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More People Should Be On Antidepressants

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Guest blogger Gina: Recent articles in major news publications have decried the so-called overuse of antidepressants in American society.

Woman holding pills

Overuse? Really?

In the America that I live in, a lot more people -- especially moms -- need to be taking them.

I'm not advocating that we all start popping Prozac if we have one bad day, but the cumulative pressures put on most women these days is enough to make even the most capable of supermoms feel chronically overwhelmed, anxious, and downtrodden.

Life is simply too short to deny ourselves and our families the opportunity for happiness, or at least perspective. Why wallow in despair when we don't need to? Being a martyr is so 1950s. Modern medicine is a gift and no one should feel guilty or ashamed to use it to better their lives.

Yes! Do all of the things that your doctor recommends to relieve stress and lift yourself up: exercise regularly, eat better, talk to a counselor, learn a hobby, and count your blessings. But when all that doesn't work...take a pill for Pete's sake!

Everyone in your life -- including you -- will be glad that you did.

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Jeff Wilson January 28, 2009, 8:42 AM

These comments seem simple enough except for the fact that the pills do not work as advertised. These “miracle” drugs are effective less than 30% of the time and are addictive. There is no such thing as a “happy” pill. Our society has turned normal emotions and feelings into a disease and sells a product to “fix” it. For the real story see Besides if you take a pill to deal with your problems then you are teaching your children to deal with their problems in the same way.

Mary Scott January 28, 2009, 10:27 AM

I totally agree with the story.I have had to take Zoloft and it has helped me out so much. I feel better, I’m alot less stressed. My family life is alot better. I for one am glad to have the options.

Weekends Off January 28, 2009, 1:53 PM

In my opinion more people need to get a grip and learn to deal with issues without the use of drugs.
Grow up, life happens and it isn’t always pleasant and it doesn’t always make you feel happy. Sometimes it just flat out sucks. Learn to deal, learn to roll with the punches and get off the artifical drugs and chemicals!

Father of the Year January 28, 2009, 5:23 PM

Wow! I just read this post as well as Gina’s post about neglecting her one year old to give herself a hairdo (Is the “i” in GINA pronounce with a long or short sound?).
It seems to me that Gina has not committed to parenthood and that maybe her kid is an accessory and not the most important thing in her life, as it should be. Guilt & shame are important feelings. Feeling them means you have a moral compass and know right from wrong. It is WRONG to pop a pill and dull yourself against life’s situations. You should feel GUILT about not having the intestinal fortitude to work through issues by building strength instead of caving in to a weakness. Teach your kid to run from every problem and pop a pill, take a drink, or smoke a cigarette to get through the day. You will be raising a bigger whiney, self-centered, loser than yourself. And why don’t you try spending some REAL interactive time with your kid instead of wasting time writing your insipid posting.

Weekends Off January 29, 2009, 5:57 PM

I think I have a crush on Father of the Year!

Jennifer March 4, 2009, 4:56 PM

i think the people that say antidepressants arent needed are just the people that dont need them. If you have never experienced depression and anxiety then don’t try to tell others that they shouldn’t try medication.
its working for me and i am also in counseling.

mary May 3, 2009, 6:36 PM

Terrible advice!

The mantality “a pill for every ill” is so misguided it’s scary.

These drugs destroy lives and relationships everyday.


They are NOT harmless.

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