cellphone, she was all over the place those two weeks in june - Blanchard Park, up and down University Blvd, always around Amscott area - my feeling is she had scattered thoughts of what she wanted to do - she had one idea (the kidnapping) then she decided against it; then she wanted to bury it in the backyard and maybe distribute the body in several scattered areas in the yard, but was scared out of it when Dad started asking questions; then started poking around Blanchard Park. I wouldnt’ be surprised if there were parts missing in the bag - the skull would be the one thing she’d want to rid herself of the most. Also, did the shower at the young man’s home in the morning (his last name is Waters - July 5) had anything to do with it?

5. The biggie: why? At first the ultimate question was: where is Caylee. That one’s answered. Even with the web searches, I still think there’s a possibility Caylee died by accident or by spontaneous action by Casey (i.e. slapping or shaking her in frustration). Sure, she may have had it on her mind back in March, but that may just be thoughts - the silly morbid fantasies of a young woman wanting to get away from her responsibilities. The chloroform is a different matter. I never believed in the chloro idea of knocking out Caylee just to party - not saying it isn’t possible, but where would she be making this chloro if she’s been doing this since March? In the garage? Is there evidence of it? I like the spontaneous death idea because it plays out - you have someone who believes, since March, that Caylee is holding her back. If I’m not mistaken, Morales broke off with her in February, and she was getting friction from Rusciano in march and april because she wasn’t readily available. I’m sure around this time, her parents were needling her about paying for Caylee’s food, clothes and compensating the parents when she went out to party. So they stopped taking care of her when Casey wanted to hang out - even if Casey slipped out and left Caylee with the parents, she’d catch hell when she got back. We still don’t know what prompted Cindy to go to a counselor in mid or late May where the counselor told Cindy to toughen up to Casey. I can only imagine how Mother’s Day must have been in the house. I think she had something on her mind, but kept it in her mind - until she got thrown out. That was the real catalyst. It made Casey immediately vulnerable - now she has to shack up with Lazzaro and be the doting girlfriend. She has to hope he likes kids and will put up with things when Caylee gets cranky. He doesn’t - he doesn’t want kids. And she has no job - so I have to imagine she spent all of her days just with Caylee, something that had to drive her crazy, especially now that she really has no place to live. And then the Father’s Day fight. I think this is when the whistle blew. Casey has EXCELLENT control of her emotions, and she erroneously believes she’s smarter than everyone else. So I’m sure she believe she could stage an accidental death and pretend to be the mourning mother. But she could also be the victim of a kidnapping. Or a carjacking. Which one? I think she entertained all of these ideas. I think the murder/accident happened at home - the phone calls beginning at 3:03pm suggest she may have wanted to act out the accidental death ploy, but chickened out - also, she couldn’t get anyone on the phone. Since we have tape over the mouth of the body, she probably entertained the kidnapping ploy. Then we have the car being left at Amscott with the purse - hoping someone would steal it, hence a carjacking. But neither really worked as planned. She didn’t follow up on the desperate phone call, the car never got stolen, so the last card she would play would be the kidnapping. But she waited too long - by the time she may have finalized the “nanny stole my baby” idea, it may have been over a week already. Why didn’t she report it immediately? Not knowing what to do, she did what she’s always done anytime she’s stolen something - hope to get away with it without anyone knowing and have fun fun fun while you’re free. Narcissists like Casey hate it when others live in happiness and peace and they don’t. The Anthony’s finally had peace with Casey out of the house. Her friends were about to party in Puerto Rico. Lazzaro was chilling in New York for a week, without taking her. I think Casey hated it. So she punishes her mother by denying her Caylee (not by killing her but by not letting her speak to her). She punishes Amy by stealing her money. Maybe she tried to put TonE under her thumb, but because he wasn’t so much into her, she couldn’t really do it.

Last thoughts. Children are very good in seeing in the hearts of people, especially their parents. They sense everything. Casey is excellent in playing her emotions to the whims of the people around her - she’s a wonderful friend for those who need friends - a great daughter when it suits her needs and a great mother. She is what others want her to see. But a child knows. A child is a mirror of sorts to a parent, because a child reflects exactly what’s inside. I’m sure Casey knew it and hated it. In destroying Caylee, she destroyed the one person she couldn’t fake it to. Who knows what the final responses Caylee had to her mother. What we do know is something very pure was killed by something very impure.

Emily December 12, 2008, 7:16 PM

Cindy finally shut up. Casey had partied on money stolen from other people when daughter was “missing”. Now the Grandparents, confronted with almost legal proof Caylee is dead, stay at the Ritz-Carlton, a luxury hotel (probably paid for with donations) and go to a $100 per dinner restaurant to grieve! What no room service? Just when I think these people cannot get any worse, they sink much lower than pond scum.

john December 14, 2008, 9:17 PM

Cindy and George already got a book deal.

Mandy December 17, 2008, 1:16 PM

I hope that- whoever is proven to be responsible for this poor little girl’s death- that George & Cindy do the right thing and honor their grand daughter by bringing that person to justice, even if it is their own daughter. Caylee, this precious life taken, deserves that from them. She needs them to speak for her and protect her the in only way they are able to now. I pray that they do the decent thing for this little girl’s honor.

gpw December 19, 2008, 9:12 AM

Caylee is dead due to all of the abuse in this family. Casey killed Caylee and I hope she gets the death penalty. As for the grandparents, I would rather not have any if they were like the Anthonys.

Krista December 19, 2008, 9:28 AM

The Anthonys are trying to protect their daughter now that they can’t do anything about Caylee. I am sure their initial reactions were the correct ones, but habitual liars are hard to disprove, and easy to believe, despite the fact that they have proven to be mistrustful. Remember that Casey is still their daughter, THEIR baby girl, and a reflection of them. I believe Caylee is dead, and they can’t do anything to help her anymore on this Earth. Casey is another story. Most parents don’t lose love for their child even when they do something horrific. I’[m sure the parents are in denial and want to believe their child. I would like to say I would write my child off if they did this, but I can’t. The truth is you never know what you would do until you are in the same situation, God forbid.And the original statements thay made are pretty damaging to the case-I’m sure the lawyer has told them that. Their inconsistencies will be dealt with in the trial. However I don’t believe thay are involved although they may have obstructed justice, you know, sometimes love is blind. But I guarantee they are hurting for all that is happening, and I feel for them.

Denise December 19, 2008, 10:38 AM

I have thougt from day one that Cindy is an emotional and physical abuser. There is no dought in my mind that Casey killed her daughter and that she is very unstable.If you watch Cindy and George together you can tell Cindy is not afraid of him so I don’t see him as the agressor, it’s her. Cindy is probably supporting her daughter to keep Casey from telling about the abuse. I believe they sent Lee out of state to keep him from “slipping up”. Cindy never cared about Caylee she just used her as another way to emotionally abuse Casey. If she truly cared about Caylee and truly thought Casey was a bad mother she would have taken Calylee and convinced Casey it was for the best. Caylee would still be alive.

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