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Casey Anthony Shows Remorse?

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Does Casey Anthony have any maternal feelings towards Caylee?


Casey Anthony failed to report that her daughter Caylee had gone missing for a month, she  went out partying days after she claimed the then two-year-old vanished, and in an IM to a friend, referred to the toddler as "the little snot head." Yet, on July 16th, in text messages transcripts released on November 26th,  she writes to her boyfriend Anthony Lazzaro acknowledging the seriousness of her situation and sounds, at least vaguely, remorseful.

Lazzaro: Where is Caylee?

Anthony: I honestly don't know.

Lazzaro: I don't know. R U serious? When did u find out?

Anthony:  ... I am the worst f**cking person in the entire world ... The best thing and the most important person in my life is missing and God only knows if I am ever going to see her again. I don't know what  ill [sic] do if something happens to her

Later, she says:

The most important thing is getting Caylee back but i truly hope that you can forgive me..granted i will  never be able to forgive myself...nor will my family.

Was Casey remorseful in these text messages or is it just another of her many ploys to mislead the investigation?

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Caylee Sighting?

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Dan December 3, 2008, 6:30 PM

Of course it’s just a ploy to make herself look innocent.
What would you say if you were trying to cover up the fact that you murdered your daughter? tell everyone in the world?

she obviously is trying to convince anyone who will listen that ‘zanny’ kidnapped caylee for no reason. and that both ‘zanny’ and caylee have completely dissapeared.

keep in mind that she was ‘in love’ with lazzaro. in her twisted mind she probably thought she’d be out of jail in a few minutes and wanted to make the best impression so she wouldn’t lose him.

Heather December 3, 2008, 6:34 PM

Okay, now this website is exploiting this poor child.
Hear me out on this one….

The news about this text message is old, very old. You took old information, and retitled it with something that would DEFINATELY increase the traffic to your website, since the entire world is dying to see this woman show one ounce of empathy.

Will it generate the traffic you want? Perhaps.

However, you’re basically exploiting that poor child as well. The world wants her mom to fess up so she can be found and you’re retyping and rewording old news for traffic, and attention.

You should rethink your motives for writing about this tragic event. They don’t seem pure. At all.

dean December 3, 2008, 6:55 PM

She is NOT remorseful in these texts. The only person that mattered to her was herself and her boyfriend. She killed Caylee, I’m convinced of that. A very poorly planned murder…done out of frustration with not being able to do what she wanted and to get her mother back for whatever reason.
She was just trying to come up with the right words to say just the right thing that she thought any of these shocked and outraged people might want to hear from her…in the hopes that he would stand by her through this, and be there for her when this is all over.

She probably is still hoping she can get him back - if she stays quiet…no one will be able to pin this on her…no one will find that body…there’s not enough evidence to convict her of anything. She hopes when this is “all done” she can convince/”con” him back to her.

The only person she feels sorry for is herself…not all of the people she’s abused and used to get what she feels she’s entitled to.

Randi December 3, 2008, 6:56 PM

this is the first time I’ve read anything that sounds remotely like she gives a sh**T about her daughter. I think she did love her daughter as much a sociopathic killer can love anyone.

Patty December 3, 2008, 8:41 PM

what a bunch of bull! that’s not remorse! Count the “I”s and “me”s and “my”s ! The best thing in MY life is gone and I don’t know when I’ll see her… Lazzaro was the ONLY thing she cared about after she got locked up, remember her first phone call from jail? “give me tonys number” Tony, Tony, Tony, her kid goes “missing” she’s locked up and who does she want to talk to? Tony Lazzaro. this text is a bunch of bs so that he’d believe her lies. trust me casey is more upset right now about not seeing tony than her own daughter…

al December 3, 2008, 9:38 PM

I just don’t know what to think about this case at all anymore! Part of me wants to believe that sweet baby Caylee is gone, but then part of me thinks she is not. I read on another site today, about a lady that swears she saw and spoke with Caylee Anthony and the person she was with, at an airport in early July. Said that they were boarding a flight to Atlanta. Of course, at that point nobody had reported her missing. So when the lady returned from her trip, Caylee was all over the news. She called the police and gave a sketch of the woman that claims to have Caylee. Who knows anymore. I want to believe that Casey gave her away and she is out there somewhere… but I just don’t know. Pray for Caylee Marie’s safe return.

Kitty December 3, 2008, 10:49 PM

I agree with Heather. I think that MomLogic is exploiting Caylee Anthony by taking old information and spinning it for website hits. Is this site now all about Casey Anthony? MomLogic is making no sense anymore.

Anonymous December 3, 2008, 10:51 PM

All families are “dysfunctional”-some more than others; but the Anthony’s are just off the charts. So are many others who are involved in this case. How anyone can believe this child is alive is amazing to me. How a 22 year old who has been charged with the murder of her 2 year old functions as though nothing has happened is amazing. This story stays in the news because you couldn’t make this stuff up. “Tony” should be on his hands and knees thankful Casey is out of his life. Were there no punishments for this girl when she lied, stole and caused chaos in this family? She doesn’t have remorse for anything she’s done. She never had to.

Danna December 4, 2008, 1:39 AM

She was just saying what she thought she should say. Just some more of her ‘feel sorry for ME’ stuff. She never would have said anything at all about Caylee being missing if Cindy hadnt forced her hand.

SquirrelFinders December 4, 2008, 6:02 AM

Heather and Kitty,

This is a very important pre-trial phase during which we must review what you call old information, and look at it in the context of what we’ve learned since it first came out. This way, we’ll see the discrepancies, particularly how the Anthony family has contradicted itself.

The reason why this is important is (1) it exposes the lack of credibility on the part of the defense, and (2) it carefully builds the case for the death penalty in the penalty phase of the trial.

These text messages are consistent with a well-substantiated view that Casey Anthony is a sociopath who cannot use an insanity defense. This is more evident now as we fill in the timeline that reveals what people knew and when they knew it.

Personally, I feel that the wheels of justice are turning slowly — but they are turning slowly and surely, and the media, including momlogic, have done a great job of building a rich archive of public reaction and analysis that will go a long way to prepare the prosecution and keep the death penalty on the table.

Hats off to momlogic for keeping the conversation alive.

Shell December 4, 2008, 8:58 AM

i dont think it was a ploy, i honestly dont think Casey knew that investigators were going to look into her texts, and cell phone activity! i think she was saying that to make herself look good for tony!

has anyone noticed how many times she says ” i dont know if i’ll ever see caylee again?” She knows she wont see her again, its just another way to make herself look good. Casey deserves the death penalty, anyone else who commits crimes like this gets the death penalty, theres nothing special about Casey Anthony that would allow her to not get the death penalty. She’s a liar and a murderer, a typical sociopath!

love2bgran December 4, 2008, 11:01 AM

About the woman who saw Caylee at the airport … WHY, if Caylee was kidnapped or given away, would the woman with Caylee tell this tipster Caylee’s name? You would think a kidnapper or anyone who had the child illegally would NOT want to announce the child’s real name.

viv December 4, 2008, 2:10 PM

Remoresful..absolutely not.

Lee December 4, 2008, 4:26 PM

Remorse is something you cannot hide. She never had an inkling of remorse. C. Anthony is the most narcissistic person alive. It would be nice if there was a genetic link to prevent procreation of people like her.

Heather December 4, 2008, 10:32 PM

Squirrel, I went to school for law (probably why this case interests me so) and I can tell you that this entire case has already been tried in the court of public opinion, period.
All this evidence and information is NOT for the public to deseminate, disect, analyze or interpret. There is no “we” - neither you nor I need to know every scrap of evidence. Factually, it only hurts the prosecution for all of this to be outted by the media - good luck to the prosecution when it’s time for voire dire. I agree that she is a sociopath and I agree that the death penalty should be an option for sentencing when (and if) she is found guilty. But the more this kind of stuff goes on, the easier it will be for this to end in a mistrial.
Finally, my original point was this:
This text message, and it’s contents, have already been the subject of many a news article weeks ago.
The titling is simply a means to obtain website hits.
This website is not helping the prosecution. Not in any way, shape or form.

Sally December 5, 2008, 8:39 AM

Heather, law enforcement is releasing the jailhouse and interview tapes and documents because every chance they get Cindy Anthony and Jose Baez tell the media the FBI and Orange County sheriff’s department are fabricating all the evidence and framing poor innocent Casey. The documents and interviews show that there is no frameup. They show exactly what all the witnesses including Casey, her parents and her brother told the investigators. We can see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears that investigators aren’t fabricating this evidence as Baez and Cindy are claiming.
It’s either coming from Casey, her family or her friends. If Casey and her family had cooperated with the FBI and the sheriff’s department instead of declaring war on them, the case would be resolved and none of this would be happening. Under Florida law, the public has a right to see all the evidence and so the state is complying with the law. You may not like it, but that’s the way it is.

sean December 5, 2008, 9:34 AM

So far none of the evidence indicates that the child is dead. The chloroform levels in the trunk are likely from a wet bathing suit after swimming in a chlorinated pool reacting with organic garbage like maybe a dirty diaper or pizza. The hair they claim matches Caylee or Cindy or Casey or Lee with the claimed dead ring at the root can indicate that one of them had a cut creating dead skin in a hair folicle area……..and please keep in mind that police are expected to lie to any suspect in effort to get a confession….the rpoblem is when police lie and their suspect knows it the suspect stops talking….The fact that they have not searched for the girl photographed in a Florida Mall and despite the picture being shown on line and on TV and in News papers while no one has come forward to claim this pictured child is theirs and is not Caylee is good evidence that the child is still alive. I believe that Casey was getting free babysitting and was too niave to realize that the person she trusted to sit would steel her child.

LMKLaw December 5, 2008, 9:58 AM

Ok I have to say something to all of you who are whining about “exploiting Casey” and “boo-hoo Momlogic cares too much about this”. Well guess what my pets, Casey Anthony was a MOM and correct me if I’m wrong, Momlogic deals with mothers…Correct? And another thing, Casey Anthony deserves to be virtually and publicly humiliated and mocked, I’m sorry but a murderer needs to be talked about 24/7 especially Miss Casey. Considering half of the coverage blog or news, pertains to how stupid and ridiculous she is acting. WHO GIVES IF SHE IS BEING “EXPLOITED”?!?! Quit your whining kids, if you have a problem with this site and its Anthony Family coverage then don’t come here anymore. No one is MAKING you do it.

As far as Casey is concerned she killed Caylee, Caylee is not the girl in that picture. Its obvious. As much as I wish I could say, yea that could be Caylee, I can’t because that’d be a lie.

Sally December 5, 2008, 10:15 AM

Oh, Sean aka Cindy give it a rest. Nobody is believing you or your daughter’s lies and pointing the finger at a made up babysitter and the police. You know you smelled the rotting corpse of your granddaughter and not a pizza in that car. So stop pretending that there is no evidence against your murdering daughter and whining that the police are not following your wild goose chases. We are sick of hearing your whining, lying and blaming everyone but your daughter. Tell the truth. Caylee is dead. Casey killed her. Allow your daughter to take the consequences of her behavior for the first time in her life.

Heather December 5, 2008, 6:34 PM

Read again LMK - I am “whining” about the exploitation of Caylee. I couldn’t give a rat’s behind about Casey. It’s clear as day that she had everything to do with the disappearance of her daughter - and it’s very evident that she’s playing the “no body no conviction” angle and praying she gets acquitted.
What I am saying: This kind of stuff continues, and the jury pool becomes tainted.

I believe what everyone wants is a solid conviction that will STICK… not a shaky, haphazard trial that takes eight weeks just to pick a darn jury.

And good grief, who is talking about a cut up there? That hair couldn’t have come from a cut - the fluids given off by the body during healing are MUCH different than what discharges from the skin during decomposition. Cuts do not “decompose”. Lordamercy.

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