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Anthony's P.I. Defends Himself

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Was Dominic Casey searching for the remains of Caylee Anthony? No, he tells momlogic.

dominic casey

As we reported yesterday, a disturbing tape of the Anthony's private investigator Dominic Casey has been making the media rounds. In the footage, recorded on November 15th, Dominic Casey rips open garbage bags and pokes at the earth with a metal prod mere yards from where Caylee's remains were eventually found on December 11 after a six-month search.

Many speculated that Dominic Casey had been tipped off to the location of Caylee's remains by Casey Anthony's family or lawyer.

"That's simply untrue," Dominic tells momlogic.

Instead, the P.I. insists he was merely following up on a statement made by one of Casey Anthony's childhood friends to police on August 12 (incidentally the same day Roy Kronk, the meter reader who eventually discovered Caylee's remains, made his second call to authorities about a suspicious bag -- but that's a whole other can of worms). Kiomarie Cruz, in her statement, makes a link between a shovel Casey borrowed and a location she and Casey used to frequent as teens. "Not a lot of people know about this spot unless you're a teenage kid," Cruz told investigators.

Based on Cruz's testimony, it would seem anyone checking out the location would be looking for the remains of a child. But Dominic says that wasn't his intent. "I was not looking for a dead body," says Dominic. "I was only there to confirm whether or not [the area] is a teen hangout." When asked how confirming that fact would help find Caylee, Dominic says it's standard procedure: "When you conduct an investigation, you go thorough a witness statement and make sure it is correct," he explains.

The most damning evidence to be gleaned from the video is the fact that Dominic is talking on his cell phone, presumably taking direction from someone in the Anthony camp. At one point, he says, "It would be right here."

Initially, it was reported that Dominic was speaking to his daughter. "I just said that flippantly," says Dominic, intent on setting the record straight. "I speak with her maybe 7 to 10 times a day. I was just saying [that] chances are I was talking to her, but I can't be sure." Now psychic, Ginnette Matcia Lucas, claims she was speaking to Dominic. Examination of phone records are pending.

The mystery continues.

"Everyone's trying to spin this into something," laments Dominic. "There was nothing sinister about my search."

Through it all, Dominic remains steadfast in his belief that Casey Anthony is innocent. "I do not believe Casey Anthony had anything to do with her daughter's death," he concludes.

What do you think of this new evidence? Comment in the momlogic community.

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jodi January 14, 2009, 8:29 AM

It seems strange to me that the meter reader was a bonty hunter for 10 years ending in 2004 in AL and was just hired as a meter reader in FL June 2008. Considering that, he must have been in the area when Caylee goes missing. If he is the murderer then what better way to keep the focus on Casey other than to dump the body near her house????


Dawn January 14, 2009, 11:29 AM

Oh please the only murderer here is CASEY! No wonder no one wants to get involved anymore ! Makes you think twice about reporting anything if your gonna get accused!

Dawn January 14, 2009, 11:32 AM

Oh by the way it wouldn’t explain the decomp in Casey trunk!! And her partying and not reporting her daughter missing for 31 days. Why because Casey knew where Caylee was because she killed her and dumped her body like a piece of trash! Poor sweet Caylee!!

Tim  January 14, 2009, 12:09 PM

Defense lawyers are will be looking for simple minds like Jodi to be in the jury pool. As mentioned the meter reader discovery and background, does not explain 99 % of the evidence that will be presented implicating Casey ie. Lying on all aspects of loosing her child and not helping with the investigation, the physical evidence in the car and her actions during her child’s disappearance.

Please Jodi .. refuse any Jury summons you may receive in the mail ..

Lann January 14, 2009, 12:32 PM

Casey murdered her own flesh and blood so she could romp around free with her college boyfriend. When she was first arrested, all she wanted was to get ahold of “Tony’s number” so she could call him. She knew the baby was dead and thrown away like garbage so why would she even to look for Casey. I think Cindy and her husband also knew the baby was dead. They put up this big act of trying to find Caylee alive, when they knew she was dead. In Cindy’s own words, she tells Casey to stop lying, that the car smelled like death, that now it smells like old pizza, that Jesse Grund is someone she didn’t trust, that Zanaida (who she never heard of) and now refers to her as Zanny. And the money! they collect money like crazy knowing that Caylee is dead. This whole family is nuts. ~Rest in peace dear sweet Caylee~

disgusted in Mississippi January 14, 2009, 12:57 PM

Dominck Casey is a liar just like the rest of the Anthony’s he was not digging up dirt, looking in garbage bags and poking a steel rod in the ground to just clear the area he was looking for remains becasue somene tipped him off

jodi January 14, 2009, 2:21 PM

First, Casey is clearly a piece of work but beyond her lies there are the polie misrepresentatins…….and here we have too many Nancy Grace watchers.

From what I’ve read Casey’s car was left in a parking lot for sometime before being found. No one can honestly claim that they have found human decmposition in that car. What they may have found is chloroform which will be present when any organic matter decomposes like say a pizza or a dirty diaper in the presence of a wet bathing suit after swimming in a chlorinated pool. The fact that police said the chloroform levels in that trunk were high means a spilled bottle of chloroform or the bathing suit and diaper. When police have good information they do not leak it to the media……..when they have nothing much they leak info in an attempt to get more.

So far police have a body decomposed which is Caylee but they have nothing to prove Casey killed her…nothing they have released anyway and if they did then the death penalty would not be off the table.

Police say the body was under water when cadaver dogs went through but cadaver dogs find bodies under just a couple feet of water. Now look at the video from November 15 and we see that Dominic Casey is not walking in water, the land is dry. The body is found only 30 to 40 feet off the street……..most towns today require a house be 40 fett off the street…..Anyone walking or even driving down the street should have been able to see this garbage bag. How many kids were in that area or folks just walking a dog but no one else finds the skull???????? in this popular teenage hangout???

Please when sitting on a jury remember that police are hired if and only if their IQ is less than 120. Never convict based on the word of police unless there is solid proof to back their claims. Remember that police have a right to lie to you in an effort to get information……yes they can mislead media and they do.

The meter reader was hired June 2008 and the news of the missimg child hits the news July 16th. He believes he has found something in the area of Caylees house strongly enough to call police August 11, 12,and 13th and the rain does not effect this area untill at least the 16th…… why wouldn’t this experienced bounty hunter have looked into the bag himself??????? I would have opened that bag the minute the police officer left claiming he did not see it……something stinks besides just Casey.

I think we will hear in court that Casey allowed the child to go on a vaca with “Zanny” and was not concerned untill the child was not returned in July.

Sally January 14, 2009, 2:24 PM

I think Dominic Casey is as big a liar as the Anthonys. The PI Hoover who vidio taped Dominic destroying evidence said Dominic called him and said “Caylee is dead. I know where she is and we are going to go find her.” That makes more sense than Dominic’s bogus story that he was going to the scene to check out if it was a teen hangout. Was he looking for teens making out in plastic garbage bags and under the ground? What a crock. PI Dominic was working for the Anthony family and was talking to someone on the phone. My bet is it was Lee or a member of the defense team. That so-called pyschic is as big a liar as Dominic. Like Casey Anthony, the psychic is having trouble proving she was on the other end of the phone telling him where to find the body. Seems like Verizon didn’t include the long distance call to a cell phone on her bill and she is not getting Verizon to cooperate to alter their records. Casey Anthony had the same problem with her cell phone company. It’s interesting that all kinds of characters are coming out of the woodwork to get their 15 minutes of fame and trying to say they knew where Caylee’s body was all along. I think they all belong in jail for obstruction of justice along with the little murderess herself Ms. Casey Anthony.

Tme January 14, 2009, 2:28 PM

Does anyone else find it an interesting coincidence that the abandoned house next to the partying and hangout for Casey and Lee and friends was owned by a family named “Gonzalez” and the other code words “Zany/Zenaida” and Hernandez were also part of the lingo to identify locations at the site where little Caylee started out and was eventually found. These Anthony people are cunning, sly and secretive in a million ways. Their past in Ohio, financial dealings and history; income sources and life in Florida are riddled with secrecy and inaccuracies. The relationships with Cindy and her brother; Cindy and George’s marriage; Lee and Casey; the finances of the great grandparents and Ciny’s access to the estate and holdings; Casey’s relationship with Baez; and the shadowy Girls gone wild drug and sex culture Casey lived in prior to the end of Caylees life as excess baggage by Casey….wow, it makes your skin crawl at the shady behind the scenes lives of people..

sue January 14, 2009, 2:38 PM

I have a land phone with verizon which includes 2 hours per month of long distance calling. No phone numbers appear on my bill untill I am over the 2 hour long distance limit.

I also find the meter reader strange and do not believe Domonic Casey was doing anything more than checking out an area which had been search by equisearch in response to the friends claaims along with the psychic and 3 calls from the meter reader. Why would a PI risk his license which is what he would be doing if following a tip from Lee? That does not make sense.

Sally January 14, 2009, 2:49 PM

I don’t think it is a coincidence that the area where Caylee’s body was found was owned by people with the names Zenaida, Hernandez and Gonzales. It was obvious Casey and Lee spoke in code to fool their parents. I believe she named the fictitious nanny Zenaida Hernadez Gonzales to taunt the police, to show she out smarted them. All along she told them where the body was and they weren’t smart enough to figure it out. Lee was when she gave him other clues like Caylee was in a place familiar to the family, where I took pictures for Mom and where a friend would be familiar with. It was Lee on the phone with the PI when he figured it all out. The PI was there for one reason: to destroy evidence. The next day the same PI claimed he got a picture taken on a cell phone of Caylee alive and well in an Orlando Mall. The PI and the Anthonys knew Caylee’s body was there and they tried to distract the police and media by going on national TV and claiming Caylee was alive in the mall instead of dead in a garbage bag in woods behind the Anthony home. This whole thing stinks. Ignore Jodi. She is Cindy or one of the defense team still trying to spread reasonable doubt by pointing the finger away from the real murderer and her family who are covering up her crime.

jodi January 14, 2009, 3:03 PM

Hey Sally, Where did you hear that stuff about Zenaida Hernandez and Gonzales??? I did hear that a Gonzales family owned a house adjacent to the area Caylee’s body found but the only place I’ve heard the 3 names together is at the apartment where Casey claimed she dropped Caylee with Zenaida.

jodi January 14, 2009, 3:12 PM

Hey Sally, I am not saying Casey is a good mother or even that she did not do this. I am saying that all avenues must be explored and so far there is no evidence that proves Casey killed Caylee. We are all inocent untill proven guilty and that meter reader is as strange to me as Casey’s behavior. As I have said there is no way I would have called police 3 times to look at a bag and then when police ignored me failed to get that bag open myself……if I was curious enough to call police 3 times my curiosity would demand that I get the bag open.

Sally January 14, 2009, 3:42 PM

Jodi, the discussion on this blog is about the Anthony’s PI stabbing garbage bags and the ground in the area a month before Caylee’s body is discovered while talking on a cell phone. MomLogic has another blog about the meter reader. Scroll up and you will see the title: “Man Who Discovered Caylee’s Body Speaks Out.” That is the proper venue to discuss the meter reader’s involvement. I am curious why you aren’t discussing the Anthony’s PI’s involvement on this blog. It just seems to me that you are on this blog to change the subject and point the finger at someone else and away from Casey, the Anthonys and their PI.

Agmomof2 January 14, 2009, 4:12 PM


There is evidence linking caylee to being in that car. the hair with the death band (indicating that it came from an already decomposing body) matched the hair stuck to the duct tape that was wrapped around Caylee’s mouth. That puts the body in Casey’s car.

As for the PI—He has given numerous stories as to who he was on the phone with. He has said his daughter and the psychic, to name a few and Tim Miller would not come out and say it, but indicated the PI had given him a completely different story than what he told the press. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. Everyone that gets mixed up with this family seems to be caught in a web of lies…it’s like they lose all common sense after being involved with the Anthony family and they all have to back peddle constantly to keep up. There is such an intricate web of lies going on that no one on the Anthony team can keep track of it all, let alone keep their story straight.

As for the police,they have way more evidence than what is out in the press. You can bank on that. We still don’t know what was or was not found on that duct tape or all of what was found at the crime scene—which could hold much evidence in the case. So, don’t go assuming they are going to throw us every piece of information they have before the trial. They are strategic and discriminating with that. Please remember that the FBI is involved with this case and I know from personal experience that they do not ‘only hire people that have IQ’s below 120’. Give law enforcement a little more credit here…


Tme January 14, 2009, 4:31 PM

I agree, Sally. Knowing a bit about forensics and prosecution as well as the conduct of FBI and crime investigators tells me that the Anthony clan and their collective armchair PI’s are digging themselves a real grave….wiretappers, snitches and the like don’t all run to the media. The toughest thing to keep quiet is a secret in a small enmeshed and passionate community, especially when their is so little honor among thieves…the PI has so little professional conduct about him that I wonder what he was really doing with the Anthony’s…it seems he never really left Mr. baez’ team at all…

Sally January 14, 2009, 4:53 PM

Tme, you are so right. There is no honor among thieves or liars or schemers. The only reason any of these players - Padilla, the PIs, the psychics, the meter reader - was that they wanted to be on national TV and be the hero who found Caylee’s body. Well, the meter reader became that hero and also the instant villain for the defense to pin the murder on. All of these Anthony leeches are getting more negative publicity than good publicity. Fame - no matter how fleeting - comes with a price and all of these Caylee groupies are going to pay that price.

Sally January 14, 2009, 5:21 PM

The tape of George and Cindy’s PI slashing garbage bags with a sharp object and poking the ground in the remains site a month before Caylee’s body was found was shocking. But the Anthony’s response to the tape was even more shocking. I would have expected Cindy and George’s new attorney to say: “The Anthonys had no knowledge their PI was searching for a dead Caylee a month before her body was found. He has been fired.” Instead, he said the tape should never have been shown because it belongs to the Anthonys. I shouldn’t have been surprised. The Anthonys never react to the horror of a crime. They always cover up, cover up, cover up.

LaVonne January 14, 2009, 6:28 PM

Dominic Casey should be worrying about what he’s going to say to the FBI….they probably already have his cell phone records and the records of the so-called psychic he claims he was talking to (but she claims she can’t find the calls on her cell phone records..come on now!) Unless Casey Anthony can ressurect Johnny Cochran from the grave, her a$$ is TOAST!

Lann January 14, 2009, 6:52 PM

The FBI did explicit testing on the car and in fact found that in Casey’s car trunk they found traces of a decomposing body through odor and hair. Cindy herself said that the car smelled of a “dead body in the damn car.” Also, George Anthony who was formerly a police detective said that when he first opened Casey’s car trunk, he thought to himself “please don’t let this be my Caylee” as in the smell….of a dead body. Chloroform of the nature found in the trunk was NOT in a bottle nor did it come from a wet bathing suit or wet diaper. It came from preliminary air quality tests conducted by the FBI who found evidence consistent with human decomposition and chloroform in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car. Further analysis of Casey Anthony’s computer found that she had visited Web sites discussing chloroform, as well as Internet searches of missing children. The Tot mom, Casey, has done nothing but spin a web of lies, lies, lies. Now, the grandparents are telling lies in order to protect their nutty daughter. I don’t understand the logic where some of you bloggers want to somehow blame the people who are trying to find this little girl and find justice. I’d rather believe the police, and the experts, who are only looking out for the true victim – the little angel, Caylee.

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