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Boy Guilty in Shooting His Mom After Fight Over Chores

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A 12-year-old Arizona boy was found guilty of premeditated murder for fatally shooting his mother after having a fight with her over chores.

Judge James Conlogue found the boy guilty and ruled that prosecutors proved the boy acted intentionally and with premeditation when he shot his mother, 34-year-old Sara Madrid in August.

According to court testimony, Sara Madrid left the house after the argument and the unidentified boy retrieved a .22-caliber pistol from her bedroom and waited for her to come home. Madrid's longtime live-in boyfriend saw the 12-year-old shoot his mother before handing him the empty gun. Alfonso Munoz said he taught the boy how to shoot a gun for "emergencies and self-defense" when he was younger.

The boy's lawyers said his mother abused him and that he didn't intend to kill her, he just wanted to get back at her.

Prosecutors initially wanted the 12-year-old to be tried as an adult, but the judge ruled the case should stay in juvenile court because he believes the boy can be rehabilitated in the juvenile system.

Sentencing is set for January 23 and the boy faces up to six years in a juvenile jail.

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Amanda January 4, 2009, 9:31 PM

Thats f*#$ed up! Personally, I think he should get more time than that! I know 6 years is alot but really, he killed someone! Twelve years old or not, he still knows right from wrong. I was abused growing up and was forced to do almost all the chores in the house(cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, making breakfast, lunch and dinner for my brothers and sisters), and I would have never killed anyone for it, no matter how mad I got over it! God puts you through many obsticles in life and he expects you to make the right decisions, I don’t think killing your parents is the right choice. He a selfish, spoiled, lazy kid, just like the majority of the kids now-a-days and he used the cowards way to fix his problems. He shouldve gotten alot more time than just six years. Hopefully someone teaches him a lesson in juvey!

Kara January 4, 2009, 11:08 PM

First of all are they saying that making him do chores was abuse?? Because there is nothing wrong with making your kids do chores. It teaches them responsibility. My nine year old cleans his own bathroom, helps with the dishes, sets the table, helps me in the yard, we trade off on taking out the garbage … he may not always want to do his chores but he isn’t going to kill me over them. He isn’t even going to get ticked off about it. This kid has serious problems and I don’t think six years in a juvenile detention center is going to fully address them.

adelaida January 5, 2009, 3:49 AM

I think the 12 years old son was a lazy and egnored her mother to do the chores,
so ending arguing.

Of course,I am sure is not abuse doing chores,it is natural for mother to teaching her own kids to learn somethings that later on when they grown up and have family.They will know how to teach their own kids too.

I hope other parent need to be careful,if they have a gun in there house need to put away in a safe area that their kids can’t easy access and
avoid any cercumtances.Laida

Amanda January 5, 2009, 2:34 PM

I also think that teaching a twelve year old to use a gun is just plain ignorant! A normal, mentally stable child doesnt just up and kill a person at the drop of a hat! Your telling me that he’s never shown any signs of being troubled before? His mother and/or mother’s boyfriend had never recognized that he was emotionally unstable in the past? You don’t teach a troubled child how to use a gun, especially if you keep one in the house! If you want to teach your child self-defense you take him to karate lessons or some other form of a self-repected self defense class. Don’t enforce him to solve his problems by pulling the trigger of a gun and potentially ending someones life forever! His mother’s boyfriend should serve time for that too! I am horribly outraged by this! Whats the world coming to when the youth of this nation are handling thier fueds by bringing guns to school and using them to solve problems. And now their using them to solve problems at home! Somethings gotta give. I hope more people agree with me about this issue.

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