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Was Caylee Anthony a Child of Incest?

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Some believe Caylee Anthony was a product of incest. Could it be possible, or are people just grasping at straws to make sense of a senseless crime?

Casey Anthony and Lee Anthony
There is so much of the Casey Anthony case that doesn't compute. Sadly, there's is only one thing we know for sure: Caylee Marie Anthony is dead. It's not even clear who her father was. If you believe anything the Anthony family says, you might buy that Caylee's biological father was killed in a car crash a year after she was born.

Or, if you're one of the many people following the case, you might believe that little Caylee was actually the product of an incestuous relationship between Casey and her brother Lee. One clue of the illicit sibling coupling, says believers, is that "Caylee" is a hybrid of names Casey and Lee. Hmm. For some, this Casey-Lee incest could unravel more than a few mysteries.

"As for the incest story ... it sure would explain a lot of Casey's behavior, the lies for one," writes one armchair detective on a Casey Anthony message board. "Her sociopathic behavior. And why Cindy is going to such lengths to protect her. Denial would have been something Cindy's been used to dealing with, denying her children are having sex."

The hypothesis doesn't come out of nowhere. Jesse Grund, Casey's former fiance, told investigators that Casey once mentioned receiving unwanted advances from her brother:


Is it possible that the breakdown of the Anthony family unit is due to a child conceived by two siblings, and a grandmother hellbent on raising the child as her own? Even though it's been speculated that Lee himself is involved in aiding and abetting his sister, incest still seems pretty far-fetched; more like the imaginative musings of conspiracy theorists rather than actual reality.

But incest is more prevalent than any of us would like to believe. In fact, 10-15% of the general population have had a least one incestuous experience. say sources, but less than 2% involve intercourse or attempted intercourse.

According to Dr. Charles Sophy, Medical Director for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, sexual relationships between siblings start early in 70-90% of cases. "Sexual contact would be initiated somewhere before adulthood," he says.

Kids, after all, will be kids. And kids are curious. "There is an appropriate range of inquisitiveness," explains Dr. Sophy,  "but there's a fine line to when it becomes an ingrained pattern of behavior." At that point, a parent might want to bring in an expert to assess the situation, suggests Dr. Sophy.

When presented with the scenario that Cindy Anthony forced Casey to have the offspring of an incestuous relationship, Dr. Sophy seems to think it's at least plausible. "These are disturbed families that don't make judgments on solid ground," he says. "They don't get genetic counseling. By allowing their children to have children, they don't understand incest's biological and social impacts."

One of those impacts that's generally assumed is automatic genetic abnormalities. But if Caylee was indeed conceived from an incestuous relationship between Lee and Casey, "it's not a guarantee that the brother and sister are going to have a retarded child," Dr. Sophy says.

All of this speculation seems moot with DNA technology available. Have investigators looked into the possibility that Lee is the father of Caylee? We asked Carlos Padilla of the Orange County Sheriff's Office. "They did get DNA from him [Lee] but I don't know what it was for,"  says Padilla. When asked to confirm or deny the incest rumors, Padilla tells momlogic: "I can't say [the incest rumor]  is true or I can't say it's not true. We've never approached that subject, but many, many people have called us with that suggestion."

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S. Lynn January 20, 2009, 2:11 PM

Has anyone considered that chloroform was used to disable Caley so she could be abused?
About ten years ago, a small girl was killed (inadvertibly) when the Mom’s boyfriend chloroformed her so he could sexually abuse her. The mother was at work as a waitress at a Big Boy Restaurant. He had been practicing this technique on the child for a long time, but gave her too much this last time.

cari January 20, 2009, 10:45 PM

the girl is a big fat liar…why would we believe she was abused by lee when nothing…NOTHING she has said has been the truth.
the thing i found disturbing was that casey deleted over 200 pics of caylee from her myspace… yuck!!!

LindaRose January 21, 2009, 10:11 AM

in order to collect social security benefits, the father needs to be on the birth certificate (paternity must be established). Then they need his social security number to investigate if he has enough working quarters on the books.

Now, as promiscuious as Casey was, how the hell does she even know who the daddy is. She’s has so many men in her short 22 years, probably in the same time frame. Casey doesn’t even know.

Anonymous January 21, 2009, 8:31 PM

I’d suspect daddy before I’d suspect brother. I’m an incest survivor, with my father, and the apparent dynamics between Cindy and George remind me so much of my parents it’s creepy. George’s standoffishness, the “convenient” shows of emotion, the career as an authority, Cindy’s loose grasp of reality and magical thinking are so very familiar to me. My mother knew it was happening. Sometimes she denied it and sometimes she blamed me. She once told me that if I had a child with my father she would raise it as her own, even encouraged me to get pregnant with him.

The right DNA test would put this to rest once and for all.

Meeps January 23, 2009, 3:14 PM

I think casey killed Caylee to get back at her mother for choking her and saying she was going to take the baby away from her, then casey nutcase would have no hold on her mother to get all the money and free room and board and all the other stuff she soaked them out of. I also think Lee is Caylee’s father, and that’s why she couldn’t get any social secutity money out of the state, they were in all financial troubles and could have used that money if they could have.

Cindy January 23, 2009, 6:38 PM

If the DNA is crossed with the father or brother I think they will find the Father of this child. Look at the news today, Dad is suicidal. Wow ,isn’t that a kick in the bottom end. I do believe that if and when the truth ever comes ot the world will be surprised at how disfunctional this family really is. George was a homicide detective he knows far more than he is telling. And Cindy just needs a check in reality. Why wasn’t the Grandparents and Uncle out helping to look for this child, why because they knew. They should lock them all up and throw away the keys. Really that is to good for them. I can hardly wait to watch Nancy Grace tonight she digs until she gets answers. Great Show.

pc holdridge January 23, 2009, 11:11 PM

Just to be safe, have all men in Casey’s family had DNA tests including George? Why not rule out the possibility of incest. She could be protecting someone if she had anything to do with the murder. Why would she be uncorfotable spending the afternoon alone with her dad? George’s suicide attempt could be a clue.

davimarti January 24, 2009, 11:14 AM

I think that they know that Lee is the father and that it will come out in trial. I think this is one of the many reasons why George wanted to end his life

Casual Observer January 24, 2009, 3:08 PM

I find it odd that George too a photo of Casey and Caylee to that hotel room. If he was going to off himself, why didn’t he have Cindy and Lee’s photos as well? I think GEORGE is Caylee’s father.

sumpnzfishy January 26, 2009, 10:09 PM

I thought of that today too - that he took pictures of Caylee and Casey and not the wife and son. There hasn’t been much mention of Lee since right after the video of the PI surfaced - that seems to have gone quiet for the most part too. Weird huh? Cindy and George don’t seem to be very affectionate and George also “empowers” Casey way too much - like in the jail video - “You are the boss here - we are all working for you” crap. When he said that - I wanted to puke! Why aren’t there any extended family members (aunts, uncles, cousins) or neighbors or co-workers coming forward with any information? If they were that close-knit and tight-lipped - then there is definitely a cover-up.

anna madrid January 27, 2009, 12:40 PM

i think their whole family are freaks. iust a few weeks ago i was telling my husband i thought her brother was the father. and that would explain part of her lies and the denial of in the grandparents.

Tme January 27, 2009, 6:19 PM

So does anyone wonder about the “new strategy” for the Cindy scheme pack?? New lawyer and Cindy and all that “suicide” crap about George…he knew that motel and probably ran to it before…he wrote his thoughts on 5-6 sheets of paper…like a journal to clear his mind…takes his BP meds and some clean clothes, buys some beer, lays down and Cindy starts the insane text messaging to him….HE”LL NEVER ESCAPE HER CLUTCHES!!! She has hm locked up for “suicide” HAHA…Why didn’t she care enoough to call thwe cops when CAYLEE was missing for 32 days???? I bet George is Caylee’s dad…he has slipped and said that at least 3 times that I recall….What a crazy family…are they gypsies? Where is their own family? What in the world is their background in Ohio? NO ONE seems to even know them at all….What a job for Mark Furman and Nancy Grace to figure out…they are all of them up to something….Casey probably used the Chloroform for sex play…and Caylee may have been used for porn with Casey and croaked unexpectedly…there is a LOT of money for porn and Girls Gone Wild films….poor old Cindy…she missed it all!!!

celina January 29, 2009, 1:03 AM

I really beleive what drove George crasy was the lies that Cindy and Casey told. As a LE wife I asked my husband about the smell and he told me it stay’s with you. Also asked my daughter who is a trauma nurse the same question and she told me that her Daddy was right.I too beleive that Lee is the baby father, and that Cindy knew it. This is why they will not have annunity, then that way they can prosicute both. George when along with the lies until it got to him. He may never be right. I do beleive that his mind snapped. It will take a long time for him to get better if ever. I really feel bad for him. But I have no feeling for Cindy, Casey, or Lee.
Hope that little Caylee is safe in God arms.

Star January 29, 2009, 11:37 AM

i think that this is a very sad thing…..
i think no kid has the right to be killed……
and i think that the mother Casey Anthony is the one who killed Caylee Anthony……. i think that people should stop starting rumors

Anonymous January 30, 2009, 10:36 AM

i don’t care what anyone says she killed that beautiful baby. Admit it you know you did it. I think that Casey is a monster to do something like that to a baby. Someone should do the same to her. She is a disquesting human being. Hope you rot in hell for what you’ve done.

moanamchara January 30, 2009, 5:31 PM

they did do a comparison. That was in the recent doc. dump. Comparison was made—-no results were released.

Anonymous January 31, 2009, 12:34 AM

It’s nice that we live in a free country and can speculate without any repurcussion,however we need to get the facts first.A young mother killing her only child is bad enough, adding all sorts of terrible unjustified speculation when the family is going through “H” is even worse. Let’s give the cops the chance to prove facts,then allow room for our “what if’s”. Just pray that justice will be served for precious Caylee and forgiveness for the
monster who did this.
Small one

granny 65 January 31, 2009, 4:32 AM

the more i read these blogs the more i’m beginning to think that lee might be the daddy to caylee. cindy wanted caylee to call her mom . this family sure isn’t normal. can dna be done to find out if there was incest in the family ?

Anonymous February 1, 2009, 1:03 AM

Its George that is having mental problems

Anonymous February 1, 2009, 1:07 AM

why all of a sudden? what does he know?

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