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Psychic Could Be Dominic Casey's Alibi

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In yet another bizarre twist in the Casey Anthony saga, a psychic comes forward claiming to be the person the P.I. was talking to as he searched the woods.


A video, taped November 15, showed Dominic Casey, the Anthony's private investigator, tearing open black garbage bags in the same woods where the remains of Caylee Anthony were found a month later. Many speculated the P.I. might be privy to inside tips from the Anthony camp as to where the toddler's body could be found.  Adding to the mystery: Dominic was on a cell phone at the time the footage was shot and at one point is heard saying, "It would be right here." Dominic had first claimed he was talking to his sick daughter, then changed his story but now it seems he was receiving tips from psychic, Ginnette Matcia Lucas.
Speaking with momlogic, Lucas said that she was indeed the person on the other end of that cell phone call as Dominic preformed his search. "I called him at 3AM on the November 15 and he got back to me a few hours later," she recalls. She also claims to have the phone records and emails to to prove it. 

When Lucas first told Dominic she knew where Caylee was, the P.I. asked  "if she was alive or deceased." When Lucas told him the child was dead, she says the P.I. became "more than sad ... you could tell he was in tears. But it's very rare that I'm wrong."

As Lucas spoke with Dominic on the phone, her psychic abilities certainly seemed to direct the P.I. almost to the exact location of the remains. Lucas even takes credit for Dominic's curious search techniques, "I told him to go out with a stick," she says, "and to use a probe or rebar." She also instructed him look in garbage bags.

When asked how Caylee died, Lucas quickly says, "I didn't work on that. I was just asked to work on the missing child."  

 Lucas, who lives in Vermont,  might be making a public statement very soon. "The Anthonys' lawyer [Brad Conway]  called me and asked me to come to Florida and to show the phone records," she says. According to Lucas, Conway told her that she was Dominic's alibi. But Lucas isn't so sure she can make it on such short notice. "I'm a mom and I can't just pick up and go," she concludes. 

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Jill from Western Australia January 14, 2009, 1:47 AM

Hope the Prosecution have phone records!

U Can't B Serious! January 14, 2009, 2:40 AM

It seems like everyone connected to the Anthony’s has MSS (Multiple Story Syndrome).

How does Dominic Casey truly NOT remember he was talking to a psychic while poking around in the wooded area?

Why not just say he was taking a call from the nanny?

sam January 14, 2009, 3:43 AM

if phone records do match,
then i bet the psychic was ‘coached’
to make the calls, precisely to give
dominic an alibi.
yes, dominic and roy both were tipped
off (lee?)

Anne January 14, 2009, 6:14 AM

I know this psychic and if there is a newspaper story or a tv story she has a “vision”. Someone should ask her what other cases she has solved and verify them. I can verify one that the only thing she helped do was deplete a bank account.

Helen B. January 14, 2009, 6:49 AM

In my opinion, and we all have one, Dom would have been more credible if he had at least had a deputy stand by as he rifled through the bags and dug through what could have been evidence destroyed by his tactics. Maybe he wanted to take credit for the discovery but, he went about this in the wrong way and out of protocol. A reputable PI has standards of the highest caliber and this one has slipped short of that. He lies to suit the situation just as the Anthonys do so if you threw them all in a bag and shook it up they will all fall out at the same time! Big deal for the psychic, if she knew so much she should have given this info to the police. And, she can’t come on short notice? This gives her time to pad her records just like the rest of this insane bunch. Got to give her credit for one thing,she said Caylee was dead but doesn’t that make the rest of us psychic too? Dom should have just said from the onset that he was talking to her and maybe that might have made him look more credible but, now, he belongs with the Anthonys in their constant state of liarism!

Sarah January 14, 2009, 8:04 AM

Here’s what I do not get… Why if the Anthony’s were insisting on looking for a live Caylee, did they have 2 of their PIs sniffing around a wooded area?? I mean weren’t they hell bent on the fact that there was a picture that they believed was Caylee floating around at the time? So why then were these 2 men there and video taping the area? It doesn’t make sense. In my opinion this video was not recorded when they say it was, I believe this is a nasty ploy dreamed up by the PIs to make some money… I mean hell, why not jump on board? We normal people needn’t worry though, because all of these people: Leonard Padilla, The Anthony’s, the PIs, Nancy Grace, etc, etc, have all SOLD THEIR SOULS to get money, fame and attention from the media. It makes me sick to my stomach to know that the root of all this comes from the tragedy of a baby girl being MURDERED by her own mother. This murder will stay with my forever. I wish these people would look into Caylee’s eyes and see that she only wants justice. She needs our help, and this nonsense is not helping. I don’t understand people! All these people should be PUNISHED not rewarded with money. I mean wtf? I’m in debt, do you think I’m going to go down to Florida and take some pictures of Caylee’s grave, or memorial, or whatever it may be and then call up NBC, ABC and CNN and give them to the highest bidder? There is something seriously wrong with EVERY SINGLE person involved, EXCEPT the investigators. Wow. I really hope we remember someday why all of this is happening… Caylee’s life was taken away from her for no reason by her own flesh and blood, and now she’s being walked all over and drug around and people are not focusing on HER! I really hope this shifts back on Caylee and also Casey in that we should not forget that Casey caused ALL of this…

April January 14, 2009, 10:41 AM

This lady was interviewed on Nancy Grace either last night or the night before and she was asked about her phone records and she stated that she was having a hard time getting her hands on them and that she was waiting on Verizon. To me this is just one more lie in this drama filled saga. You can pull your freaking bill with details of each call offline. I think she is lying

Dawn January 14, 2009, 10:59 AM

Dont be surprised if this ties into Kid Finders Network. My hinky meter is off the charts!

Dawn January 14, 2009, 11:03 AM

Oh did anyone notice how they are selling Caylee missing left over items on the myspace page. Grrrr can this case get anymore bizzare!

knarahs January 14, 2009, 11:53 AM

Apparently, the psychic DOESN’T have the cell phone records to back this up. Ms. Lucas was on “Nancy Grace” last night and admitted that she has her phone service through her father’s office and those calls “didn’t show up on the records.” Sounds familiar, huh?

Laurie January 14, 2009, 12:37 PM

This sounds like a publicity stunt. Couldn’t the date of the camera be changed? (Mine always has the wrong date because I forget to change it.) The date and time are so very obvious on the screen - why? So not only does the “private” investigator get media coverage - but also the psychic. Wow she knew exactly where the body was but she doesn’t know how she died or anything else about her death? I smell a decomposed rat!!

Laurie January 14, 2009, 12:46 PM

U Can’t be serious:
Yeah - it was probably a call from the Nanny - God, the roaches have come out of the woodwork (unfortunately related to Caylee) and all at the expense of a child’s death - there is something we are supposed to learn from all this - I know I never realized how insane the world truly is.

knarahs January 14, 2009, 2:27 PM

Sarah: Not only are these the same people who were only interested in searching for a “live Caylee,” they are also the same people who did not pick-up the discs full of tips from the Sheriff’s office because they did not want “any psychic tips.” (They only wanted credible tips.)

Apparently, they can’t make up their minds, tell the truth, or admit when they are wrong.

Sally January 14, 2009, 4:33 PM

I thought it was interesting that this so called psychic never contacted Nancy Grace or any of the media or police with her tips of Caylee being dead, in a garbage bag and in the woods behind the Anthony home when everybody was looking for Caylee’s body. Now that the body is found and the Anthony’s PI is in deep do do, she suddenly comes forward as his alibi. Except she doesn’t have the time to fly to Orlando and guess what Verizon lost her phone records. Notice she found time to appear on national TV claiming it was she who told him to take a sharp object and ruin the crime scene. She claims also that she was trained by a police officer to do this. Ha! She’s as big a liar as Casey, Cindy, George, Lee, Dominick and Jose. It’s strange that all of these people are coming out of the woodwork to get their 15 minutes of fame. No one really cares about poor little Caylee but the public and the investigators.

Lisa January 14, 2009, 8:30 PM

Is it Ginnette Matcia Lucas or Ginnette Matacia Lucas (or Ginnette Lucas?). The website referenced lists her as Ginnette Lucas and her father as Louis Matacia. I’ve seen her last name listed variously as Matcia, Lucas and Matacia.

Gina January 15, 2009, 2:52 PM

I might take a few weeks off from watching Nancy Grace & Jane VelezMithcell. I am getting a feeling the defense team is upping the sleaze antics & throwing everything out there until something sticks. They believe it will put doubt in the minds of the public & potential jurors for Cindy to lie in an email saying Casey loved Caylee deeply & wouldn’t hurt her. Also the Anthony’s hired PI Dominic Casey ripping bags of possible evidence stabbing the bags with a metal rod & supposedly speaking to psychic Ginnette Lucis stinks to high heaven. IMO Dominic Casey knew she was dead & in that area, but not from the big fraud Ginnette. If I start trying to analyze it again, MY HEAD WILL EXPLODE. I don’t know what he was going to do if he found Caylees remain but calling the police isn’t one of them, Hello, he was working for the Anthony’s defense team. Like I said if you thout it couldn’t get any lower with the Anthony’s look at all the seedy people on their defense team, lawyers, PI’s, psychics. Some said Casey Dominic staged it to make it look like he was tipped on about the house being owned by a Gonzales family? Like so what, do they mean the make belive Baby sitter, Zani the nanny. If the staged the whole thing, it didn’t work to make us believe it was anyone other than Casey. At least I thought it was reckless, irresponsible to contaminate possible evidence & obstruction of justice because he wasn’t talking to the psychic the wholde time. Like I said it’s so crazy I think I’ll take a breather until some of this stuff is solved by the FBI & all the assholes that obstructed, contamintated, lied & lied some more will be punished. Especially the ONE PERSON who caused this all, Casey Anthony a theif & pathological liar who’s now a child killer because her daughter got in her way of a good time, and she was jealous of Casey & Cindy’s bond, so to spite Cindy too.

Eugene March 4, 2009, 1:03 AM

Well, neither the PI nor the Psychic have been detained or arrested. Everyone has pretty much let the PI off of the hook, so the story he gave about the Psychic must have panned out! Otherwise he would be committing a Felony in Florida, and he’d be in jail.
The Psychics instructions did lead to an area just FEET from the body over a Month before it was found.
The Killer had an entire month to place the body anywhere in Florida or the USA for that matter. ANYWHERE!
Whether you are a believer or skeptic … She was right on!

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