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Day Care Worker Throws Toddler to Ground, Kills Him

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Police are investigating a day care worker who threw a 16-month-old boy to the ground in a frustrated rage.

Toddler Benjamin Kingan reportedly picked himself off the ground, grabbed his pacifier and blanket and crawled to his favorite bouncy chair to die.

Melissa Calusinski, 22, is being charged with murder and is being held on a $5 million bond. She told police that she slammed the boy on the ground after having "issues" with children in the room.

Police are saying that Benjamin's twin sister, Emily, was also at the day care center at the time of his death.

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jen18353 February 13, 2009, 10:58 AM

First I would like to say my prayers go out to the lovely little angel and his family. May God be with them. I have been in the daycare field for 30 years now. I have been working on a book for parents regarding daycare that is to be released in the next couple of months. During this time I interviewed many providers and this type of behavior is not uncommon among providers. Outbursts of frustration occur frequently. In my opinion this is the governments fault. I know blame the government again! However, why do we not have laws in place that make it mandatory to have an extensive amount of training prior to working in the child care field. A hair stylist must complete a 10 month program as a full time student to be licensed and work in a salon. Yet, a daycare provider, or teacher in a commercial center at most generally only has to have maximum 5 hours of training and the training is based more on an honor system. Working with children can be a very stressful job. It is essential that a person working in this field have great time management and organization skills. They must understand the levels of child development and what to expect. They must know proper techniques for dealing with a childs emotions as well as their own. They must recognize their own limitations and be able to remove themselves from a situation when they feel they are at the breaking point. They must have a support group that they can rely on when they feel the need to vent. It all boils down to education and training. Our country needs to make it mandatory that all people who work with children must have training especially in the stress management department. True training! Not viewing a video at home or attending a cute little meeting with cookies and punch. I also feel a psychological exam to determine a persons mental health would not hurt either. If anyone would like to talk to me more about this please feel free to post a message on my website at or email me at This is my passion to get laws changed in this country one day and greatly improve daycare for our children and our providers in the field. We must first take care of the people in charge of our children before we can improve the health and welfare of our children in daycare.

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