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Grocery Check-Out Line Road Rage

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What's the deal with letting people cut in front of you at the super market just because they have one item and you have 100??

grocery store

Momlogic's Annie: We've all been there. Your kid is kicking their legs while sitting in your overflowing cart. You've been waiting on the line for what seems like an eternity. Then right when your order is about to be rung up, some chump walks up behind you with just a loaf of bread and gives you the look that asks, "Are you going to let me go before you? Or are you going to be a jerk?" Well, buddy? I think you suck for putting me in the position.

I worked a long day. I battled traffic and the clock to get home in time just so I can scramble to get my daughter ready to get out the door. I brought her here before dinner -- a mistake I make every few months thinking she (and I) can handle it. But, of course, she's too hungry to be looking at all this food. At this point I've fed her a whole sleeve of butter crackers. Dinner for her is now ruined.

I forgot the microwave popcorn but I cannot go get it because I can't leave my cart with my kid in it alone nor can I lose my place in line and bring my cart with me. My disappointment over my snack-free night is interrupted by my daughter biting and licking the grocery cart metal. Lovely.

So, how about a big fat "no" to you sir. I just cannot let you go before me. It may only be 30 extra seconds, but that half minute could decide whether or not I have a mental breakdown. I'm sorry that all you have is a loaf of bread, but there is such a thing as an express lane -- you should try it out. I am completely against the one item line cut! Until, of course, I go back later to get that popcorn I forgot and the woman in front of me has a cart full of groceries.

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ak mom December 30, 2008, 6:15 PM

I totally agree. One Item line cutters need to learn to use express lanes or do what I do… check out at the pharmacy or the customer service counter. Of course I only do that when I’m in an extreme rush :O)

carole December 30, 2008, 6:26 PM

I disagree, there is nothing wrong with someone going in front of others. I have a child with special needs, so I know of long days. We all have the choice of letting the person go before us or not. It’s about manners, and if you have kids, I think showing someone some kindness is a good thing. I am sorry you all have such terrible days, I’ve had my share, if it’s too frustrating for you don’t do it. When I have a loaf of bread, I’ll try not to cut in front of you.


Uly December 30, 2008, 7:55 PM

It’s not cutting in line if you *ask* the person in front of you - and don’t throw a fit if and when they say no. Grow up and learn to say “No, sorry” like a big girl.

Dee December 31, 2008, 8:26 AM

I think it all depends on how far you are in the process. If I am still unloading my overflowing cart, it is not an issue. If I have completed that task they can wait.

Mary December 31, 2008, 9:17 AM

The grocery store in my town has an express lane. The problem there is sometimes it is the ONLY lane open, so when you have a cart full of groceries you have to use it. I hate it because people look at you as if you cant read or count. If they can have only one lane open DON’T make it the express lane. Mary

Anonymous December 31, 2008, 9:48 AM

I do it if the person looks kind. If he or she looks like a big mean person, I’m not letting them go. I do it especially if it’s an elderly person or if it’s mom with a toddler and one item because hey, we’ve all been there or we will be at some point.

Anonymous December 31, 2008, 11:24 AM

I won’t let no one in regardless of their lame excuses.

mizfit December 31, 2008, 3:08 PM

I tried this once and let someone go in front of me, and they turned out to be one of those very slow check writers. ugh. oh, and I hate it when someone forgets something and runs back to find the item and holds up the line longer.

Petra October 16, 2009, 8:52 AM

It’s actually called being polite and putting others before yourself. If you want to make someone’s day, ask them to go ahead of you…they will smile & in turn, so will you!

Beth October 16, 2009, 9:39 AM

I don’t ask, but if someone offers to let me go ahead with my one item, I’ll take it.

I will never forget the kind woman in Target who let me go in front of her when my son was about four months old and fussing terribly. I had several items and was trying to calm him. She said, don’t worry, we’ve all been there, you just go on ahead.

If I can possibly return that kindness, I try to.

I also understand that sometimes people can’t and that’s cool, too. I think you’re reading too much into someone else’s waiting methods.

Personally, the ones that make me crazy are the ones who shove me with their cart when they’re behind me.

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