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Anthony Documents: No Pizza in Trunk

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New documents confirm what investigators have said all along: The smell in Casey Anthony's car was not from pizza.

casey anthony

In the beginning of the investigation into the disappearance of Caylee Anthony, grandparents Cindy and George swore a smell coming from the car of their daughter Casey was rotting pizza. Investigators thought otherwise, and attributed the smell to a decomposing, human body.

Now documents confirm there was no pizza in the car, just an empty box:

orange county documents pizza

The family has stuck to the story since August, when Cindy told reporters: "There was a bag of pizza for like 12 days in the trunk of the car full of maggots. It stunk so bad ... you know how hot it's been."

Much later on Larry King Live, George backed up the garbage theory, but nixed the pizza part of the story. "My professional opinion is I never really realized how long it would take garbage to smell for 19 days or 18 days inside of a car in Florida," he said.

The problem was there wasn't any food in the trunk to decompose. CSI Gerardo Bloise stated in his forensic report August 25 that he "did not find any pizza or any type of meat." There might have been remnants of food on the many empty containers, but nothing that could possibly produce a stench that Cindy Anthony described as the "smell of death."

According to the report, the contents of Casey Anthony's car contained 37 separate items from what seemed to be from a wild party: Empty packages of Velveeta cheese, empty boxes of cigarettes, and loose tobacco and plenty of empty beer cans. To see the complete list, click on the documents below.

Do you think these just-released documents shed any new light on the case, or is this just more of the same?

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casey anthony forensic report casey anthony witness report casey anthony search warrant casey anthony document
Forensic Report
Witness Report
Search Warrant
Search Warrant

Casey Anthony

Click to see Casey Anthony in Court

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Sally January 23, 2009, 11:57 AM

Whether or not there was pizza in Casey’s car trunk is irrelevant. Scientific tests have shown pizza smells nothing like a dead body. George said he smelled a decomposing body and being a former homicide detective he knew what a dead body smelled like. Cindy is a registered nurse. She told 911 the car smelled like a dead body and registered nurses have patients die on them so they know what a dead body smells like. The tow truck driver said the smell was similar to the decomposing body he smelled when he towed a car where someone had committed suicide. The homicide detective investigating the case and his cadaver dog also smelled human decomposition in the car. FBI tests show there was a dead body in that trunk and that dead body was Caylee’s. Investigators say the car still smells like human decomposition not like pizza six months later. Caylee’s skull and bones have been discovered. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Cindy and George were only covering up for their daughter when they changed their story to the smell was pizza. The jury would know if it smelled the car that what they were smelling was not pizza or garbage.

julia January 23, 2009, 8:43 PM

oh my godness , ii was just on myspace and ii got this forwarded message about this poor little girl and ii just broke down in tears , it amazes and sometimes scares me how the human mind works , how somebody in there right mind could from one hour seem so happy and loving and then do that to her little baby girl , how what seems like an average family could have such a tragedy , this poor innocent little girl looks like my little sister , and for anyone to have to go through that pain is just … well ii guess there really isnt one word for it . this should be a lesson to everyone that dont take little things for granted , like a smile or a sweet little giggle , because tomorrow it mite not be there :’(

Anonymous January 30, 2009, 2:35 PM

mom needs to stop being a cry baby and step up to the plate

Carol February 19, 2009, 4:59 AM

To Cindy and George Anthony I send my deepest regretts for thier loss. I’m the mother of a teenage mom and also a teenage mother myself. my Grand daughter is now 14, my son will soon turn 40.
I believe that there are individuals that can not handle the burden of being a teenage parent,there are also many that do . As a Grandparent there is only so much you can do. My heart aches for the loss of Callie,You did what you could and that was all you could do.

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