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Grandma, Buy These!

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The big countdown to the holidays has begun. Once again, you have a million gifts to get and absolutely no idea what to buy. For some reason, the most important gift is always the hardest one to shop for: the gift for your grandkids. Every year, you buy them a cute outfit or toy, and within months, it's thrown in the garage or back in the closet -- they've simply outgrown it! Wouldn't it be nice to buy them something that lasts for more than one phase -- that they could grow into and play with through all different stages?

Here are three fabulous gifts that are definitely at the top of our "must have" toy list that will not only last longer than an eye blink, but that all the kids in the house can play with. Just don't give these and a box of candy ... then you'd really be spoiling them!

Go Baby Go!™ Crawl & Cruise Musical Jungle

Go Baby Go!™ Crawl & Cruise Musical Jungle™
Perfect for ages 6 - 36 months.

It's a jungle full of active fun -- sure to generate squeals of delight while encouraging baby's developing physical skills. A silly monkey, spinning hippo, and big-eared elephant invite baby to put, take, drop and roll six colorful balls. Sitting, crawling, standing or cruising, there's plenty of musical, light-up, sing-along fun and lots of busy activities to explore!
Price: $65.00

Go Baby Go!™ Crawl & Cruise Musical Jungle

Little People® Learn About Town™
Perfect for ages 2-5 years.

See the learning unfold! Where should we go today -- the doctor, the pet shop or the tree house to play? Whether kids travel all over Learn About Town with Sonya Lee® and Eddie™ or just stay in one spot, they can open, close, press, and drop their way to lots of songs and sounds and learning fun! After all, it's four play sets in one! Includes articulated Sonya Lee and Eddie, table and two chairs, easel, delivery truck, 10 "apple" disks and three "pizza" disks.
Price: $45.00

Go Baby Go!™ Crawl & Cruise Musical Jungle

Perfect for ages 3-10 years

Meet Spike, the dinosaur that kids bring to life at the touch of a button! He walks, he stands on his hind legs, he blinks, his mouth opens and closes, his spikes light up -- and you make it happen with the easy-to-use remote control! Spike makes lots of fun sounds, too. He growls, he snorts, he roars and more -- he's Spike the ULTRA DINOSAUR!
Price: $140.00

Whatever stage your grandchild is in, Fisher-Price has just the right toy to encourage growth, learning, play, and of course, lots of time with Grandma! To sign up for their newsletter and for more information on stages of play, great toys and Grandparenting tips check out

* Product descriptions reprinted with permission from the Fisher-Price Website. (C) 2008 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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