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Men Are More Sensitive Than Women ... Really

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(When it comes to receiving gifts, that is.)

sad man getting socks for christmas

Buying a gift for your man? Be careful. Guys are much more sensitive about the gifts they receive than women are, according to a new study.

A team of psychologists published the findings this fall in the journal Social Cognition. They surveyed 32 heterosexual couples on their gift preferences. Then the researchers picked either someone's least favorite choice or the perfect present, but made it seem like it was coming from that person's partner instead.

Men who got bad gifts reacted more negatively than men who got good ones. But women showed the opposite trend. Women who got an undesired gift were actually more accepting of it than if they'd received their ideal item.

After receiving the bad gifts, the women launched into a rational defense of their partners. They went into "stand by your man" mode.

The moral? If he gives you a tacky Christmas sweater, you'll love him more. But if you give him a fruitcake, watch out ... he's sure to be way less forgiving.

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Natural Skin Care Lady December 15, 2008, 11:43 PM

Yes, this is very true about the man gifts. I once bought my husband a certain tool that he lacked. He thought it was a hint to start a long forgotten project on the honey do list. he-he

anony December 16, 2008, 6:23 PM

How many men out there actually tell you or for that matter give you any hints as to what they want for gifts? I’d guess not many. In fact most of the women I know complain that they don’t know what to get their husbands because husbands don’t let on to what they need or want. Mine for one always says ‘don’t get me anything’ or ‘I don’t care’ up until the last few days I have to shop and then it changes to ‘I guess clothes would be good’ or he suggests specialized tools that I know nothing about so I have to have him pick it out then I go back to buy it when he’s not with me… and that is SUCH a BORING way to give a gift…. SCREAM!!!!!! But I’m not bitter?!?! Am I… :O|

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