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How to Raise a Spoiled Hypochondriac

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I'm afraid I'm teaching my kid being sick is FUN!


Momlogic's Andrea: My daughter has been sick the last couple of days with a pretty severe cold. Like most new parents, my husband and I are beside ourselves. Our daughter, however, is having a blast. And why shouldn't she be? Since she fell ill, we've been bending over backwards to indulge her every whim -- even when it goes against all of our house rules. Eat on the couch? Sure. Sit and watch movie after movie with the pacifier that's restricted "for nighttime use only"? Of course, my precious. Candy? You got it.

Little by little, she's becoming accustomed to getting her way on everything her little toddler heart demands.

Last night, she officially toppled the parent regime.

Cranky from being unable to blow her nose (she hasn't quite mastered it yet), she climbed up on our bed and insisted she was not only going to sleep on the center but we were to leave the room. There's nothing worse than your snot-laden kid, feverish and tired, screaming at you to "Get ooooout!" Oh, yeah, there is something worse: Two adults who basically ran out of the room to appease her wishes. We huddled together in fear.

OK. I know we're doing this WAY wrong. But how can you turn down any request from a sick child?

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