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'Tis the Season to Maintain

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Guest blogger Cristin Dillon-Jones: With all of the parties and temptations around, the holidays are not the ideal time to diet and lose weight. Instead, enjoy the festivities of the season with the goal of maintaining your weight until the New Year. Here's how.

holiday party

• If there is a party at night, you should eat a solid, healthy breakfast and lunch. Aim to include nutrient dense foods like dairy, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins at these meals. Consider having a snack before the party so you are not hungry going into it.

• At a party, plate your food rather than grazing the table all night. Chose foods with protein in them in order to fill you up. Examples of protein you may find at a holiday party include meats, cheese, nuts, beans (or bean dips like hummus), shrimp and eggs.

• Even if you plan on eating more at the party, don't skip earlier meals to cut calories. You'll only end up getting overly hungry if you do this which leads to eating something impulsively (usually something unhealthy) or really overdoing it at your next meal.

• Say yes only once a day to office treats. That candy bowl and cookie plate will always be there this time of year, but you can't dip in every time you pass by it because the calories add up fast.

• Watch your alcohol intake, it's 100% empty calories. Chose a lower calorie beverage like light beer and use soda water or diet soda as a mixer with hard alcohol. Try to have a glass of water or seltzer in between your alcoholic drinks - it'll cut out calories and reduce your chance of having a hangover!

• Get a walk in every day to combat some of the extra calories. Weight is determined by calories consumed and calories burned so if you want to maintain, these numbers need to be equal. If you know you are eating more than usual, then you need to exercise a little more too!

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