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Celeb Moms Suck

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Here's why Hollywood mothers really bug me.

jennifer lopez

Guest blogger Georgie Hockett: I love it when celeb moms say they want to "experience parenting" and be "hands-on," and then we see pictures of them shopping on Rodeo, exiting sushi joints every other day, and (my personal favorite) vacationing in Paris. The "hands" they may be referring to are the nanny's, the chef's and the housecleaner's hands ... but certainly not their own.

Keri, a mother of two from Utah, is equally irked by celebrity "supermoms." Franky, she just can't relate -- and is tired of trying to live up to this impossible ideal. "I can't remember the last time I was on the red carpet!" she says sarcastically. "On second thought, my bath mat is red."

Keri's gripes about celeb moms echo my own.

"I've always thought someone shouldn't have children unless they are 100 percent committed to parenting," Keri continues. "This means not having a nanny raise the children. I want my children to know my values. Too many celebs take having children for granted. You never know what tomorrow will bring, I know I want to spend as much time with my children as humanly possible. I want them to feel loved by me."


And since we're talking about the illusion of the perfect Hollywood mom, what's with wearing size 4 jeans straight home from the hospital?

Here are my three theories for that one:

• freak of nature
• a naturally small-boned person
• the classic "while you're in there for the C-section, throw a little lipo my way."


I read somewhere that it takes one year for your internal organs to slip back into their normal position after giving birth. Losing baby weight before then is possible for some, but not a requirement for all. For most of us, it's downright impossible! Why should we feel bad about that?

Quit making us feel inadequate, celeb moms. We're the normal ones, not you.

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ame i. January 22, 2009, 9:32 AM

They don’t make me feel inadequate, but some of them are annoying. It irks me to read or hear one of “them” saying how tired they are or how hard it is to be a parent. It’s even more tiring without live-in help. I can’t imagine having some other person getting up with my kids during the night, cooking all the meals, doing all the housework.
I have had a cleaning service come in a couple of times, and the relief I felt and the sense of being “caught up” was delicious.

Anonymous January 22, 2009, 10:01 AM

It’s even more tiring to be a single mom and to be the only one getting up with said baby. It’s a choice I guess.

Harriet January 22, 2009, 11:38 AM

My theory is this. Nothing about celebrities is real. No one can look that good all the time without an army of body doubles on call 24/7. Celebrity ‘relationships’ are just acting projects, contrived and conveniently begun or ended in accordance with whatever project they are working on. The ‘children’ are just props they trot out that are also too good looking to have actually been born to them and also require body doubles. Everything, from the timing of the kids’ birth to the wacky names they are cursed with is in accordance with how much media attention the parents can garner. We blame the parents and media for using them, but we buy into it don’t we? To the tune of millions of dollars we buy into the myth that there are perfect couples with perfect mini-versions of themselves running around with names like Daisy Sunny Skies or Rogue Hero Genius. Why? Why would we want that let alone buy into it? That’s the real question I think.

ame i. January 22, 2009, 12:50 PM

HAHA! Great comment from Harriet!! So true.

maeby January 22, 2009, 1:02 PM

Great comment Harriet! I think a lot of us lose site of this reality in day to day life. I know for me a celebrity blog is a nice little get away from the daily grind and sometimes a WANT to believe the fantastic stories that come out of them.
I mean, this crap is just not true. No one is that perfect without a lot of help.
What irks me the most is wondering if my husband or other men think this is the norm, thus putting more pressure on women to try and be stepford wives.

Jess January 23, 2009, 4:15 AM

yeah I hear ya…I’ll just say this I have 4 children ages 6 and under and one on the way in 4 weeks so almost 5 kids sges six and under. I dont live a lifestyle like angelina jolie! a real mom who does all the real work with that many kids… looks morelike me crazy hair,lucky to get a shower that day, has some kind of food on her shirt, probably changed 50 diapers and has baby barf somewhere or smells like it…drinks buttloads of coffee and hides in the bathroom for a 5 minute break LOL. We dont walk out into public looking put together like she does, we walk out there armed for some tantrums,crazy kids and like we havent slept in years because we REALLY HAVENT LOL!

maeby January 23, 2009, 9:24 AM


jules January 28, 2009, 7:10 PM

Yeah Imagine nevr, ever having to go any houswork, laundry - cooking even shopping among other help - I’d look pretty good and happy also.

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