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Inauguration Media Coverage

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Guest blogger Ronda Kaysen: If you can't make it to D.C. to witness history, we've got you covered. Here's a roundup of how you can get a front row ticket to the Inauguration. No ball gown required.


CNN and Facebook. Live coverage starts on CNN at 8 AM. If you're as addicted to Facebook as we are, you don't even need to pry the kids away from Dora the Explorer to see what's happening. Facebook is teeming up with CNN to offer live video streaming of the events. Get your obsessive status updates from all of your friends all day long by signing up at

Oprah! Oprah's two-day inauguration event got some serious mileage when Jill Biden told the world that her husband was offered a choice between Secretary of State or Vice President. (He turned down the Secretary of State gig so he could spend more time with his family, Jill said.) Today's coverage promises to be as juicy. Broadcasting from the Kennedy Center, the lineup includes, Demi Moore, Usher, Anderson Cooper and Bono. Oprah attended a secret dinner with the president elect and 100 other of his closest friends on Sunday night. If you have a hunch when teary Oprah will get weepy today, take a guess on Predictify. They're trying to predict which news outlet will be the first to release pictures of her crying.

FOX News hits the road today asking Americans what they think of the Inauguration and the new president. There will be live blogging all day on the website and live streaming video of the events. We can only wonder what's next for Dick Cheney's favorite news channel.

CBS News CBS News will air live all day beginning at 7 AM on T.V. and on At 10 PM Katie Couric will host a Webcast to reflect on the day's events with CBS reporters, political experts and pundits. Submit your questions online and they may get answered. Back in Alaska, Sarah Palin will be glued to CBS all day waiting for her nemesis to stumble.

MSNBC Coverage starts at 6 AM with a special edition of Morning Joe. By 8 AM the live coverage will be underway with the MSNBC crew. Rabid Keith Olbermann might need to send out his resume now that his "Bushed" segment is officially old news.

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