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Got a Hangover? We Have the Cure!

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Not surprisingly, there was a lot of fast food and water on the list of hangover helpers. Here are a few of our favorites.

melissa.jpg Lots of apple juice with sparkling water added along with a tuna, swiss cheese and egg salad sandwich. Oh my, that made me want to vomit just thinking about it -- but it really does help. Woman having head ache
annie.jpg I feel like coffee helps me with a food hangover. For booze, eggs, cheese, and potatoes always works.
susannah.jpg An Emergen-C, Diet Coke and a Big Mac. Works every time!
julie.jpg Mashed potatoes for lunch the next day. Never fails.
jackie.jpg A big breakfast burrito with eggs, potatoes, salsa, cheese -- the works. They also
say the best cure for a hangover is more alcohol!!! Blahhh!
jill.jpg Even though it's the LAST thing you feel like doing when you're head is throbbing, I've found the only way to feel better is to sweat it out -- combined with aspirin, water and greasy food, of course. As for food hangovers, I always find that water, water and more water is the only cure.
jennifer.jpg Coffee -- coffee -- coffee -- and hello, take two Advil before you go to sleep!
rachel.jpg Big Macs -- they cure almost anything -- but most importantly Saturday
morning hangovers.
dulce.jpg Coffee and Advil and Papa John's bread sticks (preferably together) have worked well for me.

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