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How Much Are Octuplets Worth?

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How much is having a litter of children worth these days? Or, in other words, how much free sh** are the California octuplets going to get over the next three years? What do you think?

Eight babies

Radical Mommy: According to the USDA , in 2007 the average cost of raising child through the age of 17 was $204,060. Using that math, it that means that it will cost a minimum of $1,632,480 to raise the octuplets born Monday in California.

If other multiple births are anything to go by, the parents (I'm just assuming there are two) will be besieged by gifts, donations and offers to make their lives easier and take some of the financial burden off them. How nice.

So exactly how much is having a litter of children worth these days -- or, in other words, how much free sh** are they going to get over the next three years?

It's safe to say that some do-gooders will decide that the tiny apartment or house the family will return to when they leave the hospital is too small (based on past multiple births the parents normally live in places too small for their brood) so they will build, donate or whatever it is they do a gigantic brand-new home to them.

Since there are at least eight children in the family now (there could be other siblings, who knows), then they'll need a BIG house, with lots of room, and a yard for the kids to play. Let's be conservative and say the house is only 3,500 ft -- in California that will cost A MINIMUM of $1,000,000. Ka-ching!
Total = $1,000,000

Since they have a big new house, they are going to need furniture as well as the electronics, appliances, bedding etc ... Of course, all of that will also be donated to the tune of (I'm guessing) about $50,000. Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Ka-ching!
Total = $1,050,000

This family will also need LOTS and LOTS of diapers and, if my experience with my son serves as an example, they'll probably use a minimum of seven diapers a day per child. Multiply that by eight poopy bottoms and this brood will be using at least 56 diapers a day. In case you're wondering, that's about $20 a day in diapers and $3 per day in wipes -- for a whopping, total cost of $8372 per year and about $26,000 for the three-year period they will most likely be wearing some sort of diapers. Now I'm sure that some generous diaper company will come along and "sponsor" the family. Ka-ching!
Total = $1,076,000

In 2007, according to the USDA, clothing cost for children 0-3 (with parents whose income is less than $48,500 a year) ran about $340 per year. Do the math, and over three years the eight niblets will need approximately $8160 (let's round it up to $10,000) worth of duds. No doubt a clothing company will come along and donate clothing to the kids. Ka-ching!
Total = $1,086,000

Food (nearly $10,000 over three years for eight kids), volunteer labor to help look after the kiddies ($12/hour if you were paying a nanny -- but who would watch eight kids for that?), and most likely health care (as it's possible that some of these children might have medical problems that require assistance or some sort of therapy) will ALL be donated from a variety of different companies and individuals. Potential cost approximately $100,000. Ka-ching!
Total = $1,186,000

Let's not forget the brand-new, 12-passenger van that some generous car company will donate. After all, you have to have something to haul those little ones about in. Cost $35,000. Ka-ching!
Total = $1,221,000

Lest we forget, I'm sure some publicity-seeking college is going to come forward and offer all eight of the little rugrats scholarships to their higher learning institute. Let's calculate that donation as about $20,000 per child, per year -- that totals an astronomical $640,000. Ka-chingyding!
Total = $1,861,000

And last, but nowhere near least, is the money this family could potentially make from book deals, movie deals, magazine and TV interviews, speaking engagements, endorsements etc... This is VERY hard to calculate but I'm going to guess that they could probably make about $2,000,000 (yup, two million dollars) over the next few years. Ka,Ka,Ka-ching!
Total - $3,861,000

By no means is this all the possible LOOT this family could take in over the course of the kids' lifetime, but it's a start. And all I know is that when I had my son, all I got was a lousy blanket from the hospital. Maybe if I had known that I could possibly rake in a whopping $4,000,000, I would have tried to have seven more, all at once.

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Anonymous February 1, 2009, 1:45 PM

This young woman is definitely mentally ill and needs to be under medical supervision as her parents are not willing to prevent her from making irrational decisions detrimental to herself and society as a whole…………………..anonyomous

Margaret S. Austin February 1, 2009, 3:28 PM

Does anyone agree with my thoughts?

Robin S. February 1, 2009, 11:06 PM

Every time I think it can’t get worse…I hear more information and become even more shocked and disgusted by this story. This woman should get absolutely NO HELP from anybody!!!! She knew exactly what she was doing. No free diapers, no free housing , NOTHING!!!!! If she is not a citizen - she and her entire family should be deported. If she is a citizen - she should be kicked out!!!!! Does having these children (in our already overburdened healthcare system) make her a citizen if she isn’t? This is bulls***!!!! This is quite possibly the most irresponsible thing I’ve ever heard of!!!! No wonder she didn’t want any information told to the media about her…did she think we wouldn’t find out. Apparently there is no father, just a donor. It’s the grandfather that works out of the country - in Iraq of course…perfect!!!

glorizee February 2, 2009, 11:38 AM

again we see something wonderful spoiled by self centered individuals. fertility reatments,embryo,transplants, surrogate mothers are all advances made to help infertile couples. adoption for childless couples. all of these options are very costly. some more than others but all cost thousands of dollars to accomplish. of all the irresponsible things I have ever heard this one takes the cake. Just because you want something does not make it right. a lot of people had to be involved to make this happen they should all be held accountable.

Heather February 2, 2009, 10:52 PM

Why do all these people suggest adoption for her babies? So if I have wonderful lovely thick hair (and I do) am I supposed to share it with those who don’t? I have 8 brothers and sisters and it is a gift to be able to have some many siblings and to be raised WITH them. I only have one little girl, I was told that I might not be able to conceive, and my first daughter died during delivery; however, I WISH that I could have had 5 to 8 children. I was a teacher and I wonder if those writing in think about how teachers manage classrooms with 20 to 40 children? Even if she has 6 others at home, as the 8 children get older, it will get easier & they will be able to play together. It will be like a little classroom since they will go through all the stages at the same time together. When multiples get older & are the SAME age, it is easier than children that are different ages (this is the REASON that classrooms are grouped by age in public schools).

Heather February 2, 2009, 11:06 PM

Margaret S. Austin - I will respond. I think that it is insulting of people to ask or suggest to a mother to give up her babies. They are babies and not dogs, children not plants. I have 8 brothers and sisters that lived, and about 10 that were miscarried or stillborn. I am SO GLAD that none of us had been adopted. My mother was a foster child, she was never adopted but lost almost all of her dozen siblings. When she finally found them, they were all dead. It was so sad. After leaving the finance industry to teach (because I was told that I could not conceive), I managed 30 to 40 children in a classroom. Raising multiples can be easier as they get older because they are all on the same level. The perfect family is not always a mother, father, and two children, a boy & girl. I would much rather have had my 8 siblings than just a father or mother, period. After many years on earth, spouses come and go (sometimes it works out, sometimes they cheat, sometimes divorce happens, sometimes they die) but brothers and sisters are ALWAYS brothers and sisters. My daughter is an only child, and though she has friends, she is still lonelier than I ever was. Maybe everyone should read the book My Own Room Mi Propio Cuartito - true story - this little girl shared a room with 7 brothers and she loved them all dearly. Sometimes her family let other relatives with even more children stay in a 2 bedroom - guess what, they had lots of love. Read that story and write me after you do. I will respond.

Heather February 2, 2009, 11:17 PM

As I read all these posts on momlogic about how upset everyone seems to be over these miracle babies. I wonder, do all of the posters who are concerned with taxpayers money supporting these children write in to their state representatives about not wanting to support murders who behead small children and rapists who brutally torture little girls & women? I sure hope all the posters who are outraged about their taxes supporting mothers on welfare are just as enraged about paying for rapists and murderers cable, college education, and work out equipment while they are in jail. And are these posters also teaching children not to use drugs, pot, cocaine, cigarettes, and alcohol - all of which kill the brain cells & other cells and contribute to various disease? Also do all these outraged posters make sure that others eat healthy as to prevent the costs of obesity as well as make sure others know the ills of eating too much sugar because taxpayers will be paying for those who get type II diabetes and insurance companies will up their premiums each year due to their members having ill health which could have been prevented from eating right & eating less sugar. Just wondering if everyone is just completely against single mothers on welfare or if they also are involved in all the other issues - which are more important and pressing since multiple births like this are quite rare.

Tracy February 3, 2009, 4:48 PM

My best friend and her husband will be going through IVF for the 2nd time (1st time did not work) this month and she called me outraged and asked me to put in a post for her. She is SO sad that that they are having such a hard time getting 1 embryo and here comes this woman who already has 6 kids and gets 8 embryos not to mention how unsafe that is for the babies. It sounds to me as if this woman was only looking out for HER one interest $$$. I hope DSS is all over her, because it sounds to me as if she CLEARLY has poor decision making skills. I just hope she is not able to cause to much emotional damage to those babies by parading them around there should be some kind of law against that to!!!

jillian February 5, 2009, 4:39 AM

This 33 year old single woman (Nadya Suleman) was unemployed, had 6 children under 8 (one of which has autism), was already receiving Welfare and lived with her bankrupt parents. She then intentionally had 8 embryos implanted in her. Her mother stated that she went to Mexico to have this procedure done, which probably would be the case since the supposed Sperm Donor wouldn’t give his consent to use the embryos after he got married last year and she would have needed his consent in the U.S.

Who did Nadya think was going to pay for her 14 children???? The taxpayers of course. She shouldn’t be rewarded by anyone (Social Services, the public or Media outlets etc.) for her selfishness and arrogance. She’s a selfish spoiled brat who wants to use the Welfare System the way she used her parents all these years.

jillian February 5, 2009, 4:40 AM

This 33 year old single woman (Nadya Suleman) was unemployed, had 6 children under 8 (one of which has autism), was already receiving Welfare and lived with her bankrupt parents. She then intentionally had 8 embryos implanted in her. Her mother stated that she went to Mexico to have this procedure done, which probably would be the case since the supposed Sperm Donor wouldn’t give his consent to use the embryos after he got married last year and she would have needed his consent in the U.S.

Who did Nadya think was going to pay for her 14 children???? The taxpayers of course. She shouldn’t be rewarded by anyone (Social Services, the public or Media outlets etc.) for her selfishness and arrogance. She’s a selfish spoiled brat who wants to use the Welfare System the way she used her parents all these years.

furios February 6, 2009, 2:51 AM

To the mother with the 4 year old twin girls. Wake up! She already had 6 children to begin with. Is that not a family? Was she not happy with 6? These people are sucking our system dry and they will continue to do it since there are people like you that will give in to them and give them FREE handouts!

Outraged February 6, 2009, 2:03 PM

I love this article. It says it all. I am glad to see so many people who feel the same way I do about this.

Responsible Single Mom February 8, 2009, 12:13 AM

Heather, you are missing the point completely. People are not against single mothers, or supporters of rapists or people who force feed their kids junk. The reason that people whelping a litter of 8 puppies is because IT’S NOT HEALTHY OR NATURAL IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM! If this woman wanted children she should have done so RESPONSIBLY! As in planned to make sure that she COULD care for them, which it is quite obvious that she CAN NOT. You don’t say ‘I want one more baby’ and then fill your belly with more then you should carry. You FINISH SCHOOL FIRST. Not after. You GET A GOOD JOB THAT WILL ENABLE YOU TO CARE FOR THE CHILDREN FIRST, not years down the line. She says she will drop everything to care for these babies, yet how are you supposed to get a masters degree while holding and cuddling and giving YOUR ALL to 14 children?? It’s hard enough to do without any! Not to mention in this economy, when people are losing their homes and jobs left and right, who does she think she’s kidding with such ridiculous statements? Obviously she has you fooled Heather. Why isn’t she home caring for her other precious babies as well? Where is her autistic son? Humane societies and law enforcement remove animals from the homes of horders who let their animals live in squalor because they care more about having them then caring for them. Where are this womans other children? Why isn’t she home caring for her other precious babies as well?

Pandora February 8, 2009, 9:48 AM

I agree that 14 kids are too many in today’s society, especially for a disabled single mother living at home and using government funds to support herself. What gets me is that none of this pregnancy was unplanned and there were multiple people involved- from doctors to parents- that could have regulated the process so much better.

I do, however, take issue with this article’s author. There is way too much circumspect and generalization; it’s sensationalistic, and that’s the last thing this “news” topic needs.

One question I haven’t seen brought up: who paid the fertility specialist? IVF is not free. Was it the parents that condoned the expense, and all the implications that IVF would lead to? WOW.

Anonymous February 8, 2009, 2:00 PM

I read so many cruel comment regarding this issue, we got to remember those children are innocent. The mother should seek mental attention. The goverment should take these children away from this mother.

flo February 8, 2009, 2:52 PM

Half of all monies collected should be put into a fund to repay all delivery costs and future expenses of raising these fourteen children so that the cost is not out of our pockets or our taxes. Also the fertility clinic should be financially responsibility in some way so that they carefully screen the mental stability of their patients. science is a wonderful thing lets work to keep it that way with some common sense.

Crys February 8, 2009, 2:57 PM

Dear Come On,
Where is your logic in ‘I don’t want them to have a dime! Let them starve!’ followed by ‘I don’t want them to suffer!’. You can’t be nasty, selfish, and hateful, then think saying you hope they don’t suffer makes you a good person. Basically you’re saying “I don’t want them to suffer, but they’re going to suffer anyway (which you’re basing on your ability to take care of 14 children, not the abilities of a woman we really know absoltely nothing about), so let’s not help so they die and we’re all good people again”.
As for those who condemn her for ‘her poor decisions’ I’d like to hear from those who haven’t done something that, in the end, turned out to be not the rosie situation you had imagined. I’m still not saying she won’t do a fine job. No one will know, and perhaps we could all pull our heads back out & consider the fact each of us, in many ways, benefits from each other, therefore we have no right to decide who gets what. I really, sincerely hope that anyone who wishes ill, directly or indirectly, on this woman and her children suffer an injustice later in life so they can know what it’s like to be in need with everyone around you blathering on about what a horrible person you are. What wonderful justice that would be.

J February 11, 2009, 9:05 AM

Who paid for the invitro? The Dr. should be locked up. Who is paying for the hospital bill of 1.3 million? This is unbeleivable. On Ann Curry’s interview-the mom had fake nails, was all dressed up, and you can tell she has had plastic surgery-or at least collagen in her lips. Where does all of this cash come from. The babies should be taken away and given to parents who really want and cannot have children. At least they would have a future instead of being a cash cow for their fake money hungry mother.

Anonymous February 17, 2009, 1:51 PM

WOW - What a bunch of cynical, angry, awful people that comment on this story. It breaks my heart. For those of you who don’t have any feelings and don’t know what it’s like to want a family so bad you’ll go through anything to have it, I pity you. I have so mucb to say, but it’s not worth my time to even try to get through to you losers.

lulu March 6, 2009, 10:01 PM

I hope all of these children get taken away from her! and hope nothing is given to her. wat a horrible person she is doing this to her children! Even if she had all the money in the world, how can she have the time to give these children the individual time they need! Those doctors should be hung in my opinion.

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