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What Really Happened the Week of August 11th?

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911 calls, tips to search specific places, George flips out and Casey meltdown all in one week.

Casey and Caylee Anthony
Yesterday one of the last remaining jailhouse visitation tapes of Casey Anthony was released from the Orange County Jail. In what's being referred to as "The lost tape," since all other jailhouse visits have already been released to the public, we see for the first time a very emotional Casey. Not the kind of emotion you'd of course expect from a mother whose tiny daughter has been missing for months, instead Casey is agitated and angry.

During the 45-minute encounter with her parents she vents her frustration at the media, her parents handling of the situation and investigators on the case. At one point she refers to herself as a "victim."

Casey furiously complains her voice isn't being heard, "No one can see my side, she whines, and I have to keep my mouth shut and how I feel for the detectives to throw back in my face when ever this goes to trial." And as if we needed anymore proof of Casey's lack of emotion for her missing toddler. Check out her response to her parent's new Find Caylee t-shirts:

Could Casey, during her visit,  be reacting to the whirlwind of activity that was transpiring the week of August 11th?

Monday August 11th
  • Casey, who has been in jail since July 16th, is denied a second motion to lower her $500,000 bond.

  • Roy Kronk makes his first call to 911 to report a suspicious bag.

Tuesday August 12th
  • Childhood friend Kiomarie Cruz makes statement to the police tipping them off to a hangout  she and Casey used to frequent, "to get away from our parents." Read the full transcript:
transcript copy
  • Roy Kronk Calls Orange Country sheriff's office and reports a suspicious finding in the same area as the previous day.

Wednesday August 13th

  • Roy Kronk Calls Orange County Sheriff's office, yet again.

Thursday August 14th

  • Local Florida station Channel 9 reports that by tracking AT&T cell phone towers, the day after Caylee disappeared, Casey was in a remote area of the woods very near her parent's house.

  •  Before visiting Casey,  George Anthony violently lashes out at the media who suggest Caylee is dead.

Do you think Casey knows during this particular visit with her parents that people are getting closer to finding Caylee's body?

Click to see all of Casey Anthony's video visitation records:

Casey Anthony Visitaion

See excerpts from the jailhouse video and a clip of George and reports.

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Bjones January 16, 2009, 8:56 PM

I watched the full jailhouse video and I just can’t believe how self-centered Casey is. When she loses it and gets angry, I can’t help but think how that poor little girl must’ve felt at the hands of that monster….the fear. I used to feel sorry for George and Cindy, but now they too make me sick.

ShelleyDee January 17, 2009, 12:17 AM

I agree with you 100 %. She is only concerned about her own comfort and how people perceive her. She is so removed from the feelings a mom would have for a baby being missing for over a month. I think her parents are the ultimate enablers.

Linn January 17, 2009, 12:54 AM

I think you are all reading way too many of the mean posts and are not looking at the whole picture. Just how would you react if you were in jail? How do you act if you are in jail and your child is missing? How do you act if you have been accused of something that you didn’t do? Casey is young and is immature for her age that equals a self-centered girl typical for the age in most 22 year olds that are still living at home and have few responsibilities.

One thing is wrong with MomLogic’s idea - Casey didn’t know about Kronk then, she didn’t have access to Nancy Grace and know a lot of the things you are basing your ideas on.

Stop judging based on a bit of info until you really analyze it all - and then use some common sense.

Anonymous January 17, 2009, 6:13 AM

I think instead of being judgmental we should really look into the reality of the situation. We don’t know what happened. Maybe something happened with a 3rd party. Negligence seems fit the bill but no one is sure. I hope the parents get in a lot of trouble if it comes out later that they were withholding information. Pray for Casey,Caylee and their whole family. Their whole family must be stressed to the max.

Bjones January 17, 2009, 6:48 AM

Linn: How would I react if I were in jail? Hon, the big question in this case how would you react if your child was missing. Well, let’s see…I sure as hell wouldn’t be out night clubbing, drinking or smoking pot. I wouldn’t be chasing after some college boy who just wanted to get laid. I wouldn’t be stealing money from friends. I wouldn’t have waited a whole month to report my baby missing. And I sure as hell wouldn’t have lied to authorities about a make believe nanny. Finally, nobody is being “mean” the “mean” person in this case is Casey Anthony. Yeah, the same Casey Anthony who killed her baby. When that video was being shot, no, Casey didn’t know about Kronk…WHATS YOUR POINT??? she already knew that she killed her baby! All evidence points to this baby killer - Casey Anthony.

Jo Kelly January 18, 2009, 9:03 PM

I can’t see what possible explanation would justify not reporting your baby missing for a month and her behavior was ridiculous but it’s not for any of us to judge. Now it’s between her, her maker and our judicial system. Makes me angry to think of anyone discarding a child in such a way but maybe I don’t know all of the story. I do know that her self centered ‘I’m a victim’ attitude isn’t endearing her to anyone and instead of praising the pretty shirts a tear or two wouldn’t be amiss.
My opinion :)

Gail January 19, 2009, 4:35 AM

Hats off to you, Bjones !! Linn , you really need to get a clue. No NORMAL, loving Mother, whose child was missing would go for even 1 second without calling the authorities ,screaming from the highest mountain, or pleading with anyone within the sound of they’re voice to help find that child. This would be an immediate reaction, from any NORMAL parent. Or then again, maybe I would go and get a tattoo , or steal money from my friend, and go to Target and buy some bras, and beer and worry about what I’m going to be making for my boyfriend that night for dinner ! Party on now, Casey ! Maybe Linn will bail your butt out of jail, that is after you are finished ordering all of your little snacks and goodies from your quaint little soon to be permanent jailhouse cell !!!!!

Tme January 19, 2009, 1:18 PM

What happened on Aug 11? well what happened on July 16 is party of it. I was thinking perhaps the ZG connection came from Casey being “permitted to “use” the vacant unrented Sawmill Apartment (s) for parties or a quiet night’s sleep (with Chloroform and Zanax) while Casey partied. There may have been some arrangments like that…kids do it all the time in Hotels Motels and empty homes. If Casey or “someone” found Caylee dead and she was hidden in Casey’s car trunk until a “disposal plan” could be enacted (maybe incinerating it with the gasoline she stole) then that was done…maybe Cayle “rested” in more than one place thanks to LEE…..the name ZG was taken into the story because they needed a name for the apartment which was in use? Maybe….?

Julie January 19, 2009, 4:21 PM

I like your article, but there is a mistake. The link you posted to the Local News Station (Channel 9) does not refer to the area where Caylee was eventually found. The cell pings placed her near the airport a few MILES away from the Anthony home. Caylee was found less than 1/3 of a mile from their home. The cell towers that would have pinged her when she dumped the body would be the same cell towers that would ping from the Anthony home. She wasn’t tromping through remote areas near the airport, she pulled over briefly along the side of the road.
I do agree that her emotional response on the video was totally inappropriate. She is not concerned about Caylee at all. She is only concerned about getting herself out of jail.

halie February 2, 2010, 7:35 PM

that is freaking bullcrap casey had no right to do that if she did she should of stood tall and said i dont want my daughter any more instead of just doing that forget you casey i thought your daughter would have went to your mom and dad but you know what you are just a little *****

Guaranteed FB Fans December 7, 2010, 5:59 PM

Completely agree. Found this great website whilst trying to find an honest one to comment on. Effectively executed!

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