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Cindy Margolis: Helping Wombs Everywhere

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See how this model mama is helping women with their fertility.

cindy margolis

Millions around the world know Cindy Margolis as "the most downloaded woman on the on the Internet." The beautiful blonde became an instant sensation when her sexy photos and perfect figure burned up cyberspace.

But there's more to Cindy than just those pretty pictures -- the mother of three is a tireless advocate for infertility education and awareness. Cindy opened up to momlogic about how her own heartbreaking struggles with infertility inspired her to help others with her new book, "Having a Baby When the Old Fashioned Way Isn't Working."

"When you can't get pregnant 'the old fashioned way'... the path to motherhood is a long, rocky and sometimes heartbreaking journey." Cindy explains. "Doctors don't really focus on telling you how emotionally draining it can be and they don't (or at least didn't in our experience) talk much about how hard infertility can be on your self-esteem and your relationships. They also don't prepare you for how much harder you will have to work to build your family than the couples who can get pregnant naturally. I wanted to change that. I wanted to talk about those things, answer those questions and remove the stigma of infertility that seemed to keep me from finding the support we desperately needed in our own journey."

Cindy tells momlogic that she always wanted to be a mother, but she never expected the challenges she would face on her quest to have a child. "I took becoming a mother for granted. It never occurred to me that it might require more inner strength and determination that I had ever imagined I had in me." In fact, Cindy was shocked when she didn't get pregnant on her honeymoon, or even several months later. It took several years -- and many tears, but Cindy's son Nicholas was born after Cindy received IVF treatments. Her twin girls, Sabrina and Sierra were born with the help of a surrogate mother.

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Cindy says that while holding her children in her arms was worth the difficult journey, the road to motherhood was not an easy one. "The struggles and the heartaches took their toll -- individually and as a couple. You have to accept that. In the best of circumstances, deciding to start a family demands change, adjustment and even sacrifice. Infertility takes all that up a notch or two."

In fact, Cindy and her husband, Guy, split up, leading to new challenges for this hands-on mom of three. She describes life as a single mom in one word, "Hard." But, she adds, "I'm learning, coping and with a little luck, becoming better at it every day."

As the celebrity spokesperson for RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association, Cindy wants to make certain women everywhere get the help and support they need. If you're trying to conceive and wondering if it's time to seek help, Cindy offers a few guidelines. "Basically, if you're under the age of 35 and are not pregnant after a few months of trying or over 35 and haven't conceived after 6 months -- you should talk to your doctor about seeing a fertility specialist. Of course, lots of things can influence that general rule. If you have reason to think your tubes could be blocked, if there's a family history or medical condition your concerned about, if your husband has a low sperm count ... those are all issues that may make you want to seek out a specialist sooner."

Momlogic followed one mom as she struggled with infertility on her quest to become a mother again. Click here for Mindy Stearns' IVF Diaries.

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