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Are You An Insecure B*tch?

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Happy New Year to all -- and for those with resolutions of physical or emotional betterment, Happy New You!

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Guest Blogger Karrine Steffans: After getting some of you riled up with my past series of posts about porn and strippers, I realized how many of us are riddled and overwrought with insecurities, hate and spite.

We make resolutions to change our bodies and habits this time of year because we find fault in them. And though it seems natural to yearn for better and more, some of us have unhealthy and unrealistically stagnant views about our lives and ourselves. Some of us are self-loathers who wallow in our lack of physical and emotional currency and project our insecurities and inadequacies onto others in order to feel better about ourselves. Sometimes, it's a complete stranger and other times, it's those closest to us, our men even.

If this is you, your husband has either checked out or is on the verge. Men love confident, secure women with a purposeful sense of self and a complimentary spirit -- a woman who is so secure in herself that she possesses no loathing and cannot speak an ill word toward others.

Remember, the words you speak are a clear reflection of your soul and of your own happiness.

Keep your relationship strong or help save a dwindling romance by being kind and nonjudgmental toward others, yourself and your mate. Take pride in your life and body, establish and accomplish your goals and practice being an all-around better woman this year.

Get right with yourself -- and your man will follow suit.

All this and more can be found in The Vixen Manual: How to Find, Seduce and Keep the Man You Want, July 2009. Visit me at for more.

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