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I Choose Hope...

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Momlogic sent Naila and her daughter Kennedy to the inauguration to share their first-hand experiences from DC. As they make the journey home to LA, Naila takes a look back at the journey of a lifetime.

barack obama swearing in and nalia and daughter

Guest blogger Naila Culpepper: I am back on the West Coast now ... barely escaping Washington in time to make our flight out of Dulles. My daughter is passed out in my bed, clothes still on, last heard muttering: "Do Malia and Sasha have to go to school tomorrow? if not, do I have to?"

Once airborne, I was sure that I would collapse into a coma. Instead, I found myself with eyes closed, listening to the myriad of conversations around me -- all centered around the once-in-a-lifetime event we had just witnessed. A college kid from Oklahoma who met "I'm sure my future wife, man," he told his friend, while buying hand-warmers. A family who hadn't planned to attend the inauguration because their hotel was on Pennsylvania Avenue ... but because they were unable to get to their hotel, they instead witnessed the inauguration from the street in four pairs of socks and high-heeled shoes. A young boy telling his dad "Malia is cute." And the flight attendant next to me who, like me, had voted for Bush both terms but cast her vote for Obama in part because his eyes "seemed honest."

For those I encounter who are still cyncial and unsure whether or not this has just been an elaborate Hollywood act featuring a president with rock star appeal ... I can only laugh. The screenplay of President Obama's meteoric rise would definitely fall into the pass category. Much too far-fetched.

Barack Hussein Obama is anything but a rock star. He is a man who made his own luck, worked hard, mastered the art of listening, and fashioned himself a leader even when very few believed it. Barack paid close attention and saw a country that he loved, our country at a crossroads, and he decided to act with bridges and not divisive tools, choosing at every turn to applaud and respect his former opponents -- not to win votes but because that is the man he is.

If you are unsure of him because of his politics, pay attention to the husband and father he is, and listen to what your heart tells you. I have learned in my own assesement of people that much can be garnered by how a man treats his family.

Barack Obama has made hope hip, has made kindness fashionable again ... the mass exodus of Americans from all walks of life who came, stood, and braved the cold and the lines just to see history is the proof of life needed.

I will always remember the millions of jubliant faces in Washington, the invisible current of unity, rather than the few in the corners and shadows, who still hold hatred because it's more familiar than acceptance.

I choose hope.

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Amy Van Cleave January 21, 2009, 8:48 PM

Stupids Mom who has no logic. Could put a child on website, that is propgandy, from Nizi’s we could the people be trying you’re Mom. By the way did Obama approved this message? Parents should have a lisence to have children not just internet access.

Sanra January 21, 2009, 9:04 PM

To the comment above…
Are you literate? or just a bad speller?
I’ve read three actually four times and I still have no idea exactly what your point was…

is..will be…prior to commenting next time, take a grammar and English class.

I liked the post.

Kristin January 21, 2009, 9:33 PM

I completely agree with Sanra. Was that English you were attempting to write Amy? Next time you decide to publicly put your “two-cents” in, make sure it’s readable to avoid humiliating yourself with witless words. I think Naila is a GREAT mother to raise her daughter to be aware and a part of American history. She will forever be inspired and greatful of this momentous event she was able to experience.

Crystal Gonzales January 21, 2009, 11:37 PM

I found those words in his speech terrible and offending. 47 million people voted for the republican ticket, Hundreds of thousands, myself included voted 3d party.. those words of his leads one to think that if we did not vote for him we voted for fear or out of fear and were beat out by hope.

sarah January 22, 2009, 12:11 AM

what do i choose………..another president please ….
i choose a president that does not flip flop
does not have terrorist ties
does not hang out with hate mongering revs.
i choose a president i can be proud of
and its not mr obama

Bobby Jones January 22, 2009, 1:47 AM

I “HOPE” President Obama gets a handle on the African American criminals that are running rampant in our streets.

Bvicqoww June 22, 2009, 4:29 AM

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