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Chef's Alleged Mistress is Blabbing ... AGAIN!

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Last week, we showed you exclusive video of Gordon Ramsay's alleged mistress talking about her affair. Now, she spills even more specifics.

sarah symonds

"I was his confidante - more than a mistress," she tells UK tabloid News of the World. "He even called me his 'soulmate'."

"But enough is enough," says 38-year-old Sarah. "He should be on his knees eating humble pie -- but instead he's lying. He needs to refresh his memory and read my diaries."

"Gordon has his PR team working round the clock, trying desperately to protect Brand Ramsay and this image of him as the ultimate family man," she says. "But he's a complete hypocrite, and I can't believe he's been getting away with it for so long."

Gordon's Other Women

"Not only has he been cheating on Tana with ME but he told me he had another regular mistress in Denmark. He said she is a writer and is married too. They'd met after he'd done a book signing over there and that they'd had sex after that and continued from there."

"He also told me he'd had sex with a girl after a Hell's Kitchen wrap party. He told me that it was a one-nighter four years ago in LA."

How They Met

"Gordon was just about to open his restaurant in Claridges. I was working in the hospitality business," says Sarah. "He found me physically and mentally attractive. I thought he had charisma. When he asked for my number I gladly gave it to him even though I knew he was married from the publicity he'd done. He started calling me often. His marriage was unhappy. Things were so bad he was contemplating getting an apartment with a friend."

In December 2001, they had sex for the first time at Sarah's Marble Arch flat after a night at Chinawhite. She says: "Gordon was with one of his chef employees and they came back to my flat with my friends."

"After an hour all the others left and Gordon and I had sex in the bedroom. I was flattered that he wanted to be with me. Just before 6 AM, he left to open up his restaurant."

Their Second Encounter

She says: "Gordon came round to my Marble Arch apartment that night, and we had sex a second time. He was so gentle. He wasn't at all the aggressive man you see on TV."

"He stayed longer than he did the first time -- and I remember wishing I had more food in the house because he said he could kill for a ham sandwich before we had sex."

On Meeting Gordon's Wife, Tana

"I'd already met her by chance at David and Victoria Beckham's pre- World Cup party in May 2002 where I was working, organizing the VIP transport," says Sarah. "But in October Gordon invited me to the opening of The Connaught. I felt very awkward when he introduced me to Tana. He also introduced me to the chef Jean-Christophe Novelli and jokily told him, 'Watch out, she's dangerous'. At one point in the evening, I called Gordon 'big boy' because he is very well endowed -- and he told me to keep my voice down."

Love, American Style

"Towards the end of 2004, I spent the night with Gordon in his room at the W hotel in Beverly Hills -- but we were always worried we'd be spotted."

"Gordon told me he was planning to rent a house in LA and be here more long term because the TV show 'Hell's Kitchen' was going well -- and that meant I could stay with him more regularly."

Their Split

Things cooled dramatically between the pair following a row in Gordon's hotel room at the Chateau Marmont on Sunset' Boulevard. Sarah says: "Gordon had reportedly punched one of the contestants on the set of Hell's Kitchen.' When I asked him about it, he got very defensive. We rowed and I walked out. We let our friendship slide and I got serious with another married man."

Sarah and Ramsay's paths didn't cross for two years -- and when her relationship ended bitterly in 2006 she wrote her now notorious book.

In her book, she even refers to Ramsay anonymously as if he'd dated a pal: "A friend was having an affair with a world-famous TV chef, well-known on both sides of the Atlantic for both his bad language and his good food."

They Meet Again

But when Sarah came back on the scene in August 2007, he couldn't resist her. "I saw Gordon on a U.S. talk show and rang his PA in LA and left a message for him," says Sarah. "He called me back and we had a lovely chat. He was with his family at the Beverly Hills Hotel. He could only talk because Tana and the kids were out with the Beckhams at a water park. He wanted me to send him a photo to his BlackBerry.

"I did that and he called back and said, 'F*** me, you look really great. Got to see you again.' He was coming back in a few weeks' time, and we agreed to meet."

In October 2007, Ramsay returned to LA alone to work on another series of 'Hell's Kitchen.' "He arranged for me to come with a friend to the show's set," says Sarah. "When we got there Gordon bounded over. He hadn't seen me in person with short blonde hair before and he made a joke about me looking like a 'lipstick lesbian'. But he thought I looked good. He made sure I had a lovely evening -- but he was so busy that I didn't see him after the show."

Over the next few weeks, Ramsay called Sarah frequently. "He wanted sex," she says. On November 23, they met at her flat in LA.

Another Racy Reunion

"We had a wonderful night," she says. "We talked about my book and discussed spin-off projects. "He thought I was sassy and clever and wanted to mentor me. I was flattered. When he leaned over to kiss me, it was very natural. He wanted to take his time and was very loving. We got into bed like an old married couple."

After that tryst, Ramsay was busy on 'Hell's Kitchen.' "We spoke on the phone every night," she adds. "I was his 'source of comfort' after a hard day. But he'd also go on and on about what he wanted to do to me so much it started to make me feel cheap."

How He Hid the Affair

She says: "When room service was delivered, I had to go into the other room -- and I had to do it again when he called his wife in London to say goodnight. But after he'd spoken to her, it didn't affect anything that we were doing. It didn't ruin the mood. She'd be calling in the morning to wake him up and the plan was I'd have to be quiet when she did."

"I stayed all night, and next morning his wife did call to wake him up. I remember thinking how nice it was of his wife to wake him up when he was in bed with another woman."

Gordon's Love Drug

Ramsay introduced her to his love of performance enhancing poppers (the legal sex drug amyl nitrate). "He showed me what to do. He said it would give me a buzz -- but it didn't," says Sarah. "I thought it smelled like nail varnish remover, But Gordon liked it."

Their Final Encounter

His last sex session with Sarah was on Thursday, November 20. They were due to meet when Tana was supposed to be away in Canada that week. She didn't go but Ramsay still booked Sarah into the Marriott hotel off London's Grosvenor Square next to the Maze. Sarah says: "He told me someone from the restaurant would call me to finalize the arrangements, and prepped me first about what to tell them."

"I was supposed to say I was a friend from LA -- a producer in town. It was important I 'Keep it professional'. He was very excited."

"Later he told me to go to Soho to get him some 'poppers' when I arrived. I said I would, but I wasn't happy about it. It seemed so seedy."

Sarah says: "We used the poppers as we had sex. It didn't do anything for me but Gordon seemed to get a buzz from it."

The Last Straw

Sarah says they had a fight because she had been contacting him on his BlackBerry and mobile phone. He was afraid his wife might accidentally stumble on her texts.

Sarah says: "Gordon was shouting at me, ordering me to stop contacting me on his BlackBerry and mobile number. He really lost his rag."

"He told me he would call me with a secret new pay-as-you-go number just for me and that from now on I was only to contact him on that."

"Then he said he had to go because he was late for a radio voiceover. He picked up some poppers and said he'd put them in the fridge for next time. A few minutes later, he called me on the new number and we exchanged texts."

Enough is Enough

"I've been Gordon Ramsay's dirty little secret. I've kept his secret and covered for him for all that time," says Sarah. "But not any more."

"Gordon and I have had sex at least seven times. We have met up at least 18 times. He's phoned me hundreds of times over the last seven years. I've lost count of the number of times we've had phone sex."

"If I hadn't been living in LA and Gordon wasn't so busy with his restaurants and TV shows, we would have met for sex a lot more often." Sarah adds: "His wife might be able to forgive him a one-off but I am far from a one- off."

"I never forced him on top of me. Somebody like Gordon Ramsay doesn't do anything he doesn't want to do. Surely the whole world knows that by now."

"In fact my relationship with Gordon is probably the reason their marriage has lasted this long. A mistress keeps a marriage going. Period."

Who do you believe: Gordon or Sarah?

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Anonymous December 1, 2008, 11:50 AM

So what…The wife probably knows Gordon by now. They have been married a long time. She probably thinks what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her as long as he is bringing the money home to her…LOl

Nichole December 1, 2008, 12:08 PM

Does this really matter…is this something that is blown out of porportion because he has a multi-million dollar show…my neighbor and his wife are going through this now and no matter how much I google it…I cant find the story. What a way to drudge up hurtful life events.

Anonymous December 1, 2008, 1:45 PM

“a mistress keeps a marriage going”? is she crazy! i’m more likely to stay with my husband if he is faithful…just me?!?

dc December 1, 2008, 5:12 PM

i think this woman is simply hungry for media attention. evidently the attention of married men has begun to bore her and now she must seek the thrill of attention from the world with her tails of adultery. she must be very proud of herself. i feel the best thing to do with this woman is to ignore her. obviously she is a complete narcissist and the lack of attention would drive her mad.

K. Cleaver December 2, 2008, 11:38 AM

I think it’s funny that she’s so proud of her own actions. That says a lot about her. Hopefully she eventually find her self-esteem.

A December 2, 2008, 12:37 PM

She sure has a lot of specifics that would be easy to check.

Anonymous December 4, 2008, 8:46 PM

This is disgusting, this “woman” has no shame. She even sounds proud of herself.
Of coures hes going to say hes unhappy in his marriage, he wants to f*** her. Shes obviously bitter and wants his wife to divorce him to keep him to herself, but she only talks about them having sex so thats her worth. Does she actually get a power trip over being someones mistress, how cheap!

cynth December 15, 2008, 4:18 PM

stupid b*

just another “lady” that wants attention. So bittered. And for what?
She should be grateful Gordon f* her.
I would be :-)

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