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"Momma's Boys" Mom Speaks Out

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Momlogic spoke to Esther and her son, Rob -- two of the stars of the much-hyped Ryan Seacrest reality show that premieres tonight.


"Momma's Boys," premiering tonight on NBC, takes three bachelors and sets them up with 32 women who are all staying in the same house. The twist? The mothers live there, too.

Momlogic spoke to Esther, mother of bachelor Rob, about her experience on the show:

Momlogic: How did you end up on the show?

Esther: My son called me up after a casting coordinator approached him. It was perfect timing. I am a teacher so I had the summer off, and I was glad he asked me and glad to do it.

ML: How has life changed for you?

Esther: I was at Macy's and a women had seen me on the commercial. She asked me for my autograph.

ML: Do you like YOUR mother-in-law?

Esther: I love my mother-in-law. She had two sons, so I'm the daughter she never had.

ML: What's the most shocking thing you learned about your son during the show?

Esther: I don't think he did anything that would shock me. We have an open relationship.

ML: How did your relationship change during the show?

Esther: It gave us the time we used to have before he grew up. We rekindled that bonding time. I always give each of my three children their own one-on-one time. 

ML: Do you REALLY want Rob to love someone more than you?

Esther: I want him to love someone differently -- not more and not less.

ML: What advice do you have for mothers who are involved in their son's dating lives?

Esther: The relationship you have with your son is NOT the same as he has with his significant other. It's important to remember that. Don't put them in the position to have to choose between their girlfriend or wife and you. Know when to step back -- when to open your mouth.

We also spoke to Rob, Esther's son and one of the bachelors from the show:

ML: What advice do YOU have for mothers who are involved in their son's love lives?

Rob: Moms should be involved only when they are asked to be involved. Don't always offer advice when it's not asked for.

ML: How did your mother surprise you during this process?

Rob: The fact that she agreed to do the show in the first place was surprising. I was also impressed at how well she was able to relate to these women in their 20s. She was always there to lend her ear and her shoulder.

Here's a sneak peek:

We asked Esther if Rob found love on the show. She told us that he met "special girls" on the show and wound up with "special relationships." I guess we'll have to tune in and see exactly what she means by that. The show airs tonight at 10pm/9pm PT on NBC.                                                                                                           
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