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You Received a Lousy Gift, Now What?

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A beautifully wrapped box is placed before you. You untie the ribbon and tear at the paper, anxious to see the fabulous gift inside -- and it turns out to be a piece of crap.


Sometimes even our most well-meaning family and friends give us presents we don't want to keep. You've probably received at least one ugly sweater, a dowdy handbag or a gaudy accessory which you wouldn't dare be caught seen with in public.

Thankfully, even Miss Manners says you don't have to keep unwanted gifts. The etiquette guru believes returning lousy gifts is fine. The only catch is that you can't let the gift giver know you don't like the item.

Regifting has become an increasingly popular alternative to returning unwanted gifts to the store. MSN Money has helpful tips to make sure you regift appropriately this season. Most importantly, make sure to remove the wrapping and card addressed to you. Then, be sure not to regift to the original giver nor to anyone else who saw you receive the present.

What do you do with gifts that you don't want?

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JanSimpson December 28, 2008, 7:24 AM

Wow - a story like this in an economy such as ours. I think this is shameful on so many levels.

First of all, if you are lucky enough to receive a gift then feel extrememly lucky that someone thinks enough of you to mark the ocassion. Gift giving is about showing someone else you appreciate them, you have enough respect for the friendship want to celebrate by giving them something that was chosen for them.

Secondly, I think we have been spoiled enough that we talk about re-gifting (seriously- why accept a gift from someone that you don;t like or obviously don’t like the type of gifts they give? shame on you) or exchanging the gift cause it isn’t something we like.

Sorry but this post is probably one of the most rude posts I have seen in a long time. When the media outlets like Fox & Friends, or CNN or local news talks about “re-gifting” or exchanging -I think it is seriously time for us to re-evaluate our morals, and ethics.

If even this doesn’t get posted - I hope you think about this in a big way -

Liz December 28, 2008, 4:44 PM

The best thing to do with an unwanted gift is to sell it at a consignment shop or better still, donate it to charity.

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