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Ryan Seacrest's Mom Tells All!

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Momlogic spoke to Connie, the mother to media-mogul son Ryan Seacrest. She told us about Ryan as a kid, if she knew he'd be this successful and the best gift she ever got from him ...

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Momlogic: Are you involved in Ryan's dating life?
Connie Seacrest: I wish he had more time to date. That would be wonderful for him -- and we'd stand a better chance for him to have a relationship. My rule is that you just observe and wait until they ask for your opinion.

Momlogic: Who is your dream woman for Ryan?
Connie Seacrest: This would be the package I could see -- a woman that would be his best friend, lover and eventually one day the mother of his children.

Momlogic: Are you looking forward to being a grandmother one day?
Connie Seacrest: Neither of my children are married. They're going have to get a nanny for granny! I believe in marriage before children. My husband and I have been married for 39 years this February. I think both of my children want to have this kind of relationship. Ryan realizes he's got to give more time to a relationship if he wants it to be a lasting one. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Momlogic: How do you keep Ryan grounded?
Connie Seacrest: The key is communication -- and we visit him frequently. We try to take family trips when he has time off. I love the fact that my daughter is living near him as well. He can talk to her, vent and share experiences.

Momlogic: So when he's back home, do you still make him take out the garbage?
Connie: I will try to make him do that this holiday!

Momlogic: Did you always know he'd be this successful?
Connie Seacrest: No! (laughs) I always thought Ryan would be successful, but this level of success is surreal to us. I cannot imagine any mother thinking her son would be on TV, on radio -- everywhere.

Momlogic: Do you ever worry that he's working too hard?
Connie Seacrest: All the time. I do have an advantage. I can turn on E! and I can check him out to see if he's getting enough rest and taking his vitamins. I will call him up and give him feedback. He is disciplined. He works out, eats the right food and is healthy. But, on the weekends, there are no rules.

Momlogic: What's the best surprise he's ever given to you?
Connie Seacrest: That's an easy one. When he moved out to LA, it was a big adjustment. My birthday is around Mother's Day in May. One year he decided that he would send a limo to pick us up and send us out to dinner. When I got into the limo, he was in it! I could cry right now just thinking about it. I was so shocked. I had no idea he could get back to help me celebrate. I didn't have a clue.

Momlogic: Do you always spend the holidays with him?
Connie Seacrest: His birthday is Christmas Eve. We have been really fortunate to have always celebrated his birthday in Atlanta. He spends Christmas with us and then he's off to NY for New Year's Eve.

Momlogic: Do you think Ryan gets his work ethic from you?
Connie Seacrest: No! He gets it from his father. I'm the family planner, so I always insisted on family dinners where everyone would talk about their day. His father's an attorney. Ryan used to say, "Dad. You work too hard. I'll never work those hours." But, once you have a passion, you don't think of it as work. It's about loving what you do. Now he works more than his father ever did.

Momlogic: What about Ryan as a child would we be surprised to learn?
Connie Seacrest: He likes to play around in the kitchen. If I'm cooking, he tries to flip it or add something. When he was young, he learned how to make a Ceasar salad from scratch. One time when he was younger -- he was always older in his mind than he was in years -- he kicked us out so he could make that salad for a girl he liked. We now have a tradition -- he and his dad make that Caesar salad every year.

Momlogic: Did you watch the premiere of "Momma's Boys"?
Connie Seacrest: Of course I watched "Momma's Boys." All my friends were excited to see it, too! I did like it! Ryan said to me, "You're a little more diplomatic than most of those mothers." I think it's fun. I think it's going to be fun for people to see how these moms interact with the girls.

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