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Obama's Letter Inspired Me to Write My Own

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Momlogic's Yvette: I'm not a commander-in-chief, president, first lady or even first mate. I'm a mom, a working mom with two children, a million dreams and questions about what the future will hold for them.

Barack Obama and her daughters

This morning, as I read Barack Obama's letter to this children, I realized that even though I don't have the power, fame or prominence of our president-elect, we share a bond deeper and more meaningful than any I can imagine. I, like Barack Obama, am inspired day in and day out by my children. And I, again like our next president, decided to write my children a letter so they, like Malia and Sasha, can see the power and potential they possess; the power which has changed me in so many ways and the potential to one day change the world.

Dear Christiana and Nico,
I'm writing this letter just as Barack Obama prepares to take office as our president. It's an exciting and inspiring time for our country and I look forward to the change he will bring to our nation and to the world.

As historic as this time is, I want you to know that inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes. Yes, I will look to our new president to continue to inspire me -- but you, my babies, always have been and always will be my ultimate inspiration.

You guys may be little right now but don't underestimate the power you posses. You have helped make me a better person, a kinder person, one who strives to give back and give my all to everything I do. I never used to think about these things. I always just kind of woke up, had my coffee and went about my day. But now when I wake up and sip my morning coffee through bleary eyes I know you are watching me, even as you are curled up on the couch watching Spongebob.

It's important for me to try and set a good example for you. I believe in a strong work ethic and an even stronger moral code. I want you to know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to and that you must never sacrifice integrity for success. I want you to understand that there are different types of success. I'm proud of what I have accomplished in my career, but nothing will ever compare to the pride I feel watching you grow strong, accomplished and compassionate.

I know that you'll both achieve so much in your lives -- both personally and professionally. Heck, maybe one of you will even be president one day. If that happens, I'll stand there on the grandstand as you take the oath of office and I'll be the proudest mom around. But no prouder than I am today, watching you blossom from babies into incredible kind-hearted children. And no prouder than the day I watched as you both dig through your closets and toy chests looking for things to send to the children who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina.

I'm proud of you and I love you. I am grateful every day for your patience, your smiles and your sweet hugs. Our house may not be the White House, but it's been and will continue to be a wonderful adventure nonetheless.


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