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You WILL Age This Holiday Season

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This holiday season will be more stressful than ever before, and it will show on your face and your body almost immediately. Here's how to combat it.


Dr.Ken Nedd, medical Dr and author of "Power Over Stress" , tells us that when we are under stress (like, right now) we crave sugar and fat, suffer from headaches and lack of sleep, our immunity decreases (and there are a lot more cases of flu), we get acne and rashes, suffer bone loss, get puffy eyes and face ... the list goes on and on. The point? We are unhappy and we age. Big time.

BUT. There are things that you can do right now to prevent you from feeling and looking like crap this season and into 09', yes ... even WITH our failing economy.

1. PLAN, no matter what, for a happy holiday season. Happiness is the antidote to stress. It is a decision you can make, to be happy, even in the midst of stress. It may sound cheesy, but what do you have to lose? Say to yourself "This season, I am going to be happy. Period."

2. Realize that what you are buying is not going to produce more happiness. Instead ask yourself what IS going to bring you and your family happiness. Rather than asking: "what toy do they want?" ask "What will make them happy?". Maybe it's just time spent with you.

3. Instead of saying "OMG, I need to relax" say, "Hey, I'm getting tight." Take a breath and tighten everything even more, then let go and feel your body loosen.

4.Take fish oil and Omega 3L Fish oil is used to treat depression -- it evens out moods and smoothes and conditions the skin. Omega 3 reverses stress and combats signs of aging.

5. Make a deliberate effort to cook with more garlic, chili pepper, ginger and shittake mushrooms to boost your immune system.

6. Stay away from sweets, fat and sugar even if you are craving it. Also, although you want to drink MORE caffeine, try to drink less (it inflames the face).

7. This year, OVERLOOK some things you may not have before to try to stay in happy feelings. Relax. Many people find absolute joy even without money.

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