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My Husband is Making My Kid a Thrill Seeker

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Since the moment she was born, my husband has been showing our baby how to be a daredevil. At 16 months old she seems to be getting high off the thrill!

baby skydiving

Momlogic's Gina: I love the fact that my baby is brave. She climbs on things. She doesn't cry when she falls down. We have dumped water over her head in the bath from day one and she loves it! I am proud of her -- and I think this is a trait that will help her during her life.

My husband, however, is taking things to the next level. When he lifts her up -- he lifts her super high. When she jumps on the bed, he lets her go close to the edge. She even pikes her body and puts her head on the ground so he will lift her legs over her and she does this baby headstand! I keep telling him that if we were in Romania in the 1960s she would have been taken from us to become an Olympian!

Anyway, I noticed that she now craves this exciting behavior. I'm nervous that this is going to become part of her personality -- that she's going to become one of those thrill seeking kids. You know the type who is always jumping out of planes, buying motorcycles and rock climbing. Maybe she WAS born with like this, but I do question encouraging it.

Am I wrong to say something?

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Anonymous December 30, 2008, 9:32 AM

It is never wrong for a mother to say something about how her own daughter is being raised nor is it wrong for a wife to be honest with her husband, but in this situation, I think you are overreacting.

Wendi December 30, 2008, 9:42 AM

Kids are born with no fear. It is us as parents that instill that into them. The less we teach them to be fearful of, the less they will be. My son now almost 2 1/2 years old is just about fearless. He makes me crazy sometimes with the things he does. However, he is with us and we watch him closly. He has an older brother that is 11 yrs old and he wants to do EVERYTHING his older brother does. He tries at least. Here are some of the things that drive me nuts, swiming with no fear. This past summer he moved on to just arm floaties because he wants to be more mobile, and he swims. Riding his scooter, trying to ride his bike, trying to ride his brothers skateboard. He has rollerskated and now this winter he is sledding. Meaning we can put him on the sled by himslef and he holds on. He loves it. By the time the sled stops first thing he says is DO IT AGAIN.

I have learned to just accept that he loves it and to watch him very carefully. But if he is doing what brings him joy and is safe then who am I to take away his happiness.

SueHawk December 30, 2008, 11:21 AM

Trust me—the fact that your daughter is fearless (but aware of the risks involved, I hope!) is an attribute that will give her a fabulous life, overflowing with excitement and richness that goes far beyond money. My mom, who recently passed away, was afraid of everything. Though she was the best mom a person could wish for, I always felt sad that she didn’t experience life to the fullest. My brother and I went in a totally different direction, taking risks, exploring the world and finding the thrill in being alive. Neither of us has regretted it for a moment. When she’s old and gray, your daughter will look back and know that hers was a life well lived.

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