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What If You Lose It All ...

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The story of the parents who killed their family because they were out of work shook me to the core. I could never do that. Could I?

 Man and His Young Children Sit Inside a Motor Home Parked by a Lake, With the Mother Standing Outsi

Momlogic's Julie: In this economy, everyone is worried about losing their jobs. Who HASN'T wondered and worried what you would do if you had no income and mouths to feed?

But when I heard about the parents who killed their five kids because they were out of work, it stopped me in my tracks. Surely I could never get that desperate to resort to such measures, right?

I decided to go to that place in my mind I've been avoiding ... the worse-case scenario place.

Let's just say I lose my job. (Grab a piece of wood and knock loudly, please.) I will lose my income. My husband is a stay-at-home dad so we will have no money coming in at all.

Start looking for a job immediately. My husband will also look for work. We would consider anything -- Wal-Mart greeter, Starbucks barista. ANYTHING.

In the meantime, I will go on unemployment ($400 a week) and start slashing expenses. No more cable, phone, eating out. Date nights will cease. There's no way we can begin to cover our expenses on $1600 a month. Not even close. That won't even cover the house payment. But we'll only buy bare necessities.

Drain all investments and savings. Use our credit cards if we have to. Sell most everything we own.

Take any job we can find. May have to put the kids in after-care at school ($300 per week per child) if we both get full-time jobs. But what if after-care costs more than we are making? We will have to figure that out.

If we have trouble paying the mortgage (which we surely will), we'll put the house on the market. If it doesn't sell for what we owe (which I doubt it would in this market), walk away and go into foreclosure. I hate the thought of that because I love my home. But, on the bright side, it would be one less bill to pay.

Research moving out of state (to a less expensive place, like my home state of Oklahoma). Consider a radical life change, like buying an old Airstream or motor home and just being vagabonds for awhile, home-schooling the kids. Can't imagine this could/would ever happen but it would certainly be worth considering.

If we STILL couldn't find work: Go on public assistance or food stamps. (Never been on those in my life but desperate times call for desperate measures.) Live with extended family. Check out shelters. Live in our car. Move into a trailer. Anything we had to do to survive.

I guess my point is that even at ROCK BOTTOM, we would still have a roof over our head and food to eat. Even if we were homeless and eating from a dumpster, we would still be together.

I just can't imagine any scenario in the universe where I would kill myself and my children because I didn't have a job. Because even if I have no home, no car, no money, no NOTHING, I will still have my family. And to me that is the most precious thing in the world ... and is something I will fight to the death to protect.

They're my reason for living. And, although I would kill for them, I would never kill them under any circumstances.

Would you?

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Anonymous January 29, 2009, 8:35 AM

never never never

ashley January 29, 2009, 9:14 AM

What the heck kind of question is that. We in here are all loving moms and I’m sure all of us would hit rock bottom rather than just end it all. I don’t understand why the parents didn’t even try to get another job. There’s always somewhere to work. Hell, get a job at Mickey D’s if you have to.

Kim January 29, 2009, 4:52 PM

I can’t even believe you would put any thought into it. These people were in a different mind. You make do. It’s going to be hard. But, you make do.

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