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Exhausted: A Struggle to Sleep

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Jenny's baby is 13 months old and still can't get to sleep on his own. A sleep expert to the stars offers solutions.

Sleep, or lack thereof, is without a doubt the single biggest problem for most new parents. Getting your child to sleep, and getting them to stay asleep, can be a major issue for parents of kids of all ages. Some parents believe in letting their kids cry it out, while other parents swear by co-sleeping. No matter what method you use, though, getting over a bad sleep habit hump often seems downright impossible.

Momlogic's Jenny knows just how awful sleepless nights can be. She returned back to the office full time recently after a year-long hiatus. Like most moms going back to work, Jenny felt tremendous guilt about letting her 13-month-old son cry. Not only did she or her husband Tom rock him to sleep every night (and several times throughout the night), but they literally tiptoed around the house so they wouldn't wake the baby. Desperate for a change, and at her wit's end, Jenny contacted sleep expert Jill Spivack, who's worked with celebrities like Jack Black, Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor, and Amy Brennaman to help get their kids to sleeping through the night using her  Sleep Easy Solution.

ARE  YOU DESPERATE FOR HELP?  Click for Jill Spivack's printable PDF on the 7 Sleep Stealers that could be ruining your night and the Four Step Guide to fixing the problem!

Tune in tomorrow for more of our three-part series and tips that could finally get your child to sleep.

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Anonymous January 26, 2009, 1:44 PM

Well The doctor I had for my children said to put them in their crib,turn the light off,close the door. After about a week of this the child will learn he/she isn’t getting their way & you will no longer have a problem.

Danielle Buffardi June 8, 2009, 4:14 PM

I don’t in any way….and never have…understood the thought process for letting kids “cry it out”. Especially infants. Stop being a selfish parent…lay down with your kids if they’re not sleeping or don’t want to go to sleep.

Most kids do not sleep through the night until their older.

Mamma M June 10, 2010, 10:00 PM

With my firsts, I resorted to co-sleeping, which we have been doing ever since, and I gotta tell ya, it still messes with my nights. He kickes me, and still wakes up halfway through asking for juice, etc. But with my second, I let her cry, and taught her to sleep on her own, and just go to bed at a set time. Whereas my toddler, he just goes to bed whenever he feels like, and it’s very tough to get him to cooperate, although a bed time story and song has done the trick lately.

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