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New Year's Resolutions Suck!

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It's only been a few days, but most of us have already failed at keeping our resolutions. Why? Cause they suck.

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Quit smoking, stop swearing, get in shape, find love....It's one thing to write them down, and another to keep them. In fact, many of us have already reached for those leftover holiday cookies although we were supposed to be on diets. Here's who has quit on their resolutions in our office...have you?


I vowed not to complain or gossip. I did both by 12:05 AM January 1st. You can take the girl out of Jersey ...


I wanted to spend less money ... with all the after-new year bargains and endless teen girl desperate needs -- this isn't even possible!

annie.jpg I said I wouldn't talk, text, or email while I drove anymore. Yeaaaaaaah. I practically wrote a novel to a friend on the way to work today.
andrea.jpg I failed because I never even got around to making a list!
julie.jpg I tried not to swear -- lasted about 5 minutes. The diet I have resolved to begin hasn't started yet!
jackie.jpg Turn complaining into gratitude. It's not possible, when you have a boyfriend who goes to the bathroom with the door open. I am ALLOWED to complain. Pfftt.
jennifer.jpg Drink less. That went out the window at 12:01 AM. Yay for me!

Have YOU given up on your resolutions already too?

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