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I Wish the Octuplets Weren't Born in California

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Yesterday, 46 doctors, nurses and assistants delivered a set of octuplets by Caesarean section. Although all babies were miraculously born alive, which is wonderful, I less than thrilled they were birthed here in my home state of California. We're already bankrupt enough!

woman showing empty pocket

Guest Blogger Samantha: Yes, it's a miracle the octuplets were born happy and healthy, and I hope they stay that way.

But I just wish I wasn't footing the bill!

The babies were born in my home state of California. In case you haven't heard, we're going bankrupt.

We've been told that instead of state income tax returns, we'll likely instead receive a "registered warrant." Translation: an IOU.

California's Controller John Chiang warns that by the end of February, the nation's most populous state may not be able to pay some of its debts, and instead be reduced to issuing those creditors IOUs.

So who foots the bill for the octuplets? We all do!

Mark Perloe, MD and E. Scott Sills, MD, of the Atlanta Reproductive Health Center,
say that no one likes to count pennies when it comes to health care, especially for premature babies, but these multiple births are accompanied by huge expenses. Doctors caring for the octuplets born in Houston in 1998 estimated the babies' care cost at least $2 million (about $250,000 per infant) before they even went home. Add the likely expenses for providing ongoing medical care after the babies left the hospital, and the cost quickly soared into the millions.

Regarding the ballooning cost of multiple births, there's no free ride, according to Dr. Perloe and Dr. Sills. All of us will pay for this medical care. As a result, insurance companies could deny coverage for aggressive fertility treatments or raise everyone else's insurance premiums.

We don't know if the parents of the octuplets will or will not take federal aid. But if they do, that means every tax payer helps pay for this multiple birth. And those of us in California can't afford one more mouth to feed!

Do you think it's financially irresponsible to have eight babies, especially in this economy? Comment below.

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We're all going to hell January 29, 2009, 3:23 AM

Uuugh, this topic makes me want to vomit. Eight babies at once is not a joyous celebratory miraculous event. Humans aren’t made to be born in litters. These people are stupid, regardless if they take gov’t money or not. Please stop with all the blessings and prayers and other nonsense. The mother and father of these little rodents disobeyed God in my opinion. They had to use IVF because God obviously didn’t want them to have children naturally. None of you can argue with that. Ugh, ugh, ugh, I’m hoping that they start to die off in the next few weeks and the mother should be forced to eat them when they die, that’s nature for you…ahahahahahahahahahahaha

To whoever wrote the 'We're all going to hell' post January 29, 2009, 9:25 AM

You are a very SICK person. You should be in a hospital for the mentally ill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray that you don’t ever have children for you teach your hate and ignorance to. God helped/allowed humans to create a way for infertile couples to have children, in the same way the he allowed us to create the many, many vaccines and other medical treatments that save millions of human lives every day. And yes there are medical treatments and even entire hospitals that will help you with your mental illness. I suggest you go check yourself into a mental hospital right away because you need serious HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes I pray that all EIGHT of these precious babies live a long, happy & healthy lives. And I also pray that you get the mental help you so clearly need.

Niki January 29, 2009, 3:26 PM

If God didn’t want these people to have these kids, no amount of treatment would have left this woman pregnant nor would the babies have survived. After she was pregnant with the children, what did you expect her to do? “Eliminate” most of them in the name of the economy or God? I’m sure reducing the pregnacy would have been healthier for the mother and children, but since they were born healthy, that is a non-issue. I wish people would get off thier soapbox, I really don’t see how these people’s lives is anyone else’s buisness. I hardly think one family of 8 children is going to destroy Cali’s economy and balloon insurance premiums all by itself.

Debbi January 29, 2009, 3:31 PM

Why does a person who already has SIX kids want EIGHT more?!! Or even one more for that matter? According to TV news reports they ALL live with the grandparents already.
I would be willing to bet this bunch is already receiving some sort of $tate aid from Cailfornia.
What were the Drs. thinking when this woman got pregnant with the help of fertility drugs. I am totally disgusted with this whole story !
The reason we haven’t seen her and the brats yet is because she wants to $ell the $tory first!!!!!

Steffi January 29, 2009, 3:38 PM

What DISGUSTS me most about this story is the amount of people willng to jump on a high horse and believe they have the right to be able to tell people how many children to have. Calling these innoncent children brats,litters, and herds makes you sound more immoral, immature insecure, and bitter than a couple having 8 more children.

Kelly January 29, 2009, 4:08 PM

Please know that the birth of children are always a miracle the elders are delightfully responsible for every aspect of being of every child. One of those children may cure the cancer that is taking your childs or your own life. Those 14 children and that one brave young mother should be blessed by others who can see beyond themselves. I am a broke mother of two also living in california and I am delighted to welcome them to the world and extend my hand to that family personally if they needed anything at all. psh…

debbie January 29, 2009, 4:30 PM

What “Steffi” needs to understand is that hard working,tax paying American citizens are sick and tired of undeserving people living off the “system”. If the new mother was already unable to provide her OWN housing for her family of 6,why would she bring more (she could’t afford) into the world ??…..
Because SOMEONE else is paying for it !!
WAKE UP !!!!

Robin January 29, 2009, 6:05 PM

Again, people, please understand this: If you don’t live in California, you don’t get it. I also have Kaiser as my insurance, for which my husband pays a HUGE amount each month for our family (2 children). You are not charged additionally for children after I think 3. So … our little family will be supplementing this litter. And yes, it IS a litter. Humans are not supposed to be born in multiples of 8 at a time! If she underwent fertility treatment, which she must have, chances are slim that she is on public assistance. Unless Medicaid is now paying for fertility treatment, which would be ridiculous!

And illegal aliens are what has bankrupted the CA economy. That earlier poster was correct: When so few people actually pay into the system, it is only logical that those few cannot support the multitudes of illegals who do not pay property taxes, income taxes, etc. Sure, they pay sales tax like everyone else, but so do tourists, and they are not availing themselves of our healthcare, education ,etc.

Anon January 29, 2009, 7:32 PM

Well THIS should make the Guest Blogger “happy:”

Two people died in the 1-10 crash in Culver City, CA (that’s 2),
A father who had been laid off in Wilmington, CA killed his 5 children and wife (now we’re up to 8),
And 3 boys ages 14, 11 (I think) and 6 died in a car crash in CA (I don’t recall the location but now we’re up to 11).
So in terms of ‘population,’ there are now net LESS people living in CA if you take those instances into account. So, “we’re good” in terms of wanting less people here. Uhh, “happy,” Guest Blogger? :-/

My brother passed at age 18. I hope one of these 8 children can find a cure for his disease (no pressure, little guys, lol). Don’t be so bitter about “life.”

Unbelieveable January 29, 2009, 8:18 PM

Everyone seems to be missing the point, this is NOT a couple! IT IS A SINGLE WOMAN who ALREADY has seven children one of which has previously died, so now six kids, who are living at home with her parents. No husband, boyfriend, baby’s daddy etc!!!! Thats 14 children that this women and her parents will have. I feel that this woman is selfish, her parents are helping her take care of six children already, why would you burden your parents or yourself with eight more kids. SHE IS A SINGLE PARENT, isn’t is hard enough with six much less eight more!!!! Her parents should be relaxing at this time in their lives not taking care of 14 children that their daughter decided to have!!!! Yes children are a blessing from God, but this is not natural. Think about long term for these precious babies. With multible births such as this, there is going to be at least one child with some type of medical condition. This is not RIGHT for a SINGLE WOMAN WHO ALREADY HAS SIX CHILDREN TO BE INVOLVED WITH FERTILITY OR OTHERWISE BRINGING EIGHT MORE CHILDREN INTO THIS WORLD!!!! AND YES OTHER CALIFORNIANS WILL BE TAKING CARE OF THEM!!!!!!

Livid in Long Beach January 29, 2009, 11:53 PM

The media is pathetic. News is not news, it is really bad entertainment. Let’s bash the Catholic Church one more time, talk about Jesica Simpson and Snuggies but God forbid anyone should say something bad about a single Hispanic mother, who already has six kids, who gets pregnant on purpose (by going to Mexico to get sperm) to get more social security and welfare from the State California indefinitely.

MissG January 30, 2009, 1:45 AM

Babies are a gift from God, period.
Having excessive babies, like anything else in excess is a SIN. Here we have a young mother with 6 kids already, living in an area in which most of the homes are 1 and 2 bedrooms, making way for her new addition. In light of our declining economy, it is totally ludacris to even think about having more youngsters. Mail service is looking at a 5 day work week. What was she thinking? Can you just imagine a stretch limo stroller? The family bus? Amazing. I’m sure more donations will roll in which should be a great help, as was the case with previous family of multiples where a new home was provided. God bless them all.

southernmom January 30, 2009, 2:22 AM

What you guys don’t know if that this mom already had 6, yes, SIX at home already. All under 8 years old, and no evidence of a ‘dad’ to these kids or a ‘job’ for the mom.

Listening to the reports earlier, apparently the grandmother told a neighbor that the mother went to Mexico to receive hormone shots so she can have more than one kid.

Mom lives at home, with her mom and dad, and several other ‘adults’ in the house, with 6 kids already and now 8 (EIGHT) more to feed.

Who do you think if feeding and paying for these kids? Get real.

Vivian January 30, 2009, 9:11 AM

This is a very unfortunate situation. I think the mother was extremely irresponsible. I would imagine that in the short-term Kaiser is going to take the big hit financially on this one and then as the childern grow up, the chances are very high that they will have special needs that will burden both the state of california and the medical system. If they keep their Kaiser insurance their medical care costs will probably be very affordable. I question the ethics of the Fertility Specialist. Are the patients not screened prior to IVF treatments? Maybe she had cheap IVF in Mexico or some other 3rd world country. I am sorry lady but 6 kids is enough! I belive this to be a very selfish act and I hope they get stuck for the bills. I hope they do not get a reality TV show or financial compensation from magazine interviews. This should not be happening! Totally irresponsible behavior. The mother and the family should have expected this kind of attention from the media when they embarked on this journey. Lady if you wanted 8 more kids go adopt some or be a foster parent. Maybe this kind of attention will deter any other women from being so irresponsible. I understand the process of IVF and I know that it is a wonderful option for some women but not for ones that already have 6 others. SHAME ON YOU

marie January 30, 2009, 10:59 AM

NO FATHER IN THE PICTURE. This looks very suspicious since this woman is most likely on welfare and gets more $$ for more children. Glad I live in Michigan and not California. Anyone with six children and on welfare should not be burdening others by making baby-making a business. Perhaps I am wrong and this woman is independantly wealthy. Sure…

jamie January 30, 2009, 12:25 PM

It seems as some people do not understand that we are in the forth generation of welfare. Familes that never worked yes all four generations never worked. I am very tried of this mentality. I work in health care and see the abuse and there is alot of abuse. And this last time I looked this is America and we are entitle to our opinions. With out being slaughtered by others. I am praying the babies do well. But I for one am tried of supporting people who have made welfare living their “jobs” And do not tell me it is not happening because I see it every single day.I do not believe people are trying to tell others how many children to have it is just about using your brain and only having as many children as YOU can afford to raise. Most people would love to have more children. But we have to pay for them. And kids are not cheap.

boys9907 January 30, 2009, 1:52 PM

I think whoever has a problem with it needs to find something more productive to do with their time!! This is AMERICA we have that right to take drugs!! And do as we please! My GOISH!!! SO stop Talking about this poor women when those kids go to school they will pay the price of ignorant people making them the center of attention wanting to know every detail of their lifes. They will get bullied because of those parents that go saying im paying for those children FROm MY TAX! LET HER DEAL WITH HOW SHE WILL SQUEEZE ALL THOSE KIDS IN HER HOUSE! oH by THE WAY we are LOSING ARE MEN AND WOMEN IN IRAQ!!!! that SHOULD BE OUR NEXT TALK NOT OCTUPLETS!!!!

Anonymous January 30, 2009, 2:08 PM

I, too, pray for the health of these 8 babies. But!!! I do not want to pay for them. This single mother and her parents are extremely selfish…she already has 6 children and should never have risked the lives of so many innocent babies. I believe her father said they have a big house someone and that nobody will find them. I am guessing that they have a house (probably in Mexico) and as soon as the state of CA has put forth millions to pay for the neonatal care, they will go back to Mexico. Is this really fair to all the hardworking CA that pay taxes? I don’t think so. Is it fair that these babies may struggle physically or mentally? I don’t think so.

what the January 30, 2009, 2:23 PM

people who support life at all cost.. people who cannot get pregnant even with vitro. This woman according to the washington post has 6 other children under the age of 7. She lives with her parents. Now this woman is the mother of 14, count em’ 14 people under the age of 8 which includes a set of 2 year old twins. Where is the father? who is paying for the massive hospital bill? who is paying for the neccessities of the 8. She cannot afford rent for 6 but can afford the money for vitro? really, all the right to planned life should not include the money of others. For those families who are responsible financially and vitro has failed, may you be blessed with the miracle this woman got, with less babies. The woman lives in a small parental home with parents. I hope she has a doctorate degree and works, but what about childcare? 14 children? oh well, its okay in California and welfare or TANF and pick up the cost from other childless couples, and this woman can continue to fund her child-bearing ways in another vitro clinic and who knows the next time it may only be 6 more babies and at 33, she could have another 2,4, 6, or more babies and within 4 years the children could number 24-32 under the age of 12, so all the right to life supporters break out that check book and mail a monthly check from your checking account to help this woman as a banner to your cause. I decided on celibacy as my birth control because I cannot afford to have any more. I love children and decided to get a degree and teach children. I feel if you breed it then be financially able to afford to feed it. Who in this country can afford vitro, 14 newborns, and 24 doctors.

Kim January 30, 2009, 3:11 PM

My bleeding heart has gone dry! There was a time I would have said it’s our social responsibility to the poor and children, but I have had it! Where I live it CA 68% in our schools are english learners and white welfare trash everywhere, it’s tured into a third world here.

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