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Suffering from TiVo Guilt

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Tivo Central

It happens slowly ... and without warning. Your DVR gets full of more and more shows you'd like to watch but just don't have the time to. As you click on your shows list, you feel more and more stressed ... WHEN will you find the time to watch two "Grey's Anatomy" episodes, not to mention three of "The Office" and one "Biggest Loser"?

Watching TV -- once a relaxing pastime -- has now become a stressful chore, just one more thing on your to-do list ("Clear out TiVo ASAP").

Brad Berens, chief content officer for iMedia Communications, tells CNN: "You're sitting there and you have to weigh, well, 'I have to watch this thing, because I promised myself when I told TiVo ... I want the whole season of that! Go get it! And go get things like it!' And so you've committed to this decision and it's a burden -- suddenly your relaxation has turned into more work."

Mom and actress Amanda Peet admits to TiVo guilt. "I do have weird OCD where I need to clean out my TiVo," she said. "Like we've had Ken Burns' 'The War' on there forever and we're not gonna watch it, like I'm not gonna watch it cause I'm too scared. Or we'll have back episodes of um, 'Meet The Press' -- I'm obsessed with my Sunday shows like 'Meet The Press' and 'Face The Nation.' ... They're like from before the election, I'm like 'I can't [delete them], I have to watch them' and [my husband says], 'It's already happened, you've already read everything you're going to read about this stuff.' "

She's certainly not the only one.

"I've got three weeks' worth of 'The Mentalist,' two weeks worth of 'New Adventures of Old Christine' and 'Gary Unmarried,' three weeks worth of 'Ugly Betty,' two weeks worth of 'Fringe,' two 'Inside the Actors Studios,' one 'Shield,' and two 'Without A Traces,' " wrote columnist Elissa Bass of The (New London, Connecticut) Day recently, tallying up more than a half-day's worth of programming. "I look at them and I start to wonder: Do I still like this show? Should I just delete them and knock them from my season pass? Is there really such a thing as too much TV?"

Experts advise to delete anything over a month old. (Face it: You're not going to watch it anyway.) Take a good look at your season passes ... if you're really not into "The Amazing Race" or "Real Housewives" anymore, ditch it ... and watch your enjoyment of television escalate. 'Cause when it comes to TiVo, less is more.

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HIRH December 4, 2008, 1:36 PM

I usually feel more guilty about catching up on my DVR while my one year old plays alone nearby. :-( I have definitely had to cut out any extraneous shows that I’m not really into anymore so that I can stay “caught up.” Usually I’m a few days to a week behind though.

mama_chita December 4, 2008, 3:36 PM

Definitely keep ‘Christine.’

And get rid of ‘Gary.’

Without feeling guilty. :)

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