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Body Language Expert on Casey Jail Video

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Are Casey and Cindy Anthony being honest with each other in their first July jailhouse meeting? We asked an expert.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office has released more than 300 minutes worth of video from Casey Anthony's jail visits. The first pieces of footage made available to the public were of Casey's first meeting with her parents days after she was arrested for child neglect on July 16. In the meeting Casey continues to blame the disappearance of her daughter Caylee on "Zanni," her alleged nanny.

Momlogic asked body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass for insight into what was really going on in Casey and Cindy Anthony's minds during this early visit. Dr. Glass' first impression was immediate. "Her body language is far too casual -- as is of course the laughter -- and shows no indication of being distraught." All of Casey's behavior, says Dr. Glass, is incongruous with the situation.

Here are some other clues into Casey's mindset:

  • In the beginning of the discussion, she fusses with her hair. This is consistent with her narcissistic tendencies.

  • When Cindy asks her if "Zanni acted alone," Casey pauses and raises her eyebrow, which indicates she is trying to fabricate a possible lie.

  • Cindy brings up Charlotte and other locations as possible places to find Caylee. Casey shakes her head NO several times, while simultaneously agreeing they are viable locations to find Caylee.

  • Casey looks down consistently while she speaks -- the only time she truly looks directly in the camera is when her mother tells her to, so she can see her eyes.

Dr. Glass' analysis of Cindy is that her behavior is consistent with someone who is withholding information. "I believe," says Dr. Glass, "Cindy knows something about where Caylee is." Speaking in a monotone, emotionless voice and what Dr. Glass refers to as a "mask-like facial expression," Cindy flip-flops back and forth between a caring mom to an interrogator.

  • Cindy stumbles on the name "Caylee" when she asks Casey what message she'd like to send to her daughter. This indicates to Dr. Glass that Cindy knows Caylee isn't alive anymore.

  • When George casually says "Hi gorgeous," to Casey, Cindy immediately puts her head on her husband's shoulder. This, says Dr. Glass, "indicates the family dysfunction. As soon as the father compliments the daughter, Cindy becomes jealous."

  • Casey says she doesn't want the Sheriff's Office to assist in the investigation -- asking that her brother Lee be in charge. Cindy reacts by touching her face, biting her lip and scratching her neck -- all indications to Dr. Glass that Cindy knows her daughter is lying, but is trying to hold back her true thoughts.

What do you think is telling about this Anthony family meeting?

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Caylee Sighting?

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TONI December 4, 2008, 8:45 PM


LI_Mom December 4, 2008, 9:32 PM

What is striking to me is how afraid these parents are of making Casey angry.

I get the impression they have learned to bend over backwards to NOT set her off & to avoid letting her know they think she’s lying.

This interview was more than a week AFTER Casey has been arrested & one would have to assume it’s well known to the family that Casey has been lying about EVRYTHING she told investigators & even them. And yet, they still choose to go along with her crazy lies as if playing along with her will keep them in her good graces & will eventually pay off when Casey decides to tell the truth.

IMO, they’ve given Casey NO REASON to ever tell the truth… they aren’t at all upset with their little “sweetheart.”

As we always knew, for the Anthony family “IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN ALL ABOUT POOR CASEY.”

emma December 4, 2008, 9:51 PM

casey just lies and lies and lies and jokes about what she’s eating and the yucky icky food. gosh. she doesn’t like grits or bologna! i mean these parents pander to this bi*tch who killed their granddaughter. casey seems flattered when they ask about her and if she’s eating and taking care of herself. she LOVES the attention that was being given to caylee rather than her. she loves being babied. she’s pathetic. so selfish. so narcissistic. and she killed a little girl to get back her place in the family and out of spite towards her own mother. b*tch of the century.

Sedonia Sunset December 4, 2008, 11:12 PM

LI Mom said: “What is striking to me is how afraid these parents are of making Casey angry. I get the impression they have learned to bend over backwards to NOT set her off & to avoid letting her know they think she’s lying.”

I agree — they were walking on eggshells the entire time, as if they were (most likely) afraid she would get angry and storm out or she would start crying hysterically.

I kind of feel for them at that point in time, though, because they probably DO know that Caylee is dead and there will be no chance of getting info out of Casey if she gets mad at them.

Honestly, though, it was like she was the little kid in that Twilight Zone episode (It’s A Good Life) and they were afraid she was going to wish them into the cornfield if she became displeased.

SquirrelFinders December 5, 2008, 1:59 AM

Casey sold Caylee night after night, because if the little girl wasn’t spending the night at Zani the Nanny’s then who was she spending the night with all those months before she disappeared?

shabbyplum December 5, 2008, 2:46 AM

Someone was in the house, with Casey. You can tell when she says “probably”. She couldn’t keep straight for that question because she is protecting someone. I never even considered someone else was involved until that second I saw her face and heard what she said. I knew. I have this overwhelming feeling of hate for Casey. I wish I could say otherwise..

I do however believe now that it was most likely an accident caused my impulse. Casey had someone over (a guy??) and was too ‘busy to mess with’ Caylee. She used chloroform to knock her out so she could play. Caylee was either overdosed or underdosed, in which case she may have woke up too soon and a) got in the way and was hurt by whoever casey had over b) got into something and got herself hurt or c) came in to see mommy and so Casey got annoyed and gave her much more the second time leading to overdose.

I think the creepy searches on Google were actually intended for Cindy and I think she knows it. She doesn’t know if Casey killed the baby on purpose, but the fact that she might have leads Cindy to be much more careful, in fear she’d be next. Now that Casey is in jail, and Cindy isn’t worried about her own safety, her primary concern has become her a**, and covering it in regards to her initial behavior up to Casey’s last arrest.

jade December 5, 2008, 10:18 AM

They knew they were being recorded and tried to put on a good show. They look and sound SO FAKE. Cindy is acting so nicey nice it makes me sick. Casey needs someone to really shake her up. I cant wait til she’s in court. I just hope she gets what she deserves in prison. Can you imagine, she probably killed Caylee with chloraform so she could party..took her little body out by the river, stripped her clothes off and fed her to those alligators that were lerking around.. SHE PUT THOSE BEADS ON THE TREE!!!WHY DOESN’T THE FBI GO TO THE ANTHONY HOME AND IDENTIFY THE REST OF THEM? Oh yes, Cindy probably has gotten rid of those!!!There will be nothing left of Caylee after the gators ate her and Casey burned her clothes?

tilly December 5, 2008, 1:47 PM

Casey has ruled that home all her life…She has been pampered and protected and Caylee was taking that from her..She hates her mother that is obvious! and she has taken something away from them that she knows will hurt them to the core…She is relishing in all the attention she is getting from them…Those were early tapes, I wonder what she thinks now…

Sally December 5, 2008, 3:00 PM

I thought it was interesting how Casey reacted when Cindy said she was in front of cameras so what did she want her to say to Zanny and Caylee. That look on Casey’s face would convince me if I didn’t know already that she was guilty. It was like she was thinking: “Talk to who?” And then she remembered the nanny she invented and her dead daughter and quickly recovered. Like Casey did with the investigators, like an actress she said her part right on cue: “Tell Zanny she needs to bring her home” and “Tell Caylee mommy loves her and she is most important thing in my life.” The fact that Cindy has never given that message to Zanny or Caylee convinces me that I was right when I thought that Cindy knew when she smelled the dead body and Caylee was missing that Caylee was dead. Otherwise, why wouldn’t she have gone right to the TV cameras and pleaded for Caylee’s safe return and told Caylee they all loved her. Cindy has never spoken to Caylee or Zanny on camera and yet she told Casey she would. George, Cindy and Casey all knew it was being recorded and so Cindy was acting too. She said what sounded like a grandmother who believed her granddaughter was kidnapped would say. But she never followed through with her act by talking to Caylee or Zanny on her many times in front of the TV cameras. I was shocked when I saw that.

Skippy December 6, 2008, 12:45 AM

The FBI and OCSO both investigated the beads on the tree and they were proven beyond all doubt to be irrelevant to the case. Both agencies confirmed that the beads were placed by the family of a person killed in a car accident nearby.

Padilla is a fool; every single one of his many many theories has been wrong but he continues to spout off as if he’s always right. He’s either lying or he’s pitifully uninformed. Don’t be a sheep. Watch and listen carefully.

Laurie December 6, 2008, 2:55 PM

What family uses the term “reach out” to mean call or speak to. All the Anthony’s use that term. How shallow are these relationships. Do you talk to your mom like that? “Oh, absolutely”. The Adaams Family looks normal next to these people. How many times does George refer to Caylee as “this little girl”. When they talk to her they are afraid. She has the whole family brainwashed - probably for years. If I was in that situation I’d be screaming for her to talk - where’s the baby? - what have you done? I wouldn’t even be able to sit calmly - I’d be sick to my stomach and a hysterical mess - “I know we will all be together again - I feel it in my gut” Yeah, in heaven. What a poorly acted out drama, but one they have probably played forever. It’s obvious they are loving the media attention and really don’t care much about what really happened to Caylee. When they mention all the efforts by all the people and organizations, the answer “Oh, that’s nice - that’s good” If my kid was missing and the nation was looking for her I’d be thanking God and crying my heart out in appreciation. If you are innocent, why would you have to hide anything you say? Who would care if the visits were being recorded. She would be screaming out the injustice, blaming all that needed to be blamed and screaming to get out to get that person that took her baby…. Well, that is in the real world. Wow - They’re creepy and they’re kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They’re all together ooky, the Anthony F A M I L Y

OMG December 6, 2008, 3:58 PM

I can’t remember what part of the tape was being played. but it was on the Nancy Grace show. I just heard Cindy say to Totmom - They think “you guys” did something to Caylee.

Now, who would “you guys” be.

Seems to be more than just Crazy Casey
Wonder who.

Sally December 6, 2008, 8:04 PM

OMG, that’s just Cindy pointing fingers away from her daughter. The police have never suspected anyone but Casey in the murder of her daughter and disposal of the body. If they did, Casey wouldn’t be the only one charged with murder. Cindy has tried to pin Casey’s disappearance on Amy and Jesse. Cindy told the investigators that Casey got involved with some “really bad people.” She reminds me of mothers of teenagers who get on drugs or in trouble. It’s always the fault of “that wild crowd” or they’re involved with “the wrong people.” The parents will never admit that their child takes drugs or steals and lies. But their friends do. You notice Cindy asked if there were drugs in Tony’s apartment and if Caylee stayed there. Casey said no. Cindy would never accuse Casey of taking drugs. Casey chose to booze it up, smoke pot and have sex with whomever she chose. Nobody put a gun to Casey’s head and dragged her against her will to Fusion Nightclub. She chose that lifestyle over being a mother to a toddler. Cindy will forever blame someone else instead of her daughter. Casey’s friends, the police, the media. Cindy has to play the blame game because she can’t face the truth: that she raised the murderer of her own granddaughter.

Gloria December 7, 2008, 2:16 AM

What a truly horrible saga. I find all my initial imprssions of this totally insane family confirmed. They all obviously bask in the limelight and the media attention, and the drama.
I come from a sick family. One of the questions in a book on recovery that has always stuck in my mind was, “do you feel more alive in the middle of a crisis?” Boy, do they ever.
I still nurture the personal opinion that Casey was sexually abused by her father, her brother, or both, and that that has a lot to do with who she has become.
That baby is dead, and all that entire family cares about is to keep the media circus going.

b0bble December 7, 2008, 6:20 AM

IMO I think these people have all had nervous breakdowns from this mess, and they honestly have no emotions or feelings or what people think about them. They honestly think people believe their wild make4 believe stories.Their nuts. They really believe their in control here.

Sally December 7, 2008, 12:59 PM

Casey slayed me when she said she never wanted to be on TV and especially not anything this horrendous to “me and my family.” You notice she never mentions how horrendous a kidnapping or death would be to Caylee. You can tell Casey loves all the attention from her family and she loves playing the victim. Like my friend said, Casey gave away her guilt when she responded to Cindy saying, “When Caylee is found, you’ll be released.” Casey said, “I don’t know. Yuri thinks I did something to Caylee.” What Casey was thinking was when Caylee’s body is found, Yuri Mellich, head detective on the case, will see the evidence on the body and know I killed Caylee. How could Yuri think Casey did anything to Caylee if Caylee is found alive and unharmed as Casey claims Caylee will be?

AS December 7, 2008, 10:44 PM

1. Casey was/is an unemployed, highschool dropout.

2. Casey allowed herself to be knocked up at 19.

3. Casey claims the father was killed in an car accident, however, she fails to take advantage of the situation any have filed for proof of paternity in order to be secure social security benefits.

4. Caylee Anthony or her remains will never be found.

5. Casey Anthony had Means, (Cholorform or medication) Motive, (Did not want the responsibility of a child or the chuild taken away by Cindy Anthony) and Opportunity (When she was alone in her apartment) to kill her daughter Caylee.

Is thi speculation? Absolutly. Is it premeditated? Probably. Will she escape justice either on a some technicality or insanity plea? You be the judge.

Ruby Slippers December 8, 2008, 7:15 PM

Oh. My. Word.

Where did this come from? Apparently even George has seen this photo and more like them!!! Was Casey really an “escort?” Experts have studied the photo and attested that it has not been created in Photoshop. Check it out for yourself. CAUTION: Not for the underaged or to be opened in the workplace. You’ve been warned.

Candice December 9, 2008, 9:31 AM

I would have to disagree about the Cindy and the Jealousy act when he calls his daughter gorgeous. No one knows if George was teary eyed because it did not show his facial expressions and in my opinion it was a way of consoling… not jealousy. The rest of her opinions on body language I believe could be right. But not the jealousy from Cindy. It makes me sick to hear her talking about Caylee coming home and see her laughing and smiling and happy. She knows she won’t. Do I think Casey would like to see her back safely in their arms at this point… maybe… but it’s too late for that and she knows it. I cannot believe they would not seek the death penalty for her. Whether she killed her daughter purposely or not that baby is gone and she left her in the trunk long enough for her angelic body to decompose. What kind of sick person could do such a thing? I don’t understand it. Just typing the words make me sick. I do see her showing at least somewhat of remorse in this video compared to all the COLD CALLOUS (as Cindy says) viewings that we have all seen but it doesn’t make up for what she has done. Cindy & George are in such denial and I feel so sorry for them because they keep getting call after call to just feed their denial more and more. If I were them I wouldn’t want to believe my daughter was capable of doing such, nor would I want to believe that my granddaughter was dead. It took me a long time to come to the realization as well, but this is Caylee’s family. I can understand them being fed lie after lie and sighting after sighting and them still having a glimpse of hope, but it all comes down to the evidence in that car. It all leads to Caylee not coming home alive. I have a baby that is almost 3 and I just couldn’t fathom this. May she rest in God’s arms. Everytime I see my baby Cailyn Marie I will think of you and the life you could have had. Casey I have no remorse for you.

Jasmine December 9, 2008, 11:29 AM

This case has been in my head since it first was aired and Casey telling lie after lie, and very weak and lame ones at that,very easily found out. And can’t understand why no one believes her. Ive been reading over some of the interviews and the one with Jesse Grund really got me wondering if its possible. The LE asked Jesse what he thought Casey would do if something terrible happened to Caylee(they probalby figured since he was engaged to her, he might have the most insight of how she thinks), anyway, Jesse said that Caylee was Caseys only toe in reality and if something bad happened to Caylee, then Casey would lose any touch with reality that she had and wouldn’t be able to accept the truth of what happened to Caylee and he thought it very possible that she created her own reality of where Caylee was. And for the first 31 days, Casey partied, went out all the time, stayed at her boyfriends seeming like she didn’t have a care in the world. And was telling everyone that Caylee was with the nanny at all these fun places….like Bush Gardens, at the beach, etc because that was her reality now , her truth. So when she went home to her parents, they wanted concrete answers and in her reality the nanny was the last person to have Caylee so therefore thats who took her. Is it possible? for me, that would clear up alot of why Casey continues to say the same thing over and over about the nanny, maybe she really believes it. I think the Nannny is, and always was, a drug of any form to put Caylee to sleep while Casey did whatever. I really don’t believe Casey killed her on purpose (although,by giving that baby any kind of drugs for her own benifit is just as criminal), and I think Caylee died as a result and maybe that pushed Casey out of reality and into her own , so she told herself Caylee was with the nanny doing all these fun things and accepted that as truth and then when she couldn’t produce Caylee, she said the nanny took her, (and by all counts as far as Caseys concerned, the drug (the nanny) did take her (took her life). Its just been nagging me if its possible or if there are any other case studies simular to this,(not killing ), but losing touch with reality, and creating thier own, while all the while appearing normal to everyone around them. UMMMM?

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