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Wasted Youth: Girls Gone Wild

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For these freshmen, partying is serious business.

In Part One and Part Two of our "Wasted Youth: What Freshman Year In College Is REALLY Like" series, we took you on campus, in dorms, and behind closed doors to find out what your hard-earned dollars are really paying for when you send your kids off to school.

Today, in Part Three, follow freshman "Alicia" and her friends as they "pre-party" in their dorm room and then head out into the dark, drunken night.

Is this how most college freshmen behave on an average weekend night? To find out, we surveyed over 2,500 college freshmen from around the country to find out how much partying they actually do on campus.

The results are downright scary. Check out the full results of our 2008 College Freshmen Survey.

Check back each day this week for the rest of our five-part series: "Wasted Youth: What Freshman Year in College is REALLY Like." Tomorrow, our cameras continue to follow "Alicia" and her friends from party to party to document just what happens as they go from sober to wasted. On Friday, momlogic's experts will provide you with a step-by-step discussion guide on how to talk to your kids about the dangers of campus life.  Whether your kid is in college or not, this is a series all moms need to see because conversations have to begin early.

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David December 17, 2008, 9:00 AM

I agree with your documentary. I worked as a Public Safety Officer at a college and you want beleive some of the things that goes on. Freshman are considered as fresh meat. Of course, they don’t know that alcohol is considered as a date drug, if you will. I have been considering writing a book on college teens and their behavior.

Anonymous December 17, 2008, 3:29 PM

Thats nothing, you should see what those girls do when the cameras arn’t rolling. Seriuosly, they make it sound like they’re the victims. Like they’re innocent bystanders. They put themselves in that position. Getting drunk underage, going to parties and dressing like that. Really? They might as well spread their legs and wear a sign that says “Open for buisiness”! It’s great that they’re still maintaining decent grades, because thats what they’re parents are paying for, but they’re still just freshmen. If they keep this up they’ll either flunk out or have something awful happen to them! They’ve got so many more years ahead of them of this crazy college party scene, hopefully they’ll wisen up. Can’t wait til they have kids and pay thousands of their hard earned cash to give them a decent life, just to have them puke it all down the toliet. Both of my parents died and I had to go through so much B.S. just to get my college payed for. And you better believe that I wanted to go out and party with my friends every night, but I did’nt and I graduated on time. It was all worth it! Now I get to party as much as I want to and I won’t go to jail for underage drinking. Their parents should blister their butts!

Nancy December 19, 2008, 1:53 AM

Is anyone out there actually surprised by this? This is what our society has been working toward for the last 50 years - sexual liberation and all that. I’m out of college almost ten years now - I know it was going on then, it was going on 20 years ago, it was going on 30 years ago. Are we supposed to be more shocked now because a college education costs so much more?

Anonymous June 11, 2009, 12:00 AM

That is soooooo immature…

Anon July 30, 2009, 3:51 AM

I think it sucks that all freshman are getting labeled as wild partiers just because of dumb girls like that. I’m 19 and starting my sophomore year soon and i never drank a drop my freshman year. And i’m not some crazy goody two-shoes either. My College is a hard core dry campus. i say alot of that depends on the kind of people involved and their upbringing. Most of the drunk sloppy kids who wondered into my building after hours from partying were caucasian. I never saw a single drunk african american kid and they threw group sponsored parties on campus all the time with rules and security- no drinking. My parents pretty much expected stuff to get wild but they raised me right- and i knew that just because i could go wild it didn’t mean i should. the wildest night i had was going with my best friend to rescue her extremely drunk (white) roommate who wanted to chase down her (also drunk and white) boyfriend after they’d gotten into a fight.It was insane. Her drunk bf pushed her, then tried to fight me, she dissapeared with strangers to smoke weed, she sent my friend on a wild goose chase for her lost purse(that turned out to be in their room), and i dragged her back to our dorm. I had never been so dissapointed in anyone in my life. Both for putting herself in a dangerous situation and for putting me and my friend in one. I’m a psych major so i don’t believe in judging people( that doesn’t mean i approve of what she did.) i was just there to help her. What i’m saying is that sure alot of kids act like that but we all shouldn’t be stigmatized for it. My room was full of sober people all having a great time before one drunk girl busted in crying. We always had fun and anyone around us did too and we didn’t have to be drunk to accomplish that.

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