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Day Care Worker Throws Toddler to Ground, Kills Him

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Police are investigating a day care worker who threw a 16-month-old boy to the ground in a frustrated rage.

Toddler Benjamin Kingan reportedly picked himself off the ground, grabbed his pacifier and blanket and crawled to his favorite bouncy chair to die.

Melissa Calusinski, 22, is being charged with murder and is being held on a $5 million bond. She told police that she slammed the boy on the ground after having "issues" with children in the room.

Police are saying that Benjamin's twin sister, Emily, was also at the day care center at the time of his death.

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Wendi January 21, 2009, 2:15 PM

That poor little boy!! It just breaks my heart to know that he got up and went to his favorite chair to die?! What a horrible person to do such a thing like that to a child.

My prayers got out to the family. Know that your little guy is now with God.

Jill January 21, 2009, 2:26 PM

Death penatly. Simple.

anon January 21, 2009, 2:45 PM

Sickening! She was having “issues” with children in the room? Isnt her JOB to deal with issues? Give her Death like she gave that baby.

Anonymous January 21, 2009, 2:50 PM

I’m with the rest of you on this one!

Anonymous January 21, 2009, 5:34 PM

What is putting this twisted woman to death going to accomplish other than satisfy you people’s lust for revenge?

Where was God when this tragedy occurred? Either he didn’t care enough to intervene or he doesn’t exist. I think deep down we all know the answer.

Anony-moose January 21, 2009, 5:37 PM

Doesn’t matter whether or not God exists. This woman murdered a toddler… give her the proper punishment.

michelle January 21, 2009, 7:32 PM

This is beyond words. How horrible for the child’s mother. Poor baby.

Michelle January 21, 2009, 7:36 PM

Death Penelty is to kind for this woman. Someone needs to take and slam her into the concrete several times. Then when she starts to crawl to her fav chair, take and beat her a bit more. She does not deserve to die by lethal injection. She does not deserve to be put to sleep before the breath is taken from her.

Anonymous January 21, 2009, 8:51 PM

Gee, let’s see. What will putting this “woman” to death accomplish? Well, for one it will sure as heck guarantee that she will not do this again. Secondly, maybe it will send a message to all other people who are having “issues” with children to think twice before acting out against the helpless.

Dayna January 21, 2009, 9:10 PM

I agree with Michelle; the death penalty would be far too kind.

As I write this in tears, the guilt I often feel after hearing of such disgusting news returns. Guilty of bearing children into such a crazy and lenient world. No regrets however, as I am blessed beyond that of which I deserve.

The problem with America is that evil is not punished. There is no fear.

Cami January 22, 2009, 12:16 AM

I’m crying too. So sad for this poor child. I can’t imagine what his parents are going through. There needs to be more measures to protect our children. There aren’t enough in this country. So so sad.

Jenney January 22, 2009, 1:19 AM

Before I had children I worked in the toddler room of a daycare. I was 19-22 during that time and yes, it is stressful. Yes, sometimes you just want to pull your hair out. Sometimes you go home at the end of the day and seriously consider changing jobs. But generally you decide against it because you enjoy, despite the stress, working with little kids. EVERYONE that works with little kids gets stressed but they don’t do what this woman did. The funny things is that I always found the parents to be worse to deal with than the kids (then I became a parent and was way worse than any parent I ever lammented dealing with, lol). But sure, the kids can really tick you off but the important thing here is they are KIDS. As the adult you should have learned to master your temper, control your emotions. And if all else fails and you feel you are reaching a breaking point you get someone to cover you and you take a break, insist on it if you must. YOU DO NOT HURT A CHILD. I can’t believe what this woman did and that child crawling to get his blanket and pacifier and getting into his favorite chair … it is just too sad. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

millie January 22, 2009, 2:27 PM

This person should never see the light of day ever,the death penalty is not enough.Having absolutely no life,except prison life, in solitary confinement until she dies. I pray she will never have a moment of peace or be able to sleep as she’s a miserable excuse for a human being.This poor little child had to comfort himself as he lay dying,but,I know in my heart that God was present and was with him in his last moments.Someone asked where was God to have allowed this tragedy,He was there with Benjamin and only He knows why he needed to take this child. My heart goes out to this family along with my prayers. Hopefully,the state will mandate psychological testing and more intensive interviews by daycare centers when hiring employees.All daycare centers should have security cameras installed in every area where there are children present,to monitor the caregivers.Nanny cams have exposed the realities of what can happen when you think you have entrusted the safety and well-being of your child to a supposedly caring nanny/sitter.May God Bless and Keep Benjamin and hopefully,she’ll have the most painful,dreadful,ravaging and lingering death without pain meds or any sort of comfort,may she rot in hell,from where she came.

Unknown January 22, 2009, 7:35 PM

My prayers go out to the family of the litte. Iam sorry for your loss what she done was wrong

Jen January 22, 2009, 10:06 PM

I cried when I heard about this story. I cried again when I read Benjamin has a twin sister. My prayers go out to the family of this little boy. Yes, Melissa was wrong to do this instead of asking for help. I agree with those who stated “no death penality”. She needs to spend time in prision, no parole. I pray for the family over the loss of Benjamin. I also pray for Melissa and what she is going through. I also pray for God’s will to be done in this case.

roe January 22, 2009, 11:33 PM

I’m a grown man who doesn’t cry very often, but this story had me in tears. I did not know, nor will I ever know, this child - or his family. But I am absolutely heartbroken - not only that it occurred in such a heartless fashion, but that the poor child lived long enough to retreat back to his chair, blanket in hand, to die. What a horrible thing for a parent to have to go through - my prayers go out to them, and to Benjamin. May he rest in peace, and not be forgotten.

Unknown January 23, 2009, 1:48 PM

I hope she gets the beating in prison like to she to that little boy. Let her die painfully, let her suffer. It breaks my heart to know he grabbed his blanket and went to a place of peace to pass. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family…..

DMont NY January 24, 2009, 7:32 PM

My mom told me about this today as she lives in Chicago and I live in NY and as I am a very strong person, broke down to tears. There is not an excuse as we all get stressed even in our own lives and want to pull our hair out of our head ( I have two kids)….for that little boy to walk/crawl to his favorite toy with his blanket as his final resting place is sad,and heartbreaking…It truly sickens me….my prayers and with the family and hoping justice gets served. The woman who did this should suffer forever…..Rest in peace, little angel…

Lil'T January 25, 2009, 3:53 PM

It saddens (and angers) me that this tragedy took place. I hope and pray that the family and friends of the late boy find comfort in a challenging time such as this.

Most children aren’t and will never be safe. Everyday they die early, but when a baby’s life is taken at the hands of another person who cannot give it back, it angers me to no end. Unfortunately, that won’t change anything. I do, however, hope that the law system will be put in God’s hands, that justice will be done, and that this woman gets the punishment she really deserves.

Sad Mom in Chicagoland January 30, 2009, 8:13 PM

In the pain and anger, in the drive for revenge, everyone here is missing the real lessons.
1—Child abuse does not occur in a vacuum. Almost all the time, the person who does such a thing was herself abused. This is NOT an excuse, but it is an explanation, relevant to what follows below:
2—Schools and day care centers do NOT screen properly. At the very least, people who deal with young children sohuld be screened for anger issues and EXTENSIVELY screened for issues in their own childhood.
3—IF properly screened, the subject would NOT be allowed to be in a childcare situation, AND would be referred for treatment herself, BEFORE she does something dangerous.
4—Punishment is NOT a deterrent to this kind of behavior. No one wakes up in the morning and says “I think I’ll kill a toddler today, just because I can get away with it.” But, in a flash, self-control is lost. You cannot teach self-control with fear. The proof of that is that abused kids are raised with fear, and yet go on to be abusers themselves.

All the revenge/punishment/executions in the world will not do any of the following:
1—will NOT bring back this child or any other
2—will NOT be a deterrent to it happening again. This is a pathology, and needs to be adressed as such, and until it is, this…
3—will NOT solve the problem so that it does not happen in another time with another person

Until society overhauls its approach to child abuse it will not end.
Same approach=same result.
Waiting until a child dies to punish his abuser is too late.
PREVENTION is the key.

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