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Smile, It's Contagious

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Study says strangers may make you happier than your own spouse.

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If you're happy and you know it, it may be because of your neighbors and friends. So says a new study from researchers at Harvard Medical School.

The study followed a large group of people for over 20 years and found that their happiness was influenced by the moods of their friends -- and even their friend's friends. In fact, the study claims that a cheery next door neighbor can have more of an impact on your mood than having a cheery spouse. The report claims that "interacting with a happy person increases the likelihood that you are happy by 15%."

But even with all this happy news, don't be surprised if going to work still gives you the blues. The study found that having a joyful co-worker won't necessarily lift your spirits. You have to be friends with that co-worker for their good mood to have any effect on you.

Now we here at momlogic knows all about happiness surveys. Our own happiness survey revealed some surprising results about what makes moms tick -- and what makes us happy. It seems it takes more than a neighbor's smile to lift our spirits. Nope, for us, it all comes down to some good old-fashioned quality time -- ALONE.

That's right, what we moms want most and what makes us happiest is quality time with ourselves -- away from the husband, kids and all those responsibilities. In fact, taking a bubble bath alone beat out other options like spending time with the kids or even a romantic dinner for two. A bath, bubbles and maybe even a good book -- now doesn't that sound like pure bliss?!

To see more surprising results of momlogic's happiness survey, click here.

Do you think happiness is contagious?

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