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Smart Guy? Smart Sperm!

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Brainy guys might not be the most athletic, but according to a new study, their sperm has the most muscle.

smart fast sperm

Guys with high I.Q.s have smarter sperm, or so says a new study. And by smart, these researchers don't mean sperm that can read the New York Times. "Smart" for sperm translates to mobility, agility and density of the little guys with the long tails.

Do the new findings mean women shouldn't try to conceive with a man who has "average" intelligence? Absolutely not, says lead researcher Rosalind Arden of Kings College London. "This is scientifically interesting, but unimportant in terms of people's likelihood of conception or fertility," she said.

The study looked at 425 men between the ages of 31 to 44. The men went though a battery of tests evaluating their intelligence. Those results were then compared to each man's sperm concentration, sperm count and sperm motility.

The study also debunked some widely held myths. "We found a small positive relationship: brighter men had better sperm," says Arden. "This association wasn't caused by habits like avoiding smoking or drinking -- the big hitters of health."

Hmm, now how are we going to get our men to take better care of themselves?!

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