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Obamapalooza Is In Full Swing!

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Momlogic's Lindsey: To be in Washington D.C. during this historic moment is completely surreal. I knew it was going to be exciting just to be around the festivities and hype, but the feeling I have right now is so much more than that.


It really feels like an out of body experience. I'm currently in my hotel at the Washington Hilton, where for the first time I was asked to show my room key before entry. It turns out they're hosting an Inaugural Ball with President Obama. As I'm sitting here, it's unreal to think that the President and I are only separated by a couple floors.

In celebration of tomorrow's inauguration, millions of people all over the country have arrived to be apart of history. I looked around today at a sea of people at the National Mall decked out in their Obama shirts, pins, hats, you name it, and I really couldn't believe what I was seeing. The excitement and love that people are sharing with one another is beyond special. Strangers are hugging and exchanging stories about their journeys to D.C. and how being here is so important to them.

I was overwhelmed with pride witnessing all this, but it was when I saw a mob of people surrounding a man trying to get into his car that my emotions hit me. It was Martin Luther King III. He was shaking hands, taking pictures, greeting children and all I could think about was how incredible it must feel for him to see his father's dream finally become a reality. It took a minute for me to digest what I was experiencing. At that moment I really realized how far we've come as a country, and for the first time in years I really felt that our nation was on the road back to recovery.

I still can't believe that I'm going to be there to see the President be sworn into office. To be among people who are feeling the same emotions and pride that I'll be feeling definitely seems like a dream. The thought that one day I'll be able to share this moment with my children and grandchildren is what really moves me. After being here in D.C. I couldn't be prouder to be an American.

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