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Work Less Than 40 Hours A Week

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Here's how.

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What do aircraft pilots, biochemists, and tree trimmers all have in common? They work less than 40 hours a week! According to a recent article on, the 2008 American Time Use Survey (conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics) concluded that most people are still working an average of eight hours a day with a median annual income (per household) of $26,036 per year.

It's hard to imagine with imminent layoffs and the economic climate the way it is that anybody has the "luxury" of working "banker's hours." In fact, many of the jobs listed earn well over the median annual income: Pilots, copilots and flight engineers, average $98.48 an hour. Law teachers are close behind, averaging $96.32 an hour, followed by optometrists, who average $52.77 an hour.

Here's a list of 20 jobs that actually require 40 hours of labor in a work week, and exceed the median annual income level in pay:

1. Aircraft pilots, co-pilots and flight engineers
Hours/week: 23.5
Hours/year: 1,215
Annual earnings: $119,658

2. Biological scientist
Hours/week: 38.4
Hours/year: 1,992
Annual earnings: $65,329

3. Biochemist and biophysicist
Hours/week: 37.5
Hours/year: 1,947
Annual earnings: $69,681

4. Bus driver
Hours/week: 35.9
Hours/year: 1,613
Annual earnings: $26,107

5. Clinical, counseling and school psychologists
Hours/week: 38.1
Hours/year: 1,693
Annual earnings: $59,595

6. Dental assistant
Hours/week: 35.6
Hours/year: 1,849
Annual earnings: $30,895

7. Desktop publisher
Hours/week: 38.7
Hours/year: 2,007
Annual earnings: $36,858

8. Directors, religious activities and education
Hours/week: 38.1
Hours/year: 1,978
Annual earnings: $48,243

9. Educational, vocational and school counselors
Hours/week: 37.9
Hours/year: 1,712
Annual earnings: $50,075

10. Fitness trainers and aerobics instructors
Hours/week: 38.0
Hours/year: 1,976
Annual earnings: $35,262

11. Insurance underwriter
Hours/week: 38.6
Hours/year: 2,005
Annual earnings: $63,157

12. Interpreters and translators
Hours/week: 34.1
Hours/year: 1,687
Annual earnings: $35,853

13. Law clerk
Hours/week: 38.4
Hours/year: 1,961
Annual earnings: $46,539

14. Law teacher, post-secondary
Hours/week: 35.2
Hours/year: 1644
Annual earnings: $158,353

15. Miscellaneous media and communications workers
Hours/week: 36.7
Hours/year: 1,852
Annual earnings: $38,698

16. Optometrist
Hours/week: 37.7
Hours/year: 1,959
Annual earnings: $103,375

17. Psychologist
Hours/week: 38.2
Hours/year: 1,722
Annual earnings: $59,543

18. Speech-language pathologist
Hours/week: 37.5
Hours/year: 1,611
Annual earnings: $53,499

19. Telephone operator
Hours/week: 38.7
Hours/year: 2,009
Annual earnings: $29,877

20. Tree trimmers and pruners
Hours/week: 37.2
Hours/year: 1,898
Annual earnings: $35,644

If you work full-time outside the home, do you work less than 40 hours per week?

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Heman Womanhater January 22, 2009, 2:38 PM

Women need to quit working and get back in the kitchen

Anonymous January 22, 2009, 5:48 PM

Teachers work more than that. They do after school programs, have to lesson plan, and grade papers. All of this is not calculated into your hours and salary.

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