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Your Man is Talking to His Exes

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After you hear these real dads confess to keeping in touch with their exes, you'll be asking your husband who he's really friends with on Facebook ...

In this latest installment of Dadlogic, "Moment of Truth" host Mark L. Walberg, KIIS-FM host JoJo Wright, TV executive Eric, and actor Andrew Bowen share with us how they feel about talking to their exes -- oh, and how their wives feel about it, too!

How do you feel about your partner talking to his exes? Comment below.

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Amy January 26, 2009, 1:59 PM

Silly men :)

Roxy January 26, 2009, 4:36 PM

What bubble of world are they living in? Can’t have women friends that are not friends of your wife? That is whack!

Kerilyn January 26, 2009, 6:56 PM


DiAnna January 26, 2009, 7:06 PM

Um, I don’t care if my husband is friends with his exes, because I’m friends with most of mine. That’s what TRUST is for in a relationship. If you don’t trust your husband enough for him to be friends with another woman, then there are some serious issues in your relationship.

Wilma  January 26, 2009, 7:36 PM

In my world this is a real issue because I have had relationships where the exes or friends were openly introduced to me and there was no “iffy vibe” and I am in a relationship now where the exes and “friends” are an on going important part of his live, I am excluded from. The “off limits” secretive nature of these relationships is a sour point of contention and the nail the coffin of our future together. If there is no sexual tension, intent or desire there is no reason to allow the mystery of these so called friendships come between us.

Maria January 26, 2009, 7:42 PM

Actually I’m friends with some of my now-married exes and I have to admit the not-so-innocent talks don’t end when they say their “I do’s”. Sure sometimes a little friendly flirtatious banter is ok but both parties have to know when to draw the line…and this is not always the case!

lee January 31, 2009, 1:58 AM

my ex-boyfriend is married and we are always flirting wih one another. he never introduced me to her so its like she does not exist. my kids have meet her and when he comes over to visit he lies and tell her that he was playing ball, at the gas station, or getting a hair cut. we are not having an affair but because she does not think that he should have a friendly relationship with me makes him want to continue being friends behind her back. she never met me but when hey were talking about their exs he talked about me and from that moment on she made up her mind to not like me.

Layla February 12, 2009, 3:45 PM

I personally get very jealous when my boyfriend even mentions an ex. He luckily does not have a friendship with any of them, but I wish it didnt bother me. Im friends with every one of my ex’s and even with all the guys i’ve been sexual with in my past. I see nothing wrong with it because I know the past is the past and it ended for a reason.. It bothers my boyfriend a lot.. guess since i hear him get upset over my exs i feel i should about his?

Lorna April 29, 2009, 5:16 AM

I have always felt that my husbands ex girlfriend has never been out of the picture. Just a gut feeling. And about a month ago I was using his computer and his Gmail was left open, so Idecided to snoop to see what he was up to,(he doesnt communicate with me).

And so I noticed one of his contacts is his ex. And so out of sheer curiosity I started reading their emails.

And there was a correlation of dates, and I started to get very angry. Everytime he emailed her he was letting her know he was on his way out of town, travelling to her city, and set up coffie/dinner/meeting at her plce of work. The reason I was so angry is he never once mentioned to me that he was going up to see her. He made up other reasons as to why he was going out of town. And when I suggested that we go as a family(we have one daughter) (as it would be nice to go into a bigger city center,) he would get irritated with me and say no I just want to go by myself, besides you guys are embarrasing to be around. And then he would pick a fight either with myself or our 4.5year old daughter, and get one or both of us upset. and then say see look at how you two behave why would I want you around. And have us so upset the issue of us going with him wouldnt be pressed anymore. and when I think back to the dates of the emails, this became a pattern the night before he was going out of town into a larger city center.

When I confronted him about my find he mocked me, and accused me of having an affair. And got very angry for snooping in his personal buisness, and said that his buisness with his ex is his buisness and i was to stay out of it.
So I pressed the issue, he got very angry. And told me if you keep accusing me of this I will go out and do it. And if this tricles down into my social life I will leave you for sure.

I understand that in the course of peoples lives they will have friendships some superficial some deep and meaningfull with the members of the opposite sex. But they have to be healthy, and the boundries in any relationship need to be established. So I am not so narrowminded to say he cannot have girlfriends, I have my share of guyfriends in my life. Its healthy. But when its unhealthy is when these relationships start affecting the relationship within a persons marraige. I tried explaining this to him, but got no responce.

I am still friends with my ex, and the odd time I email him or visa versa to say hello and see whats going on in life. I am in the same trade and industry as my ex, and if we are onthe job site we have to have contact and work with one another. But it stopes there I dont have coffie or dinner with my ex, simply because I know how my husband feels about it. And I want to show respect to my husband in this regard.

And when I made that point to him he brought up everything I had done in my past and twst it around like it had happend when we were married. He talks at me in a way that makes me question my own sanity, and question my rights as an induvidual and his wife. He also treats me as though he can come and go as he pleases little regard to how it makes me feel, I will ask for info when he is planning a trip and he wont give it to me. All I want is a phone #(contact) and for how long he is taking his “guys” trip and when he will be home.
He spends money we dont have, we are going further in debt, he wont communicate anything to me with regards our finances.
And since I have confronted him about his ex, he has been making life seemingly impossible. And the fighting over everything and nothing, always ends with the blame being pushed on me. That i caused the fight or the problem.

I am tired. And all this fighting has done nothing but hurt our daughter. I asked him to leave but replyed by pointing at the door and saying no I live here you can leave.
This is the point tha I am at in my marraige to this man. Does anyone have anything they can say to help me? I dont know what to do anymore. I am also afraid that if I do leave he’ll try and get custody of our daughter and I’ll never see her again(he has threatend that too).


eldz August 21, 2009, 9:31 PM

I don’t think its fair to judge all exes bad impressions. I beleive most of them has pure intention, which is to be friends with their exBF, or exGf.The hubby/wife must assure their partner that he loves him/her more than anyone else,that as long as they stay married & with trust to each other there’s nothing to worry even if the husband/wife be friends with his exGF.

ren August 22, 2009, 12:14 AM

I agree with Eldz, as long as you trust each other and there’s an open communiaction between your partner there would be no problem to be friends with the opposite sex. Plus respect is necessary. Ü

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