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Inauguration Countdown

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Guest blogger Ronda Kaysen: Inauguration parties are already underway, but things really kick off Saturday with a dizzying array of banquets, dinners, galas and tributes. If you're counting yourself one of the lucky two million people who will descend on Washington D.C. Tuesday, be prepared for a logistical nightmare of street closures, parking vortexes and abundant Jersey barriers. To make your trip somewhat bearable, the Washington Post put together a much-needed survival guide. Oh, and it's going to be cold. Very cold.

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Still think you'll go? Well, if you do -- and if you're one of the lucky few who scored a ticket to one of the myriad inaugural balls, here's a bit of advice from Washington Post staffer Roxanne Roberts: wear flats.

If you're feeling left out of the Obama fever, you're not alone. The Gray Lady herself got jilted. Obama snubbed the New York Times political team: He didn't give them a pre-inauguration sit-down interview, despite tradition. He did, however, have dinner with a bunch of conservative columnists and breakfast with the liberals.

Chances are, you're like one of the 300 million Americans who didn't score a ticket to the big day and didn't get a personal sit-down with the new President. Don't worry, thanks to cable T.V., you won't miss a thing. MSNBC plans to blast its wall-to-wall coverage on movie screens and in coffee houses around the country. Thank God for Rachel Maddow! Starbucks is getting in on the action, too, with live simulcasts in coffee houses in New York City, Seattle and San Francisco. Sorry all you Beltway residents, if you're unlucky enough not to have access to the inauguration, you won't be able to watch it at your local Starbucks either. You'll just get to enjoy the traffic.

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