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Was Family Massacre Mom's Idea?

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Seven are dead in a California murder-suicide.

Lupoe Family

Police say Ervin Lupoe, troubled by the loss of his job as a medical technician at a local Kaiser Permanente hospital, shot and killed his wife Ana and five children, 8-year-old Brittney, 5-year-old twin daughters Jaszmin and Jassely, and 2-year-old twin boys Benjamin and Christian, and then turned the gun on himself inside his California home.

Cops rushed to the house around 8:30 AM Tuesday after two phone calls -- one from a man claiming he found his family dead in their home, and another from the newsroom at the local L.A. ABC TV station, where a staffer had just received a call and fax from a man claiming that he and his wife had been fired from their jobs and she had suggested they kill themselves and their children, too. "Why leave the children to a stranger?" the man wrote in his note, according to ABC7.

In the fax, Lupoe indicated that he and his wife were being investigated for a personnel matter. When they showed up at work to deal with the issue, a medical center administrator at Kaiser rebuffed them, told them to file a union grievance and said, "You should not even had bothered to come to work today. You should have blown your brains out."

The man wrote that they filed a grievance but nothing was done and two days later they were fired.

"They did nothing to the manager who started such [sic] and did not attempt to assist us in the matter, knowing we have no job and five children under 8 years old with no place to go. So here we are," the note said.

At the bottom of the note, the man wrote, "Oh lord, my God, is there no hope for a widow's son?"

("O Lord, my God, is there no help for the widow's son?" was used historically as a Masonic distress call. These were also the final words of Mormon church founder Joseph Smith before he was shot and killed on June 27, 1844.)

Read full text of suicide note here:

Lupoe Suicide Note

Click here to view the Lupoe Suicide Note

According to his page on the social networking Web site Facebook, Ervin Lupoe was a graduate of USC.

In a statement, Kaiser Permanente officials confirmed that Lupoe and his wife were both former employees of the West Los Angeles hospital. The statement did not clarify whether the pair had recently lost their jobs.

"We are deeply saddened to hear of the deaths of the Lupoe family," according to the statement. "Our sympathies are with all of their extended family and friends at this time. We are also providing resources and support to our employees who are affected by this tragedy."

Hospital officials said they were cooperating with police in the investigation.

LAPD Deputy Chief Kenneth Garner said a revolver was found inside the house, and the home had not been ransacked. Lupoe and the three girls were found in a front, upstairs bedroom, while the twin boys and Lupoe's wife Ana were found in the back bedroom.

"It was a grisly scene," Garner said. "Like I said, I've been on the police department for 32 years and I've never seen anything like this, so I doubt if there's too many officers who have ever seen anything like this. So it's horrific. It's a tragedy."

Garner urged people to take advantage of community assistance and hotline numbers if they are going through financial difficulties.

"That would be our hope -- that people would seek that guidance, seek that assistance rather than taking this route, which is not the way to go," Garner said. "It's clearly not the way to go."

Garner said police were working to identify schools that the older children may have attended, so that counselors could work with students.

This is just another in a long line of similar incidences that suggest a disturbing trend.

On Dec. 24, Bruce Pardo, 45, dressed up as Santa Claus and invaded a Christmas Eve party at his ex-wife's parents' home in suburban Covina, opened fire with a gun and set the house ablaze with racing fuel. Ex-wife Sylvia Pardo and eight relatives were fatally shot or burned. Pardo later killed himself.

In October, a 45-year-old unemployed financial manager despairing over extreme money problems shot and killed his wife, three children, mother-in-law and himself in their home in the Porter Ranch area of the San Fernando Valley.

Karthik Rajaram wrote in a suicide letter he felt the honorable choice was to kill himself and his family instead of just himself, police said.

Do you believe it was really the mom's idea to kill her family ... or did Ervin Lupoe just not want to take responsibility for his actions? Comment below.

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Anon January 27, 2009, 8:59 PM

Does it really matter whose idea it was? It’s a tragedy non the less.

mb January 27, 2009, 9:09 PM

These were educated people who worked in the medical field and they couldn’t go and find other jobs?!? Give me a break, something else must have been going on… We’ll find out soon enough. Or we’ll just forget about it in a few days when new Casey Anthony news comes out…An interesting connection, they were fired from the same hospital where that litter of eight was born the other day…

Wendi January 27, 2009, 9:48 PM

This is so sad, I can not even imagine that a person would actually go in an kill their own child, let alone 5! Those poor kids. May they rest in peace.

Maura January 27, 2009, 10:28 PM

I don’t buy into the hubby’s story one bit. I highly doubt the mother had anything to do with the murders. I think she was just as much of a victim as the children and the father tried to implicate him so that he wouldn’t look like such a crazy, murdering loon.

Anon January 28, 2009, 12:01 AM

I agree with the first anon. Does it really matter whose idea it was and it is indeed and most definitely a tragedy. I am having an extended moment of silence. They were such a beautiful family. The Bible does say that in the last days mens hearts would fail them for fear and expectations of things coming on the earth. We see so many people going to drastic extremes in one way or another as we see the growing and impending worsening situation of the economy. Big guys stealing from little guys in a desperate attempt to secure their own futures. Robberies and other such. Everyone cares about me myself and mine and not how everyone else is being affected too. When resources fail, what good will money do anyway? I can’t understand how anyone could pull themselves together to pull the trigger on their own precious children and my heart and condolences are to the families of these lives- here today gone today.

Joseph Smith  January 28, 2009, 12:55 AM

Please don’t be fooled America, look deeper!

Anonymous January 28, 2009, 1:43 AM

You would think working in the medical profession people won’t get fired..So so sad..Very sad

A Sad Woman January 28, 2009, 2:08 AM

WOW! What’s wrong with people? Folks lose their jobs everyday, and while it’s hard, there is always hope.

To kill your wife, and little ones (can you imagine what their innocent little minds must have been thinking? Surely, “daddy” can be trusted not to harm).

Folks aren’t “made” the same, as they used to be. They can’t take a whole lot. If (when) things go wrong, as life promises they will, people have no real faith in God, no strength, no peace and no hope.

Pete January 28, 2009, 8:57 AM

Don’t believe news stories of parents murdering their children. Look for other motives, and the involvement of other people.

birdsfly January 28, 2009, 12:47 PM

Just a note: News stories on this imply that they didn’t get laid off for cutbacks but that there were grounds for dismissal.

Michelle January 28, 2009, 12:51 PM

This is such a tragedy. I just can’t imagine someone killing their entire family before then committing suicide. I do believe there is more to this than what we are reading. It’s just hard to believe that this happened over both of them losing their jobs. Did they even try to look for other work? We don’t know but at least try. We are certainly living in the end times.

May God help us

GLG January 28, 2009, 4:34 PM

I don’t believe for one minute that this woman killed her children or was a willing victim in a suicide-murder pact. I wonder if co-workers or relatives knew of past spousal abuse?

Sara Jane January 28, 2009, 5:22 PM

This is a tragic example of depression gone too far. Jobs are dwindling, our economy is disastrous, but we can persevere. There was no need for such a tragedy! I read the letter and it rambles and has poor grammar, but he seems to be stating facts that were substantiated by others. The hospital shares some blame here. But in the physical death of the children, wife and husband only one is responsible for that. We are all suffering in this economy. But we must stand strong. Know your neighbors! Reach out – be a friend for your friend’s friends. We just can not give into the dark side. Yes I believe: “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa.” But more importantly there is a God/Higher Power who holds us responsible for our actions. Family annihilation is not the answer! Next ‘we’ will be taking The Road and eating our children. (see author Cormac McCarthy)

lalicious1 January 28, 2009, 6:06 PM


Enjoy - January 28, 2009, 8:37 PM

Why are you bible-thumpers so shocked by this anyway? Isn’t this part of God’s plan? You have to be (and probably are if you believe in God to begin with) a complete moron if you think that God has a divine “plan” but also gives us free will. You can’t have it both ways folks. Stop clinging to this stupid God/Jesus/Bible fairy tale already. There is no savior. Life itself is a gift and no one has any proof at all that there is anything afterwards. So, don’t waste your life praying that God will deliver you from every negative situation you face. Grow a backbone and take responsibility for your actions and face what’s coming to you. By the way, religion was created by those in power in order to control brainless masses of sheeple who can’t think for themselves. I do believe that Jesus was a real person who actually walked on the earth, but even he denied being the son of God…wake up people, wake up. Don’t bother praying for me either, I’d rather rot in hell than spend eternity with your God…

sunshine January 29, 2009, 1:57 PM

To think people do not have enough strength to pull through hard times is sad.

Could’nt even spare the children??
Everyone has hard times, broke, unemployed, fired. Does not matter. Killing your family and yourself is wrong.

ocy January 29, 2009, 6:18 PM

No matter how bad things get. u have to believe in GOD that we will make a way. Sometimes we have to lose everything in order to get it all back and then some.

I know first hand.

God bless

Marylin January 29, 2009, 6:30 PM

I like so many, feel so deeply sad. First of all, for our society’s loss of such a beautiful, and by all accounts very hardworking family. I feel closer to this situation because, I too am a healthcare professional, once also fired from a hospital job. If I may add some insight, these institutions employ workers with high degrees of work ethic. They commit their very lives to their company, their patients, and co-workers. Many are also licensed professionals (with much higher ethical standards than the average worker or citizen). It’s not like losing “just another job”. In this case, having been fired for fraud, in all liklihood, they were essentially blacklisted from further employment (especially during these tough economic times). They also cannot qualify for unemployment in CA. I’ve read so many comments about the “abundance” of resources. This is a trite statement. I know what a long hard suffering battle it is back up (and that’s without a family to support). There was very little resources when I was fired. I was completely shut off from my entire life, and it was the only time I felt such despair. I feel so much compassion for every member of this family, including Ervin. Please let us not judge this man. We as a society fail, whenever this happens. Much too easily, we castigate those already down (perhaps to only lift ourselves up.) Here in L.A. the LAPD labled this man a “victim personality”. Out of respect for the dead, couldn’t this officer keep his opinion out of the media. We all need to be more compassionate to our fellow human beings. It’s a ruthless, cold world. Maybe Mr. Lupoe (and maybe even his lovely wife) felt that there would be more dignity and less suffering in death, than to burden their society with their needs. Let’s remember, they were fired for forging a letter to get childcare. Fraud is not tolerated in a Hospital, but perhaps Kaiser could have at least not made it impossible for this family to endure their hardship by holding their licenses. These people gave seven loyal years of intensely hard work. They probably helped more people in a single day than what many do in a lifetime. Does that not count for anything?

Anonymous January 29, 2009, 6:49 PM

rest in peace

Janeyre February 1, 2009, 6:09 PM

This mother did not conspire with this loon, to kill her children. While both were from Gutamala, Ana was a delicate, sweet soul. Even people who knew them, said: They could have gotten another job. They were planning on moving out of state anyway. Ervin owed the IRS plenty of money and he was lving beyond his means. This was the act of a coward. To include Ana in his carnage, was unforgiveable. Ana was a victim, like the children were. This cannot be blames on the economy. Both were fired, because of fraud. He didn’t want to face reality and he chose the cowards way out.

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