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Casey's Lawyers Cannot Witness Autopsy

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An emergency motion filed yesterday by Casey Anthony's attorney to watch the autopsy was denied by a judge.


Orange County Judge Stan Strickland heard arguments made by Jose Baez, Casey Anthony's defense attorney, to be present at the first autopsy conducted by the FBI on the remains of what's presumed to be missing toddler Caylee Anthony.

Prosecutors believed the request was premature -- and disturbing.

"What I don't want to see, bluntly, is 24 hours after viewing an autopsy, a defense expert on a national news show describing this child's remains, " prosecutor Jeff Ashton argued. "The specter of that is nauseating to me."

Judge Strickland sided with the prosecution and denied the request.

Meanwhile, the Anthonys' Orlando home has become part of the crime scene. Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary said investigators searched the house and "took some things out of the house that the forensic people are very interested in." Among the items retrieved were seven large paper bags and four boxes of evidence. They also seized four vacuum cleaners and two pesticide tanks.

CNN promises an "exclusive reaction from Caylee's grandparents to the news of the remains of a small child found near their home" tonight on "Larry King Live."

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Caylee Sighting?

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Brittany  December 22, 2008, 11:49 AM

I think that this whole entire case is just horrible. How could a mother do that to her own child? Carry her for nine months then cut her life so short. It sickens me to even think about the poor little child and what she had to possibly go through. I hope and pray that the mother pays for her sin, if not at the moment, she will I do believe. Justice needs to be served!

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