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Meet the Worst Mom in the World

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She did the unthinkable to her own child. How do evil people like this exist?

rickeeta johnson

This Atlanta mother, Rickeeta Johnson, moved out of her bed and forced her 11-year-old daughter to sleep there so her father could rape and molest her. Just sick!

The charges filed on December 31, 2008 cover a six-month time span in 2007. The father, Donquan Rushin, would allegedly make the girl stand in the middle of a room for hours if she resisted his advances -- sometimes until 3 AM. When the child became exhausted, she would give in to her parents and submit to rape and molestation just so she would be allowed to get some sleep.

Rickeeta Johnson bought the girl alcohol and plied her with vodka to help keep her compliant. When the girl complained, Rickeeta told her to just "lie back and do it."

During a CPS investigation into the girl's reported abuse, Johnson and Rushin admitted raping and molesting their daughter.

Our hearts just break for this little girl.

Warrants were issued for the couple on New Year's Eve. On January 5, Rickeeta Johnson was booked into the Clayton County Jail and charged with rape, sodomy, statutory rape, incest, aggravated child molestation, enticing a child, and providing alcohol to a minor. Her bond was denied on Tuesday, January 6, and she remains in custody pending trial.

Donquan Rushin, however, is still at large. Warrants have been issued for his arrest on the same seven charges his wife is facing. Police believe that Rushin and Johnson separated after talking to police and Child Protective Services, and that Rushin has fled to avoid prosecution. We hope he is brought to justice very soon and thrown behind bars where he belongs.

What would you like to say to this mother?

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Kathy January 8, 2009, 3:45 PM

The death penalty is too good for these people!
I say an eye for an eye, let them feel what this poor child has gone through!!

Naivasha Williams January 8, 2009, 4:16 PM

What would I say to this mother? I wouldn’t have many words for her at all. A lot of fists and torture but no words. How could you do that to your own childe? How could you do that to any childe? People are absolutely SICK!!

Jenean January 8, 2009, 4:33 PM

I’m speechless and utterly disgusted. Any follow up on what is happening with the girl? I hope that they didn’t screw up her life forever :(

Survivor January 8, 2009, 4:37 PM

As an incest survivor, I can tell you there are no words, no actions, no prayers, nothing that can take away what was done to her. It will become part of the fabric of the woman she becomes. She will always feel shame that was never hers, but the bonds of parenthood are very strong, and she will try to reconcile the abuse against her love for her parents. The only way she will become whole is when she can truly forgive these people, for then she will have won over them. Forgiveness is simply acceptance that this occurred and the release of anger toward her abusers. It’s so difficult to explain, but there is peace in one’s heart that comes with forgiveness. She will never forget, but I hope that she can one day find peace.

As much as I would like to see vengeance, it serves no purpose other than perpetuating the violence.

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy January 8, 2009, 4:40 PM

That’s unforgivable. There are seats in hell reserved for people like them.

shauna January 8, 2009, 4:50 PM

There is no way we can call this woman a mother. This is unforgivable and sickening. I pray for the young girl’s future. I am appalled by this story and my heart is broken.

CAROL January 8, 2009, 4:59 PM


disgusted  January 8, 2009, 5:03 PM

these insane, disgusting, inhuman horrors do NOT deserve prison (where they will be protected, eat well and watch cable TV).

i recommend no prosecution… no jail time… just let them both go… but put their address and pictures on the front page of yahoo.

the world will provide justice.

disgusted  January 8, 2009, 5:07 PM

these insane, disgusting, inhuman horrors do NOT deserve prison (where they will be protected, eat well and watch cable TV).

i recommend no prosecution… no jail time… just let them both go… but put their address and pictures on the front page of yahoo.

the world will provide justice.

Anonymous January 8, 2009, 5:26 PM

Both of them should dragged over glass then pour rubbing alcohol on them and that still would not be enough justice.
They are sick. I can’t imagine what she was feeling know her own parents doing this to her.

cam January 8, 2009, 9:34 PM

I…um…really. I can’t believe that something like this could happen. I just don’t understand. this poor little girl. I hoe that she is getting the help that she needs physically and mentally.

Redhot January 8, 2009, 9:50 PM

They need to put the father’s picture out on the news so that we all could be looking for him, Nationwide before he can do this to another girl. Are these parents on crack?????? What planet are they from????? Is he the Biological father of the child??? I have my bestfriend in Middle school was being molester by her step dad and her mom still let him stay with them and he continued to do it. He got arrested and they got out of jail, the cop find him back at the house again. All her mom could do was crying and saying ” he promise he wouldn’t do it again”. Are some of us (women) so desperated for love that we would allow mosters do bad things to our children? or some of these women are just as stupid as it gets.

Anonymous January 8, 2009, 10:09 PM


Anonymous January 8, 2009, 10:34 PM

To disgusted to read the whole story but why not post Donquan Rushin’s picture here too?

Jo January 8, 2009, 10:57 PM

To the little girl and commentor Survivor- My heart breaks for you and I feel helpless. I’m not a religious type of person, but feel I can only pray for your strength for you and other victims. My dd is 11 and I cannot fathom what you are going through nor want to.

Miranda January 8, 2009, 11:40 PM

There are no words that can express my disgust!!!! How can a mother allow this, much less condone and help with it, to happen to their own child? This poor little girl. If anyone ever touched my dd, look for me in prison, because I would commit murder.

jane January 9, 2009, 8:45 AM

my frist thought when i seen meet the worst mom in the world,was that some woman had left her child somewhere or was unfit and not taking care of the child. not in my wildest dream was i looking to read something this disguting.all i could do as i read it was sake my head.i said for sure she is no mother. a mother take care of her children and make sure that no one else harm’s her child. i think more of my female dog than i do of her as a dog wouldn’t let anyone near her puppies and she took very good care of them .and to think you have human being that can take lesson from a dog, that really sad. my prayer is with the little girl, the god bless her and see her through this. it is the most disgusting thing i have ever heard of. and i hope and pray that they catch the man that calls his self a father,he have people that is waiting for him in prison.

Ben's Momma January 9, 2009, 10:31 AM

That is so sick. People like that should be chained up and tortured.

anon January 9, 2009, 11:23 AM

to disgusted - child molesters arent as welcomed in prison as they really are. the moment they get into jail and the other inmates hear about what they did to the poor child, they will get their dues.

eb January 9, 2009, 1:50 PM

it’s heartbreaking.
abuse knows no race, just the human race.
poor child, that was extreme torture. the only bright spot is that she finally got help, and involved the law.

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