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John Travolta's Last Words to Jett

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The ambulance driver opens up about what happened on that tragic ride to the hospital and an official cause of death is determined.

John and Jett Travolta

New details are emerging about what happened inside the ambulance that rushed Jett to the hospital January 2. Ambulance driver Tarino Lightbourn, the first paramedic on the scene, tells Inside Edition that John Travolta said, "Jett, come on, come around!" A weeping Kelly Preston took her son's lifeless hand, saying, "Come on, baby, come on, Jett!"

Lightbourn says he could hear John Travolta say, "God, please help me," and Preston asked, "Do you think he'll be okay?"

Lightbourn says he witnessed John Travolta's last words to his son: "I love you Jett and I'm sorry."

Meanwhile, the Bahamanian Ministry of Health confirmed Monday that the autopsy for John Travolta's son was complete, but It could be weeks before doctors know for sure what killed him, says the American pathologist who performed the autopsy on Anna Nicole Smith's son, Daniel, when he died in the Bahamas in 2007. A death certificate at the funeral home where Jett's body was taken lists "seizure" as the cause of death, although final autopsy results are weeks away.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, while not involved in 16-year-old Jett Travolta's autopsy, which was completed Monday in the Bahamas, says he expects the two pathologists performing the autopsy to come up with one of three findings.

"If it's a traumatic death of a definitive nature, they will know that today," Wecht tells FOX News, referring to reports that Jett Travolta hit his head in a fall in a bathroom in the family's vacation home.

"But a hematoma doesn't kill you," he says, referring to the visible knot on someone's head resulting from blunt trauma. "But if the hematoma is associated with a fracture or hemorrhage inside the skull, called a subdural hematoma, that could lead to traumatic death."

Dr. Wecht would be surprised, however, if a fall in a bathroom is ruled the cause of death.

"Usually a fall to the floor does not result in death," he said. "There is usually not enough velocity from a fall of that short a distance."

The Travoltas have said that Jett suffered from Kawasaki Disease, so "they'll be examining that as well," says Wecht. "It has a very low death rate, but it can cause sudden death by aneurysm."

If both a subdural hematoma and a Kawasaki-related event are ruled out, Jett's history of convulsive seizures could be considered.

"But if it's a convulsive seizure disorder, they won't find anything," Wecht says. "There is nothing of significance to find, anatomically speaking. The only way you can make that diagnosis is if you rule out everything else, including drugs in a toxicology report. If that is the case, that could take a couple of weeks."

Wecht performed his autopsy on Daniel Smith alongside the Bahamanian coroner, and co-signed his report. He says co-signing the report is customary unless the independent coroner submits his own as a matter of course, or if the two differ on the cause of death.

"The local pathologist takes the lead because it's his territory," Wecht says. "The only reason you have to [file your own] is if there are some areas, or an area on which you disagree."

Bahamian Minister of Health Hubert Minnis declined to offer coment on any of the autopsy results Monday.

Reports have emerged suggesting that the Travolta family may intend to keep the autopsy results private.

"If there is no evidence of criminality, and if police have no questions or suspicions, and there are no drugs are involved, the family has the right to keep the autopsy private," Wecht says.

"If it proves to be a natural death, albeit a most tragic one, then they will be able to keep the autopsy results from the public."

Our thoughts are with the family in this difficult time.

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