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NeNe: "I LOVE Weaves!"

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"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" fan favorite NeNe Leakes sat down with momlogic about her money situation, who's NOT coming back for season two, her hair, Kim's hair and her plans for the future. And see below for some bonus NeNe video!

nene leakes

Momlogic sat down with the fiery NeNe Leakes who was ready to dish it all. And of course, we LOVED listening ...

momlogic: Did you know the show was going to be a hit?
From the moment we started taping the show, I knew it was going to be a hit. I KNEW people would gravitate to black women being housewives. I don't know what people think -- that black women live under a rock like we wouldn't have a nice house or a fly car. I don't understand -- like we wouldn't have plastic surgery ... they feel like just white girls do that. We do all that stuff ... I always knew that I would stand out.

momlogic: People seem to be obsessed with your hair. Tell us about your new look.
I have a new look. I have short hair. On the show I did have long hair and I did have extensions and people would say, "She's got a weave." Well, honey, I'm not denying (it). I LOVE weaves. I'm not denying it. I never once said "I'm (not) wearing extensions." Kim was trying to make an excuse for wearing a wig.

momlogic: Is everyone coming back for season 2?
DeShawn (Snow) is not coming back ... I think it was production's decision. From my understanding from talking to DeShawn, she wanted to be a part of the show ... and production decided they weren't going to option her for the second season. Production did not ask us our opinion ... I think the reason why DeShawn won't be on for second season is that she wasn't as outgoing or as talkative as we were. We're drama queens and to roll with us, you've got to be a drama queen. (DeShawn told Essence today she never saw it coming)

momlogic: Will there be a new housewife?
There will be a new housewife. I haven't met her yet. I don't even think there's one in place.

momlogic: Have you met the housewives from the other cities?
I met "Orange County" about six, seven months ago. Just the other night I had dinner with Jeana (Keough) and Gretchen (Rossi). Bethenny ("New York) ... and I are very close. I met Jill Zarin ("New York").

momlogic: Is there any truth to the rumors that you have money problems?
People are digging and prying into your personal life where they don't need to go and making up rumors about you -- lying about things that are not true ... The real deal is ... Most people don't have the opportunity to live in the type of homes that I've had the opportunity to live in. Whether I rent them, buy them it doesn't matter ... I live well and if you don't believe it, ring my doorbell and I'll show you ... My house is not rented.

momlogic: Has being on the show helped you or hurt you in terms of your status in Atlanta society?
I get a lot of love. I probably get more love than any other housewife ... I believe the reason is, I'm very real. I'm very humble. I'm not superficial. People can relate to me. I'm a human.

momlogic: Did you and Kim make up?
Kim and I are not friends. Although, we did have a glass of wine ... We're probably not going to be friends. I don't usually make the same mistake twice, but I'm willing to be civil.

momlogic: Would you wear "SHE" By Sheree (Castmate Sheree's new fashion line)?
I would wear "SHE" by Sheree. If Sheree made me something very, very nice, I'm sure she would want to put it on me. I've very popular. Who wouldn't want to wear what I'm wearing?

momlogic: Does that mean you'll be friends with Sheree again?
I doubt it, because you know what I say: I don't make the same mistake twice.

momlogic: What are your plans for the future?
I'm hoping to do a book on my life and domestic violence. I'd love to do a jewelry line, a handbag line ... I'd love to have my boutique hotel still. I'd love to act in Hollywood. I think I'd take Hollywood by storm. I don't even think they've seen anybody like me out here before. Have they? Do they have people in Hollywood who are really real and really really humble and really really happy and blessed and appreciative of what they have? Is there anybody like that here?

momlogic: Would you buy Kim's country album?
I don't think Kim is actually coming out with an album. If she does, I'll support Kim. But, you just stick around. I may just drop a single myself.

momlogic: You are taller and thinner in person than you appear on the show.
On the show, a lot of people thought I was a lot shorter and wider -- me too! When I saw myself on the show, I was like, 'Is that my arm?' I'm actually very tall and thin. People are very shocked when they see that. Also on the show I never wore make-up ... So when people see me they go, "For real, girl? We didn't even know I was that cute. We didn't even know you were that tall and skinny." I'm actually pretty fly. I'm a hot momma.

Check out some bonus footage of NeNe being NeNe!

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nc girl greensboro January 16, 2009, 4:57 PM

im glad there is aseason 2 nene i love u

Lauren January 17, 2009, 7:41 PM

First of all, if you have to rent your mansion, then you don’t have the means to be part of the real housewives cast. And atlanta’s real money lives in the Buckhead suburb. She couldn’t even afford to rent in a good suburb let alone own a home in an expensive area like the other women. How do you have a woman renting a house part of the same real housewives family where women live in $5M condos and houses? If she didn’t want people finding out that she is an average woman pretending to be wealthy, then she shouldn’t have signed up to do a TV show. Did she really think all the people she and her husband haven’t paid would keep quiet once they saw her on camera pretending to be rich?! If I was a landlord and my tenant wasn’t paying his rent, yet turned around and did flashing wealth TV show, I would bust their bubble also.

NeeCee July 28, 2009, 10:39 PM

I just want to ask ne ne who does her weeves in Atlanta

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