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Net Nanny Kicks Supernanny's Butt

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Supernanny is great, but Homeschool Mom says Net Nanny is the bomb.


It's Net Nanny and I against the deluge of crap that is at my children's fingertips.

I have a nanny who monitors my son's every move on the Internet. She won't even let him online without an okay by me. She is so sensitive to smut she will even lock him out of because of the chance he might be sneaking a peek at the intimate apparel somewhere on the website.

Sometimes she is a bit heavy-handed with her worry about hate and violence on the 'net and will even prevent my ten-year-old from visiting her homework website. Well, WWII was filled with quite a bit of hate and violence.

Best of all, she sends me e-mails telling me she blocked my hormone-driven kid from "a girls making out video" he had tried to access. I love her. She keeps track of how many minutes my kids spend on the Internet and on what type of site. She makes a lovely pie chart that gives me at-a-glance updates on what the little darlings are up to.

If I don't want the kids to go to chat rooms, she blocks them all, including Webkinz's. This might seem severe, except you can't always trust the conversation of a chipmunk, can you?

I have to say the $39.95 I spent downloading her was the best money I ever spent on a babysitter. And she doesn't eat, have boyfriends, or text.

Net Nanny, you're my best friend!

Do you police your kid's Internet activity?

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Uly January 23, 2009, 12:37 PM

1. Netnanny and *me* against the deluge of crap, not and *I*. Why? Because you would say “It’s me against this”, never “It’s I against this”. The pronoun doesn’t change just because you added another person.

2. I still don’t get what’s so hard about having a computer in a public place and hanging out there while your kid is online.

Anon January 23, 2009, 6:54 PM

I agree with Uly, the computer should be in a public space that you monitor. My son has a time limit and I set a timer. When it rings, he gets off. If he fusses at all, he is banned from the computer for a week. It’s very simple and he follows the rules because he knows the consiquences. He can get a computer for his room when he goes off to college and by then he’ll be 18 and I hope I would have raised him correctly.

Grammar Nanny January 24, 2009, 12:35 PM

I have to disagree with Uly on one important point: It’s “Netnanny and I” not “Netnanny and me.” In the contraction “it’s” the ‘s stands for “is” which was, the last time I checked, a linking verb, necessitating the use of a predicate nominative. Any educated person would say “It is I, ” not “It is me.” I would further say that I wouldn’t deign to correct someone’s grammar who is only attempting to help others (in a way other than teaching a grammar lesson). It makes you seem like a pretentious snob, and since you were the one who actually erred, you now seem like an idiotic pretentious snob. Just accept the endorsement of the product or don’t. Leave the grammar to the true grammarians! Who says so? It is I.

Grammar Fan January 24, 2009, 4:19 PM

You go Grammar Nanny!

Grandma Sue January 29, 2009, 9:32 PM

You spent $39.95 for someone else to watch your son’s habits on the computer? She is not in your house? You believe her because she sends you pie charts and phones you at your office? Honey, take the cable to work with you and save $39.95 and take your son to a movie. Don’t answer any email from people in far off places who say you have won the lottery but they need money in order to send you the prize. You have overstated your intelligence.

Grandma Sue January 29, 2009, 9:37 PM

Oh, I see, you are the net-nanny and advertizing for more business. I can not believe any one falls for this scam.

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